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  1. I have tried to download it with both CHROME and EDGE. No luck with either one. Must I register for that forum in order to get it? Regards Neal H
  2. Too much P3D software on my primary PC. Will my license key transfer okay?
  3. Thank you Keven. I read the new manual yesterday and it showed me my error.
  4. Bought Chase Plane weeks ago and thought I had every thing working ok. Now I can't seem to get it "back" Using Saitek yoke with P3D v3 and v4 Here is what I do: 1. Select my interior presets and arrange them in the sequence desired. 2. PILOT is always first so I select JS button 1 and also make it a named assignment. 3. I then select JS button 7 for all remaining views (I did not think this was needed but only way it would cycle) 4. Repeat process for external Views and FOLLOW is always first 5. JS button 8 for follow and also a named assignment. NOW my problems start. Cycle through interior okay, then press JS 8 for external. FOLLOW works but I cannot get the remaining External view to cycle using Button 7 as the cycle button. It always jumps back to internal views. Is a different cycle button required for this? In fact I thought that none of these keys required an assigned key. I really think Chase Plane is the Cream of The Crop, even if I am slow to learn. I have used both EZDOK versions and both of OPUS. Liked them both but they cannot come close th Chase Plane. Regards to all and hope you can clarify what I need to do re.views Neal Howard
  5. Glider?? It's been a few years but back then we flew Sailplanes
  6. OldFlyboy

    LatinVFR Bermuda TXKF v2 for P3D v4

    I lived in Bermuda for three years while Kindley AFB was still there. Latin VFR is okay from about 2,000ft or more but rather disappointing otherwise. Roads, buildings, ground details leave a lot to be desired.
  7. OldFlyboy

    Where are old modules?

    I would love to get a copy of the JS-41
  8. OldFlyboy

    Where are old modules?

    Tried to download PMDG JS-41 but sent to a Russian site. Same with a few others. Neal Howard
  9. I fully agree with Goshawk: this is an exceptional program with excellent support. Frankly, this program is far better than any planning, tracking, flight control program I have ever tested or owned (still a soft spot in my heart for RC4 though). I use other planners only for quick VFR with no procedures..i.e. jump in and takeoff 😊. Surprised that there are still so many simmers still talking about "the other guys' software"
  10. OldFlyboy

    PC-12 Brakes Will Not Hold

    Thanks Joe---I will try this out later today if I have time. Otherwise tomorrow and will report back
  11. OldFlyboy

    No Buildings at KDEN or KSLC with P3D v4.3

    Latest try: removed all KDEN files in ORBX (same as last year's KLAS problem) but still no buildings.
  12. I do not have payware scenery for either of these airports. Planes, loading ramps, moving ground traffic are all okay but no buildings of any kind. I have run ORBX airport elevation correction with them enabled and also disabled but no change. I cannot find any duplicate .bgl s Also did an uninstall/install of CLIENT and SCENERY with no change Any help greatly appreciated N Howard
  13. I have tried numerous procedures hoping to get my Saitek/Logitech pro yoke throttle levers and quadrant to stop "jumping". No joy...some levers are smooth but most are good at the lower and upper end only. a bit more movement and the aircraft throttle(or prop/mixture) will jump to mid position or jump back and forth. At this point the best option seems to be Uninstall/reinstall....but what? Windows7? P3d v3?, P3dv4?. Which of these most affect the operation of the flight control system? I really hope someone can tell me what might work best. Thanks Neal Howard Specs: Win7 Ultimate Logitech Proflight yoke with a second quadrant, pro pedals P3D v4.3, P3D v3.4
  14. OldFlyboy

    Help PLEASE-Haven't Flown in a week

    Greetings Vic: I have tried FSUIPC several times for calibration only but without mu ch success. Today I will disable the controls and try to work through the full FSIUPC procedure. The explanation seems a bit confusing with that initial bit ("move press button, move a little ,press" etc). One might think I'm getting old 😞 Neal H
  15. EVERY calibration source on my PC shows the throttle sliders on the Logitec Proflight Yoke are perfect. I checked both in P3Dv3 and P3Dv3 as well as in Printers and devices. Same for the Quadrant. But in either sim the first two (throttle) axes will not follow the joystick: they jump to full throttle/half throttle/etc. One of them may work properly while the other jumps to idle/full/mid/etc. I removed the system from the register, re-programmed the axes in the sims, changed USB hubs, Uninstalled , and anything else that crossed my mind. The throttles still do not respond properly in: majestic q400, Maddogx, ERJ(all), PMDG 737, and probably others that I have not checked. At this point I am at a loss and am asking: should I reinstall the sims, just the planes, Win 7 Ultimate? Help please