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  1. Is there any advantage to buying via STEAM vs. Buying the package direct?
  2. The white dot is visible and tracks my head movement very accurately.However, when I focus it on a switch or lever there is no way to actuate them. No mouse is visible at any time. All yoke view buttons work with ChasePlane and VR is perfect. Thanks HiFlyer: I have applied to join the Facebook group and am waiting for approval. Getting a bit frustrated with the lack of precise info from Oculus, P3D, Rift S settings Worth the wait if I can eventually get it Neal H
  3. After configurations I loaded P3D v4.5 and RealAir Duke. REALLY pleased with view at Friday Harbour. First off, there is no mouse. So how do I work Buttons/switches? There must be a tutorial someplace for dummies. After an hour searching and watching You Tube I am no closer. Some help getting guidance will be truly appreciated. I was all ready to give up flight simming after about 37 years (anyone remember Apple 2e?) but my wife gave me the Rift S yesterday as an encouragement. Gotta say: a very nice gift and it surely does make want to try it seriously. Again: help/direction appreciated Neal H 😊
  4. I have migrated Chase Plane as directed. ORBX Central has it and it is up to date. So why am I getting instructions to migrate when P#D is loading? I followed the instructions 2-3 times just to be sure. Chase Plane works properly so how to stop that pop-up? Neal H
  5. I have watched enough instructional videos. NONE are of any value if my phone and Riftcat /Vridge will not connect. They all assume that a connection is active. I have followed the instructions precisely but get a never ending search by pc and phone. USB Tether nor WiFi I was/am hoping for some instructive replies.😞
  6. Thought I would give it a try but phone and PC never connect. I followed the tutorials, have the correct version, and a phone that meets all requirements. There does not seem to be much info of help at Riftcat site and there dont seem to be any forums. Does this thing really work? That is: Is it a reasonable approach to simple VR? I just want VR in flight for interior aircraft views. Neal H
  7. Bert for President!! Always ready to help and does as a gentleman with patience of Job.
  8. One more question: With Rift S can one takeoff and land in VR, as well as normal activities such as ILS approaches, etc? My earlier experiences were dismal except while in flight, Nvidia 1080Ti, CPU overclocked to 4.3, all drives SSD, 40" HDMI monitor.
  9. Thank you all for the information and opinions. I should have noted my specs at he beginning: Sabertooth Z-97 MB with cpu clocked at 4.2. Graphics card is nVidia 1080ti. Lots of memory and SSD hard drives running P3Dv4.5 At this point I am reluctant to pay much beyond $500 so maybe I should hold off just a bit longer. Living here in Dogpatch does not give me a peek at a demo either.
  10. I just bought it using PayPal without any difficulty. Been using PayPal for 15 years or more with never a problem. sorry to hear that some of you have not been so fortunate. But my REAL problem is that the download speed is so slow that my download manager estimates 8-11 HOURS. Normally a file this size (738MB) would be finished within minutes. At this rate I might not get to fly it until tomorrow 😭😢
  11. Installation went perfectly "Server Status:Connected to PMDG 737NGX" I entered the HTML for overhead on my Samsung Notebook and connected right away. However, each time I tried to move a switch or button "192.168.0......says No license found you will need to purchase....." Is there some place in the Notebook that I need to enter the license? Really eager to try this out for real. Neal h
  12. Just read the manual again and found no help. There is one additional note: Manual says to start Chase Plane before flight sim. That does not work for me.Chase plane loaded before P3d does NOT work after sim loads. Chase plane must be closed and restarted. Would really appreciate a response to my original post.
  13. Nearly every session, and for any plane, Many button assignments no longer work until I reassign. Sometimes the NA+ is still present or has been removed, This is a really tiresome process and has become a genuine irritation. Example: Yesterday I had to reassign Six of Ten internal and Four of Seven external views. All my views are assigned as "Named". Isn't there some way to save each set by aircraft? Maybe I have missed something in the user's manual. Neal H.
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