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  1. Lewis will fix it ....A2A is a top notch team.
  2. Site is completely down ATM
  3. Sorry for delay in responding. I tried the nosimconnect but no luck. An error was reported: "no MSVCR120.DLL". I downloaded the DLL and placed it in System32 and SysWOW64. Now I am back to side-by-side error. The PC I am trying to use Little Navmap is networked and used for Aviasoft EFB and FSBuild. Both are good but I really prefer some of the features you have developed. Will keep trying Neal H
  4. Hve LittleNavmap on FSX PC and works perfectly. Installed same version (1.4.1) on my laptop and cannot get it to work. All Windows 7 updates current as well as the C++ 2008 and 2015 files (x86 and 64). I don't know what to try now. Any help appreciated Neal H
  5. I finally got a reply and a new download link yesterday. Suggest you send them another email. Good luck Neal H
  6. I emailed them twice but no reply. My download link works but when it gets to the site there is a message "You have nothing to download"
  7. I received the following from them on Monday but no link. FREE update for a download you purchased: Cessna C337H Skymaster HD Series FSX I tried both my original purchase link and my account invoice but nothing to download. Anyone have any luck?
  8. Thanks Ray; I did as soon as I read your post and he sent the key right away. Without you and ronzie this forum would be close to useless. Best regards Neal H
  9. After a year's absence I installed RC4 on my new PC and emailed the activation request in the proper format. After nearly 48 hours still no key. In the past my activation requests were always promptly successful. What can I do to get RC4 running? Thanks for help Neal Howard
  10. Obviously something is very wrong. I have done everything suggested and still must activate. However: even after the activation is "successful" nothing works. Switches click, dials move but nothing else happens. Too busy at the moment to check further but I plan to reinstall the plane as soon as I have a bit of time. Thanks for your efforts. Neal H
  11. It may not be clear in y post because I misspelled .msi. "I checked.............., reran the four simconnect msis but they were okay"
  12. Thanks for your reply. I checked Flexnet and it was stopped so I started it, reran the four simconnect miss. After loading FSX:SE with default plane I switched to the 737-800... Activation still required and was successful. Loaded a Cessna and then went back to the 737 and had to activate again. Things got worse after that: Turned on battery and appropriate switches but no panels lit up. Checked dimmers but they were okay. I activated the APU start switch. It clicked into start position but nothing happened...... Checked everything I could think of but no go. Every button and switch (that I tried) moved normally but never did get any life from the panels. Odd thing though: NOW the APU switch was inop and did not move (no animated hand) Time to reinstall?? Neal Howard
  13. I know there were some issues with P3D but this is FSX:SE. Even if I choose a different version of the 737 an activation box pops up. Activation always accepted but it is a real nag. I checked SERVICES to see that "net-logon" is not disabled and it is okay. Dunno what else to try. Help appreciated Neal Howard
  14. I didn't know that it could be started in Oculus Mode. I will check the settings later and see what I can find. Is there a particular screen that sets it?
  15. I have searched numerous directories, checked dll.xmls, etc and I cannot STOP these two from loading in P3D. They both start 2-4 times while the sim is initiating, then whenever I change a plane or scenario. After a few times SteamVR refses to quit so Task Manager needs to close it. Can anyone tell me how to stop this?? At present I am trying VR in FSX Steam and not P3D. Thanks for attention Neal H