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  1. JustFlight Constellation JustFlight DC-3 Ant's Tecnam Sierra Iris F-14 Iris F-16 Lionheart Quest Kodiak All of these have the same problem: instead of giving me the impression of sitting in a real aircraft (think A2A, PMDG etc.) they rather give me the impression of sitting in a cheap plastic model replica that shouldn't even be able to fly. The modelling and texturing is just not up to the standards that I come to expect from my add-on aircraft these days. Mogwaisoft Shade I experimented a lot with Shade but never came to any results that actually increased the visuals of FSX for me. Quite the opposite. Regardless of which settings I used it always looked worse.than without it.
  2. That's all? In 5 (almost 6) months?! Wow, I'm glad I stepped back from the training and got my money back when I still had the chance.
  3. Hehe, it's quite funny that people almost are surprised that even a 737 can be flown like any other airplane, wiithout the help of the computer. ;)
  4. I agree. There should be seperate forums for FS9 and FSX. I, like many others, don't plan on getting FSX before I have a new rig, which could be a year away, considering my momentary monetary situation (say that 3 times fast!).Looking for FS9 information has become a real pain in the lower back, with all those FSX threads flooding the forum
  5. Great post there, JohnCi!I will stay with FS9 until I have a new rig that is able to let me fully appreciate the next level that FSX is. I also put too much money into Add-Ons like FS Global, ActiveSky and stuff for shelving it just yet. But I hope a few of these can be used with FSX also (FS Global maybe? I doubt the FSX default mesh data has FSGs resolution) or get free updates (ActiveSky).
  6. >Try the recorder module, it's far superior.>>http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID...util&DLID=89420Except that it shows extended gears when they should have been retracted, and stuff like that. That's why I dumped it again.
  7. Jackson Hole? Videos? That's my cue! Have a look:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPWB887fzQ8
  8. I didn't mean the curvature, I meant the globe overview with the top down view. ;)That video is impressive indeed. Almost looks like the real thing from up there.
  9. Thanks for your answer. I tried it with throttling disable and it's a little better now.
  10. >HEHE No James, that is the Outside Top Down View. Then you>can just use + & - to zoom in and out.Which can be done with FS9 either, just in case someone believes this to be a new FSX feature.
  11. Dawn and Dusk also look great with FS9... just so you know ;)
  12. You're right! For some reason that I can't really tell the auto VAS frequency and auto VAS strength settings were set to 100% instead of the default 30%.Now it work's again! Thanks! :)
  13. Can anybody confirm strong turbulence below 10,000MSL over France, England and Ireland with today's or yesterday's weather? Normal cruise flight is not possible anymore. Every few miles the nose rises into climb position as if the wind pushes down the tail of my aircraft, causing a loss of airspeed, even stalling it. Then, sometimes the plane goes into a dive as if the wind pushes up the tail, almost causing overspeed levels.I just wonder if that's normal right now, or if I'm experiencing a bug, because I never had turbulence like that before and it also happens when the weather is seemingly calm (like yesterday over Paris).
  14. Hehe, don't worry. Happens to everybody sometimes. At times you just can't see the woods through all those trees. ;)
  15. Not long. Maybe a couple of minutes. I want to shut the aircraft down when I'm going to save the flight and continue it another day. So, I usually shut down, save, load and try to start the engines up again.But I'm gonna try switching the batteries off before I shut down the engines. Maybe it was a surge.
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