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  1. IYP users know that this program is "installed" in such a way that it is almost impossible to troubleshoot. My problem started when IYP did not interpret voice commands as it always had. I redid all voice tutorials and my voice was 100% in dictation but totally failed in IYP. After checking many .cfg files in Appsdata\Local\....\you know, Somehow I must have moved or changed something. Now, tryingto load it the program starts an update at the IYP site. Unfortunately the site has been down for months and the forumn is virtually inactive. A long, sad post I know and believe me: I did back up any .cfg files that looked important 9there are a dozen or more) I surely will appreciate any help. IYP is the only program that does not force a flight plan but provides a co-pilot to do some work Neal Howard
  2. I set Open/Close cowl flaps for RealAir Duke using the LINDA Dropdown for the Duke and saved it. Neither would work, reset another couple of Keys with linda for all possible positions...no luck, I then recorded the key presses (Cntr+Shft+v, etc) and still would not work. However: pressing the keyboard they worked correctly. All other functions I programmed to Linda worked properly. Ant idea as to why this would happen? A fix? Regards Neal H
  3. Decided today to return to RC4 after a long absence....tried a few others but still feel better with RC4. Anyhow, I also wanted to use IYP again and tried to review the IYP manual and check for updates. It appears that IYP is abandoned, only a sad little forum remains. All the necessary files and docs are missing. Anyone know what happened? Where the files may be found? For the first time, voice recognition is not working with any aircraft even after a refresher with voice tutorial. It isn' t needed with RC but does make things a bit more fun.
  4. That link is four years old and references an outdated EZDOK. I suggest checking the EZdok forum at Flight One
  5. Inside the cockpit it is truly wondrous. I felt that I was back inside some of the planes I've flown. However, I cannot manage a long flight with the gear. As fascinating as VR is I'm back to plain old flight and my full Oculus Rift/Touch combo is listed in the For Sale forum Neal Howard
  6. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned LINDA for button/key mapping.
  7. I bought the new version and have no regrets. Dunno how much work was required to develop it but consider this: Quite a few developers are charging for their updates and may never update again update them. Pete regularly updates FSUIPC and is prompt to respond to requests for help. Doesn't ANY serious flight simmer need some of the features in the paid version. To me, getting the new FSUIPC has priority over any new plane, scenery, etc Just my view and not intended to cause offense/ Neal H

    Price reduced........$15 plus postage
  9. Thanks....I should have known it was not a free update.
  10. I re-downloaded the base package today from my previous purchase for FSX . The installer does not show an entry for P3D v4. Is there a free update or must I buy the P3d version? Do I just browse to The V4 folder and install? Sorry to seem a lame brain but I have not seen any announcement from PMDG re. update Thanks Neal H
  11. Thanks HighFlyer, I will try your suggestion today. Really hope it will do the trick. Really bugs me that it worked perfectly a week ago and no changes to my PC or programs.
  12. Looking at the instrument panel, throttles, yoke, etc. They all are aligned left/right but vertically they do not focus. There is almost two of everything, one view below and another above it. Therefore there are almost two GPS, two yokes, etc, .(about a 4" vertical overlap) Can someone help me get this fixed? Everything was okay a week ago but now this has started. Regards NealH
  13. Yes, several times. Everythng looks to be loaded properly. See lots of planes when flight loads but they disappeared in a few seconds. It will stay uninstalled until an update. I have used every version of Ultimate traffic and never had a single problem until "LIVE"
  14. I installed UTlive two weeks ago and still have not seen a single plane.I have uninstalled COMPLETELY two times and after reinstalling it is still not working. It loads into P3D v4. shows in the add-ons in the upper menu. Clicking on Increase or decrease traffic gets a quick flash of a few planes and then nothing. Troubleshooting a dozen possibilities and no joy. I uninstalled it again today and going back to My Traffic 6a until Flight gets it right.
  15. I bought this from Metro PCS to match my ZTE MAX PRO smartphone. Not knowing any better, I paid $50 for it and it is probably cheaper elsewhere. It has been used less than two hours. $25 plus actual postage (from Virginia) and it is yours. Contact me by PM Neal Howard N