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  1. Purchased it last week and still unable to get a plane setup. I have watched three U tube tutorials (one of them twice). They jump from screen to screen and really do not just simplify how to get a profile step-by-step. All the praises from users leads me to believe that either they are all Mensa or I am losing it. Following some of the steps exactly, my screens do not show/respond as the tutorial. Even going to the community to search for a camera, clicking on the green preview buttons for various views often does not even show the view described. With three degrees and 20 years teaching university mathematics I should be able to figure it out. Could someone please explain a setup process to me (like a five-year old)? Thanks for your help and patience Neal H
  2. Thanks Kenny I have tried that once before (quite a while back) with little success. However, tomorrow I will try that first thing. Maybe this time my luck will hold.
  3. My Logitech/Saitek Pro system with a second Quadrant has gone haywire in this sim. For example: The throttle works perfectly in the Carenado PC-12, Alabeo Waco. It does not work at all in the A2A J3. With Majestic q400 the left throttle has only three positions: full idle, mid range, and full power. Right throttle works perfectly. Other problems include mixture, propeller thrust. In P3d v3.2 (.3?,.4?) All functions work as they should in every plane. I have not a clue about what to try next. So far FSUIPC, in sim calibration, reinstalling p3d v4 client, uninstalling/reinstalling all USB connections have not helped. Can anyone help me with this? Windows 7 Ultimate OS New ProFlight system is three months old
  4. I am a bit confused about using fsuipc to assign and calibrate controllers. The few tutorials I have found either do not disable controllers in the sim or are not complete. Will someone please tell me where to get a recent and full set of instructions? Thanks in advance N Howard
  5. OldFlyboy

    How Do You Assign Cores?

    Thank you, After more reading it seems that AM is really just a wayt to inprove framerates?
  6. OldFlyboy

    How Do You Assign Cores?

    Sorry, but that doesn't seem to be what I an asking. A number of posts refer to assigning P3D to Core 1, or core 3 and 4, etc, I already have Affinity Mask set. Thanks anyway
  7. OldFlyboy

    How Do You Assign Cores?

    Recently there are several threads referring to assignment of CPU cores to improve performance. In one post there was reference to problems with Milviz Beaver. The solution was to "assign core 1". I opened the Config program and found no such option. Hope someone will explain this to me. Thanks Neal H
  8. OldFlyboy

    P3Dv4 and Saitek Controls

    Several times I have found that a USB port just will not work with some devices. Try a different port if you have not done so. Also check the connection from your throttle to the yoke. If you have moved lots of USB devices or plugged several devices into various USB ports then check out "USBDEVIEW". It is free and eady to use.It clears "clutter" from multiple devices plugged into USB ports
  9. Alt+Enter still leaves a bottom GRAY border. I don't see how you can say "default mode" as every version of FSX and P3D have this feature. In any event, I searched old files from years past and found my original Pseudo Fullscreen program. It works perfectly and several tests show no difference in framerates with orwithout it.
  10. I have used this program, written by Maarten Boelens, for several years with no problems. Now with P3D v4 whenever I load AutoHotkey.exe a web page opens telling me I need a script. When I finally got a script and loaded it, pressing my fullscreen hotkey results in a fullscreen but the simshrinks to less that25% of the screen. Anyone know what's wrong? Is there an alternative other than using Alt+Enter? which still leaves a gray bar bottom of screen. Only change made is a new monitor: Samsung 28" UHD 3840x2160 Help appreciated Neal H
  11. It has taken awhile but P3D v3 and v4 provide all the good stuff now. So I "uninstalled" FSX-SE but kept my Steam account. Then, to my surprise, I discovered that FSX is still on my PC. Has anyone here had that experience? Can I just delete all the files related to FSX rhat do not have an uninstall routine?
  12. OldFlyboy

    Carenado PC-12 and TBM 850

    Does anyone have LINDA profiles for either of these planes? They are both great addons to P3D v4; Maybe someone will upload them....hint, hint Neal Howard
  13. OldFlyboy

    B25 download link

    Contact MAAM: I had the same problem and they looked up my info right away
  14. Probably shows how little I know: When I use LINDA to program buttons on the PMGG-737NGX a very Long list of functions pops up. Where does it come from? and once I program some keys where is that stored? I ask because I had to revert to an earlier version of Linda today. The latest just will not work with this plane in P3Dv4. Now I must reprogram all my 24 Throttle buttons unless I can find the earlier set. Everything is backed up, I just need to find it. Thanks for help Neal Howard
  15. OldFlyboy

    Manfred Jan C_47