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  1. Cabot, Arkansas. About 30 minutes up the road from KLIT.
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! Always makes for a good starting point in a new community, whether it be online or in RL. Haven't taken the NGXu in the air just yet; still reading through the documentation and manuals. But I can already tell I'm going to have a blast flying this thing! You are right, it is a great time to be in flight simulation! I cannot recall a past time period where we had such great simulators with so many excellent add-ons at our disposal. Good thing I haven't invested in a ton of hardware (yet). Only thing I have to do hardware related at the moment is get switches and buttons on my Thrustmaster HOTAS configured to my liking. On the subject of hardware, I'm in the process of designing a desk that will allow for ideal mounting of a yoke, throttles, and foot pedals. I already have an older Saitek set, but am seriously considering picking up the Honeycomb yoke once I get a little more flightsim money. Their upcoming throttle quadrant looks excellent, too.
  3. Good evening to all! You may adjust that statement to suit whichever time zone you're reading this in 😂 Flight simulation has long been one of my hobbies. Other things in life have captured my interest over the last few years, leading me to not fool with sims as much. And now I'm back! As the title would suggest, I have lurked in these forums for a very long time. Figure that tonight is as good of a night as any to stop being a stranger, so here I am! My primary sim is P3Dv4.5, but I have experimented with XP11 in the past. My goal is to simulate day-to-day operations of airliners; with most of my in-sim flying being done in North America. To that end, I purchased the PMDG NGXu last night. Going to spend a considerable amount of time familiarizing myself with the operation of the aircraft before taking it up on a full gate-to-gate flight. When I'm not flying, there is a good chance I can be found tinkering with my AI traffic. No sense in flying into one of the mega hubs and I be the only plane in sight! Looking forward to getting to know people around here, and learning more about flight simulation while I'm at it. Happy flying!
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