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  1. Hello everyone, I'm working in WED to work over a friend of mines airport (grass) trying to make it look as close as possible to his. He has a nice pond just to the right of the grass field. Has anyone every tried to make a pond or something that looks close using WED? Thanks.
  2. Not too sure but if you loaded the airport from the org data it does not load the .dsf files, (objects). I think I read if you what to see the objects ( buildings etc) you also have to import these object files second.(.dsf) Or, Try this, load the airport from the gateway and choose recommend. Looks likes these are sometimes better and others have installed the buildings etc. so they can be seen. Hope this helps.
  3. I didn't know you could remove the yoke. How do I remove the yoke?
  4. How do you turn on/off lights in the 172. When I zoom to the lights, I can not get to the switches to click on or off. I know it must be simple, just not to me. Thanks
  5. >Following up on Lee's suggestion ->>The simplest way of all to print what you want is to create a>simple batch file which directs the output to a text file>which can then be printed.>>If you are not familiar with batch files, here is how it is>done:>>On your desktop create a new text file.>>Place the following in that text file:>>tree /a /f >myfolder.txt>>Then save your work and rename the text file to something like>Print.bat>>Be sure to use a .bat extension.>>Copy this bat (short for batch) file to any folder (such as>your addon scenery or aircraft folder) whose named contents>you wish to print.>>Double click on the bat file (to make it execute) and it will>create a text file (in the same folder) named myfolder.txt>which can then be printed.>>If you do not wish to have all the file names included, simply>remove the /f parameter from the batch file. The ouput text>file can be any name you wish - myfolder.txt was just an>example.>>Can't get much simpler than this.>>Here is the error I get:Parameter format not correct - /a/fWhat did I do wrongCP>
  6. Thanks everyone for the help. Happy flying to all.CP
  7. Hi allI now have 220 files in my "addon scenery" the airports I have modified. One quick question. Does any one know I to print a list of these from the folder using XP? I remember in DOS you could direct the files to print to a printer that was connected to a parallel port. Because I use a USB this does not work. Thanks CPKSPI
  8. This site has slowed down in only the past couple of weeks. 10 days ago I was averaging between 500kb/sec to 900 kb/sec. Now, 20 to 30. The site is great, and we all have our problems now and then. If you like to see your download speeds go to speakeasy.net/speedtest. On a note, the aircraft files sizes just keep getting bigger and bigger. What happed to the good old days of small files and yet great aircraft. Keep up the good work Avsim and thanks. you are appreciated.
  9. Anyone every experience gauges disappearing during flight. The other day I was flying between 15AK (Alaska) and PABI (Alaska) when my gps 500 screen went black along with the HSI. I had to reload the aircraft to get them back. This happened several times that day. I had real weather loaded and updated each 15 min. In all my years since MS first FlightSim this was a first for me. I couldn't find any problems in my panel file. Any suggestions.KSPIThanks
  10. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...&topic_id=22313
  11. Need some input on what to replace my old ati 9800 card. There have been so many cards developed since the 9800 I find it somewhat confusing to decide without some input from other FS9 members. Would like to keep the new card price under $160. Considering a 1650pro card. (ati chip set). Not sure how this card will perform with fs9.Basic conf.1 gig memwin xp sp2Pentium 4, 3.o gati 9800 video
  12. With so many developers using a auto install program I noticed my start, programs list is getting cluttered with aircraft and consuming a large portion of the list. Any way to remove these without using the uninstall. I perfer to install the aircraft myself the old way. I can invision my programs list becoming a monster of aircraft files. Thanks.
  13. Update on problem:Let me say I should have given more info on what actions I took to resolve the problem. My register is clean as a whistle. I use memtest every now and then. I set up my system to run scandisk/checkdisk each time before I do any defraging. Please excuse me for not providing this imformation from the get go. Here is where I stand now.I did download Winzip and had the same problem. However, when the results were the same I decided to remove the winzip program an un-associate the files and go back to the orginal unzip program which is in the windows xp operating system. I read somewhere it is actually winzip anyway. I tried to unzip the same file which caused the problem but this time all went well. Can't fiqure it. If I have anymore problems I will post again. Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to reply.KSPI
  14. First, thank you for your reply.I did as you suggested and installed winzip which I used many years ago. Unfortunately it didn't fix the problem. The very same thing is still happening. Can't fiqure it, unless my files are getting corupted during the download. Not sure how I can check this out. I will download this last program and try again. Thanks again for your suggestion.KSPI
  15. Hi everyone,I decided to post this question to see if anyone else may have had the same problem. Some of the orginal aircraft I have download crash my system after they have been unziped. This does not happen every time but only on some files. Here is what happens.Today I downloaded the file dc9_md87_sas etc. Once I got off the internet I used the unzip program that came with XP ser pack 2, and unziped the file. No problems at this point. Then I opened the folder to view the contents. When I openned the Docs folder my computer crashed. I got the message that a error had occured and do I want to send MS a report. This is not the first time this has happened. It seems some of the aircraft files are not unziping correctly or something. Any help would be great.ASUS P4C-800-E deluxe1 gig memATI radeon 9800cabe bb
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