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  1. I used Poppet's method to install MT 6a and do not see any way to set traffic. It appears to be loading 100% of the aircraft. Almost every parking space has an airliner: gates, ramp, hangars, etc. I did not activate the My Traffic Communicator as Poppet said { I believe), that it was not needed. Again I need some help. Thanks Neal H
  2. I used Poppet's manual method to install MT 6a into P3D v4. There is now plenty of traffic but there does not seem to be any aircraft taxiing/landing/etc. Lots of movement by ground vehicles. Tried several airports that should have active aircraft traffic but all static. Is there some setting I have missed? Help appreciated. N Howard
  3. I must be doing something wrong ;) yesterday I just used the normal RealAir installer for the Duke Turbo v2, pointed it to the P3d v4 directory, then started the sim and flew around KSAN with no problems. Neal H
  4. It IS really spectacular but not to throw in a m0nkey wrench{ Support for problems is almost non-existent. Rift support forum especially. About the only help I've founn is here at AVSIM. I wish you all a problem free Oculus flying experience. happy flights Neal Howard
  5. I installed the latest NVidia drivers Monday of this week(Nvidia 1060). I'm not sure if P3D v4 is up to date, I installed it last Friday. Probably a stu..d question but How do I check for updates? On a side note: Will Flyinside improve things in P3D? Thanks for your reply HiFlyer. Neal Howard
  6. The calibration of the vertical and horizontal bars is good, lens spacing is good, but in flight (P3D v4) the cockpit Left lens view is higher than the Right lens. As a result everything is slightly askew, two throttles almost touching, ditto the control yoke, etc. I adjusted the left and right head straps so that the upper strap is vertically aligned with the headset but still the same. Will someone help me get this fixed? Flying is almost perfect but everything is a bit blurred. Thanks for any help Neal Howard
  7. "oc"?
  8. Well, It is such a good deal I decided to try it again in P3D v3. "Touch" arrived yesterday but the rest will get here Monday. Amazon sold them faster than they could resupply.. Neal H Btw....Anyone know the return policy of the OCULUS store?
  9. Got it now. It did not work first try so I was looking elsewhere. I had carelessly put a space before the code.
  10. Now $399----I may try it again at this price. See Oculus website Neal H
  11. My earlier link was not for latest version. I just received an email with a COUPON CODE. It tells me to treat it as a new purchase {put it in my cart) and proceed to checkout to enter the code. There is no place to enter the code and I am not goin to enter credit card for payment and risk actually buying it again. Anyone have any info to share about this procedure? Regards Neal H
  12. Lewis will fix it ....A2A is a top notch team.
  13. Site is completely down ATM
  14. Sorry for delay in responding. I tried the nosimconnect but no luck. An error was reported: "no MSVCR120.DLL". I downloaded the DLL and placed it in System32 and SysWOW64. Now I am back to side-by-side error. The PC I am trying to use Little Navmap is networked and used for Aviasoft EFB and FSBuild. Both are good but I really prefer some of the features you have developed. Will keep trying Neal H
  15. Hve LittleNavmap on FSX PC and works perfectly. Installed same version (1.4.1) on my laptop and cannot get it to work. All Windows 7 updates current as well as the C++ 2008 and 2015 files (x86 and 64). I don't know what to try now. Any help appreciated Neal H