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  1. I have tried numerous procedures hoping to get my Saitek/Logitech pro yoke throttle levers and quadrant to stop "jumping". No joy...some levers are smooth but most are good at the lower and upper end only. a bit more movement and the aircraft throttle(or prop/mixture) will jump to mid position or jump back and forth. At this point the best option seems to be Uninstall/reinstall....but what? Windows7? P3d v3?, P3dv4?. Which of these most affect the operation of the flight control system? I really hope someone can tell me what might work best. Thanks Neal Howard Specs: Win7 Ultimate Logitech Proflight yoke with a second quadrant, pro pedals P3D v4.3, P3D v3.4
  2. OldFlyboy

    Help PLEASE-Haven't Flown in a week

    Greetings Vic: I have tried FSUIPC several times for calibration only but without mu ch success. Today I will disable the controls and try to work through the full FSIUPC procedure. The explanation seems a bit confusing with that initial bit ("move press button, move a little ,press" etc). One might think I'm getting old 😞 Neal H
  3. EVERY calibration source on my PC shows the throttle sliders on the Logitec Proflight Yoke are perfect. I checked both in P3Dv3 and P3Dv3 as well as in Printers and devices. Same for the Quadrant. But in either sim the first two (throttle) axes will not follow the joystick: they jump to full throttle/half throttle/etc. One of them may work properly while the other jumps to idle/full/mid/etc. I removed the system from the register, re-programmed the axes in the sims, changed USB hubs, Uninstalled , and anything else that crossed my mind. The throttles still do not respond properly in: majestic q400, Maddogx, ERJ(all), PMDG 737, and probably others that I have not checked. At this point I am at a loss and am asking: should I reinstall the sims, just the planes, Win 7 Ultimate? Help please
  4. OldFlyboy

    PC-12 Brakes Will Not Hold

    I did NOT post a photo link. Do not know how to delete it.
  5. OldFlyboy

    PC-12 Brakes Will Not Hold

    Thanks for the replies. I also have Saitek and will check sensitivity. Hope that fixes it. Otherwise all my flights will need to start from active runway.
  6. OldFlyboy

    PC-12 Brakes Will Not Hold

    As soon as the engine starts the plane begins moving and speed increasing. Parking brakes are set but do not hold even at low throttle. Same if I use brakes on rudder pedals. Is there a setting to adjust braking?
  7. Now listed on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/192574246322
  8. This card is like new. It has not been overclocked and used only for P3D. I bought it new from Nvidia. I just removed it from my PC Friday after my GTX 1080Ti arrived. Will send in Continental US for $210. Alaska or Hawaii will depend on postage. Interested: PM me Neal Howard
  9. OldFlyboy

    Quick question about maps

    This is a super planning site: https://www.simbrief.com/home/index.php COMPLETE flight plan with charts, routing, Wx., etc. Best of all: It will download the route to your PC in the proper folder and in the correct format for your FMC. My plans are downloaded for Q400. 737, etc and will load into my FMC complete and ready to go.
  10. OldFlyboy

    New Release: Lockheed Vegas Early Acess by wing42

    Agreed......I too am impressed......... so much that I just left the forum long enough to buy it. Fly it later Neal H.
  11. OldFlyboy

    Scenery Problem P3Dv4 KATL (Default).

    Tried that but no joy.....I finally gave up and bought imaginesim KATL
  12. All default sceneries that I checked are okay but not KATL(Atlanta). Plenty of planes situated as if at a gate....but only 5 or 6 gates. Some of them are even moving for load/unload. Runways, taxiways, etc are normal but NO terminals or buildings of any kind. I have searched for duplicate entries but found none. Don't know what else to try. I really need KATL as a hub. In the meantime I am using P3Dv3 where default KATL is okay. Anyone have a fix for this? Regards to all Neal Howard
  13. It took Keven only a few minutes to get Chase Plane working for me and I am already sold on it. Somehow I had missed the latest P3D v3 update. A quick download of the latest CLIENT from LM and the cameras immediately worked for me. Really am impressed with the accuracy of camera placement.....truly an improvement over previous apps. Cheers to all and Thanks Keven
  14. "Move the camera to where you want using the sliders in Camera > Controls" That's the problem: Moving the sliders does nothing. No movement of the view. Only the numbers move as the slider moves. I loaded the Milviz 310 and did as you said--nothing. Went to the community and downloaded a good Pilot view but still unable to move a camera. After 30+ years of fly sims (beginning with an APPLE 2C) This is the ONLY program that I cannot get to work. What on earth am I missing? After following step-by-step three different tutorials on U-Tube I am not a bit closer. Too bad really. I would love to use the features of Chase Plane. Maybe I should just wait for the next Beta Best wishes Neal Howard
  15. OldFlyboy

    Max Activation

    In your reply to me regarding activation : "Only one computer can be used per account. When I reset the limit any computer that log into your account will be locked to it and all the other will show the message." Does this mean that I will lose activation if I login to my account from a computer that does not have Chase Plane installed? This may be a stupid question but I cannot see any other reason for the several resets I've needed.