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  1. Of course I do. Just looking for other ways to filter stuff I don't want out of the sim or selection screen...
  2. Is there any way to limit which airports are displayed in FSX or P3D when you go to set up a flight? For example, I have scenery installed that pretty well covers North America and Europe and I'd like to only be able to search and select airports from those regions when I go in to plan a flight. If not, is there any flight planning or other 3rd party app that lets you limit the airport selection and interfaces with P3D to set that up as the flight location? Thanks!
  3. malibu43

    FireFighter X 1.81 released

  4. malibu43

    Two suggestions for Firefighter X

    Thanks for the response! I played with the splash size and see what you're saying. I look forward to seeing what 1.79 includes. Regarding the smoke - makes sense that you won't always get a hanging cloud like that. I may also try to edit the forest fire effect files to so that smoke for the medium and large forest fires lasts longer and continues to grow in size but become more transparent, resulting in a larger more "ominous" looking smoke column as often seen in large fires in the western US.
  5. First of all, I want to say thank you for this amazing utility for FSX/P3D. I have been wanting something like this for years and even tried building missions a few times. But features, ease of use, and re-playability of this program make it a no brainer and completely surpass anything I could have worked on. I do have a couple of suggestions/requests for a future version: 1. Is it possible to have the markings from retardant drops show up on the ground as a light red/pink strip instead of round bloches? I think this would help add to the realism and also make it a little easier to see where previous drops landed. After a few passes, it's difficult to tell where I've dropped as it starts to look like a big mess of round splotches. 2. This is more of FSX/P3D effects issue, but perhaps it can be corrected through this program. There is an effect that comes with FSX/P3D (I can't remember the specific effect name right now) that simulates a large, wide, flat smoke cloud that would develop over (or downwind) of a wild fire and it's smoke column. Would it be possible for Firefighter X to trigger one or two instances of this effect over a fire's spawn location? It would help to give the fire a bit more of an ominous look, and also add to the immersion. Sometimes the single smoke column that rises from the main fire and dissipates into nothing looks a little strange. Here is an example of a fire I manually placed and added the large smoke cloud: Thanks!!!
  6. malibu43

    FTX Trees HD Released

    I like how in the fall and winter shots, the trees are better color-matched to the texture. Its most apparent on the furthest hill.
  7. Random question - Does anyone know if I can find my MS Flight DLC keys anywhere now that GWL servers are down? Just in case they can be used for something with whatever DTG releases later...
  8. Ah. I see your point. I still would guess that they just sell FSX as-is and focus changes on Flight/future title. But I could be wrong.
  9. Well, they can't do anything to the copy of FSX I already own to force me to limit the addons I use. And I highly doubt they would put in all the work and effort to re-write FSX code and folder structures to somehow control add-ons, when Flight is already built in the way you described. My money is still on no changes to FSX.
  10. It sounds to me like they are: step 1) initially just selling FSX Gold on Steam. The same FSX Gold that's was sold in boxes and on GFWL. I wouldn't expect any changes to FSX step 2) Releasing something else later next year. Based on the timing and the fit to what they currently do with TS, it's probably just going to be MS Flight tweaked and broken out into whatever DLC package model they choose. Maybe with more DLC to come at a later time. In short - no effect on FSX users. Hope for MS Flight users.
  11. So what ever happened with all this license stuff? I thought we would know by the end of the week... a couple of weeks ago...
  12. Hmmm... This (the shut down of GFWL) has me wondering if I should reinstall Flight (even if I don't intend to use it anytime soon) just so I have access to it later if I want it....
  13. You have to uninstall FSX (or be on a computer/latptop that doesn't have FSX installed) so that you can get GFWL to re-download FSX. After GFWL is done downloading DO NOT START THE INSTALLATION!!! Instead navigate to whatever temp folder GFWL save all the .cab files in (11GB) worth, and back those up to DVD's or an external HD. Then, if you want to install FSX some day, you can install from those .cab files. There is more information on it here, starting at the 6th post down:
  14. I think it will be great if Dovetail really has bought and resurrects Flight. Flight was a nice core and just needed a different strategy in terms of what features and content should have been made available and when. Even if it isn't hard-core sim replacement for FSX/P3D, it could be a nice "sim-lite" that helps the hobby grow. It would be nice if our previous DLC purchases are recognized somehow. If they are, I could see myself reinstalling Flight and seeing where Dovetail takes it (Don't worry. I'll make sure keep Flight and FSX several folders apart to prevent one from trying to erase the other off of my hard drive, which apparently is a major concern...). However, if I would have to pay for the core game and/or rebuy my DLC, I'll probably sit it out for quite a while.
  15. Well, in my specific case, Addon Converter X (demo) is successful at making an FS9 (an FSX DX9) aircraft work in DX10. My hope is that if I buy Steve's DX10 Fixer it will do what Addon Converter X is already doing and more, allowing me to buy just the DX10 Fixer instead of the DX10 fixer and Addon Converter X. As far as I've been able to find on the internet, all Addon Converter X does is convert texture formats. I don't know if it does more than that. If that's all it does, it sounds like DX10 fixer might do that as well, but it's hard to find that info at this point.