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  1. Is there a file that can be copied/printed? More importantly: My Named Assignment list is getting longer and is not alphabetized. I would really like to get the views in some reasonable order. Regards Neal H
  2. OldFlyboy

    Best terrain mesh for P3D

    Go to page six and see the thread there re mesh. All the info you need
  3. This is a very interesting thread. I did not realize that we could use "older" programs with P3d v3 or v4 and would like to improve the landscape. Having all the ORBX scenery add-ons it did not occur to me that lots of improvement could be made with additional software. I know absolutely nothing about FS Genesis, FS Global, or FreemeshX And am eager to try one/all (?) of them. Some suggestions please about which I should try. My GPU is 1080Ti and Intel CPU at 3.5. Thanking in advance Neal Howard
  4. I'm with Vic....lets enjoy. Obviously, most of you don't remember, or never saw FLIGHT SIMULATOR on an Apple 2C flying from Meigs on a green screen.
  5. I am a bit confused about these assignments as described in the guide. Is it saying that I must not use the "normal" way to control Mixture/Prop Pitch? How does one control these accurately in a twin engine aircraft with buttons? No problem with trims and buttons . Surely I am not understanding this portion of the control setup. Will truly appreciate it if someone will help. Even better: show a control setup for the DA 62. I use Saitek pro yoke, 2 quadrants . Thanks for some clarification Neal H
  6. OldFlyboy

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    I bought this magnificent bird a few days ago and am slowly getting accustomed to it, Please forgive me if this is not appropriate for this topic (which I have followed daily): I really prefer/need a pilot's guide on paper. I find it very hard to switch between screens. The guide provided is clear and easy to read but cannot be printed. The white on black will use my entire black ink supply. Any way to change to text on a plain paper? Embarrassed Neal H
  7. Sorry, but I must not have been clear in my posts. My control system works properly. The problem is/was that the manual stops short of actually explaining how to set up control SEQUENCES in both Interior and Exterior list. For example: I set interior view #1 with B1 to select. All other buttons in Interior use B7. Exterior view #1 uses B8 and I thought it was okay to use B7 for the other views in exterior but they always send to an Interior view. My solution is to just use B8 (named) to cycle through exterior views or use a fourth button to cycle exterior views. Cannot the same result be obtained using three buttons. Btw...I finally was able to "get" the NAMED Assignments settings.
  8. INTERIOR Pilot Button 1 view 1 Button 7 view 2 Button 7 view 3 Button 7 All views except pilot use Button 7 EXTERIOR Follow Button 8 Next Button 7 All Button 7 Same pattern for each plane All planes use the same name description INTERIOR view 1 is PILOT for all planes, View 2 is THROTTLE CONSOLE, etc EXTERIOR: FOLLOW is always view 1 for all planes, view 2 is RIGHT WING, etc Now How do I get these set as NAMED assignments? Whenever I try itl Buttons 1,7, 8 no longer work in sequence.
  9. First let me assure you all that I have read the manual at least five times. It seems to just stop after describing functions, which I understand. Creating presets is also quite clear and simple to perform. What I need is a clear set of instructions for making the views work in sequence both interior and exterior. Each time I finally get both sets assigned and try to set buttons the views may work sequentially inside but not outside. For a time I had NAMED assignments working but somehow that stopped working as well. Three YouTube videos have been viewed also and I still cannot get the "Formula" that will make NAMED assignments so that they will not get lost. Chase plane worked Perfectly for me for months since I bought it until this past week. H Please help. Chase Plane has spoiled me and I am too old to go back to ezdok. Neal H.
  10. I certainly agree with this. I made an error with a couple of imports and (I assume) that is why that view is ruined throughout my hangar Neal H
  11. OldFlyboy

    PMDG 737 NGX Prepar3Dv4 Update

    A perfect reply. Why imply that PMDG intentionally releases a "major fault". PMDG has never disappointed me. Neal H
  12. I registered for their forum yesterday and I have not purchased anything. Probably will though 🙂
  13. I have tried to download it with both CHROME and EDGE. No luck with either one. Must I register for that forum in order to get it? Regards Neal H
  14. Too much P3D software on my primary PC. Will my license key transfer okay?