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  1. Hi. So basically let's say I have TSS A320 IAE sound package. I want another flap sound. I always get the substitute WAV file I need, I either rename it or amend the sound.cfg file. But there are some files, that P3D just does not reproduce. I took the flap sound from a freeware package, but the sim just doesn't read it, it's quite. The volume is set ok in sound.cfg. Any ideas?
  2. Guys You are forgetting one big thing. All the latest graphic cards, - I have RTX3080, also 4070, they al have 8GB. No more memory is needed because the motherboard itself is so fast, it just doesn't need more memory. Of course 4080 has 16 gb and RTX4090 has crazy 24gb of ram, but they go for a price of a PC
  3. I have a copy of the base package but I thought there is a way to automate fltsim entries adding
  4. My text editor had a crash and it saved an aircraft.cfg file for FSP 777W without any data. Is there a way to rebuild the file based on textures present in the folder? There is a utility to rebuild scenery.cfg based on scenery folders, - maybe something like that?
  5. I have been in possession of FSPXAI 737NG, but never used it because I stick to FAIB (I am using P3D5 models drim AIG). Anyway, I was accidentally browsing the FSPXAI package and noticed that there is an option to change standard strobe lights to LEDs. Is there such an option for FAIB (by AIG) 737NG? Thank you // ------------------ Switch word in the title string ------------------ // *EB = Show eyebrow cockpit window. // *WLstd = Show standard winglet. // *WLscmt = Show split scimitar winglet. // *LLED = Remove retractable landing light. Remove nose gear steering light. Wingroot landing light bulb replace to LED. // *SLED = Strobelight replace to LED. // *LNZ = Show old long nozzle. // *BF = Upper beacon move to forward fuselage, Mainly for DELTA. // *PosB = More one frame forward of upper beacon part if *BF is used. Mainly for WESTJET You can see the *SLED option
  6. You do understand that you are missing new huge terminal 2, which is roughly 20-25% of the airport? It is better not to fly there at all IMHO...
  7. Is there any chance for SODE version? Thank you
  8. Another question Does anyone know why enableRollthenTakeOff is not working at all in ver 1002 and latest, despite being activated?
  9. What FPS issue are we talking about exactly? 🧐
  10. I would like to ask if this is supported any longer? I just noticed this thread, but I get CTD on P3D53 Thank you
  11. I changed the parameter mentioned in that post, it just made it wider as I see. and thanks for your effort!
  12. If I delete these lines this add-on renders useless. They are the reasons I got it in the first place))) I think as many others I will just wait for an update.
  13. Thank you, but we all understand that if the nodes will be too far all AI would not be taking off. But this happens 1 out of 50 a/c
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