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  1. Busdvr

    cloud shadows gone after update to p3d v4.2

    In 4.2 goto Options/Lights. There is a cloud shadow switch. Turned mine on and got cloud shadows. Warren
  2. Don't know what I did but it started working. One problem I had was failure to read scenery cfg paths. Seeing no difference tin the paths as displayed in aicontrollerpath.txt, I copied the old file fro 1,4B into 2.0. No more errors. Warren
  3. Hi icenan2, How did you get rid of the error: exception=9 etc. I have the same problem. warren
  4. Anyone know what this means? The AI Controller has connected to Flight Simulator or P3D FSUIPC Link Established AICONTROLLER STARTING OR RESUMING....... AICONTROLLER has encountered an error, please note the following error information. ***** Exception = 9 SendID = 107 Index=1cbData = 24 P3Dv3 in Win10 AIController networked from a win7 PC AIC14B was running fine.
  5. Could it be the EditVoicepack 4 registration warning? Warren
  6. I had the same problem a few months ago. Turns out that the sata data cable connector was cracked and was working sporadically. Very occasionally I will loose the SSD from the drive list in which case I have to do a cold boot. I just chaulk that up to a very old motherboard. MSI P55. Warren
  7. I had that exact problem for a long time. I thought maybe it was heat related. I used "Core Temp" and saw all 4 cores running in the high 90's C. Took off the cooling fan and noticed the layer of thermal paste was like concrete. Cleaned off the old paste and applied a new layer of Artic Silver from radio shack, reattached the fan and wow! Temps at full bore, all cores running at 100%, now never exceed 71C. FPS shot up like a cannon. Best 14$ ever spent at Radio Shack. Warren
  8. Hi Roland Sorry for taking so long to reply. Yes I am using AI Short Final Release. The new test version seems to have corrected the moon shots on final. But at DCA river final, whether the aircraft lands on the runway or not appears to depend on the type of aircraft. 777 like to land in the grass just to the left side, airbus a320 hits the runway and erj-145 makes a left at low altitude and goes north across the mall. Warren
  9. Hi Roland Love the program but have run into a problem that I didn't seem to have with earlier versions. At three different airports now I have this problem. KBDL, KDCA, KBWI. After a few aircraft land nicely, one usually misses the IAF. Message says aircraft has bypassed the IAF. At about 1100 ft in altitude, I get the message that aircraft has overflown the approach and will be removed. Don't mind that, but, once that happens, I never get another landing and the sim atc thinks the aircraft is still on approach. So I get a/c cleared to land as number 5 etc. whaen no other a/c are present. Also, no further takeoffs happen. Any ideas? Warren
  10. Awfully quiet in here!
  11. Busdvr

    TileProxy and P3D?

    I have tileproxy going through the motions in Prepar3d but no resultant ground texture changes. In the DOS box that opens on starting TP, I noticed that the assumed location of fsx is my real install of FSX even though I specified Prepar3d as the location during the setup questions. Anybody get it to work?
  12. I found the problem. It seems that some time ago I turned off the library scenery for the AFCADS. I was led to this by noticing that there were no parking spaces available as a start location when I selected goto airports. Thanks for your help Dave.
  13. Hi DaveYes the spaces are large enough. I can't even get a Cessna 182 to show up. I followed another Skylane from KDCA to KADW and listened to him contact ATC, request a touch and go and receive clearance. Then he turned downwind. I followed him on downwind for 20 miles. He never turned base. I noticed someone else had that problem. Even if the space were to small, an aicraft will still land, but disappear.From what I.ve seen so far, the problem only happens at airports with no default parking.Warren
  14. Hi everyone. I am hoping someone can help me. I installed PAI's military packages using their installer. Looks like everything installed OK. But here is the problem. At a number of airbases, I am seeing no traffic. I made a simple tng FP for a C141 at KJFK.At the correct time, the C141 will taxi ,t/o do a series of T&Gs, and land, then taxi back in. If I do the same thing at either KADW or KLTS (Altus AFB) the ac never shows up. I have set a couple of spaces to Gate with no code requirement. Changed the AC ato reflect the same parking requirements, but still nothing. 13000 runway. The only common thread to the aiports is that neither have any parking spaces in the default airport. Any ideas? Appreciate any help.