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  1. That's because you have very low CPU Ghz
  2. close this topic. this is useless running water
  3. I made an extensive trial. P3Dv5 also uses ONE core. LM are complete morons
  4. i tried this of course - no effect
  5. I provided screenshot in the first post. HT as you can see is off
  6. Without AI 60FPS. That's the problem about 1 core. If all would be working this would not be an issue
  7. What's the point of using P3D without AI??
  8. today i bought RTX 2070 I have 12 fps in London Heathrow!!! Is this normal? No! I have i9-9900K and RTX 2070 with settings MEDIUM but full AI (950 flightplans)
  9. They did it again. Useless company that can't fix the main issue. I paid 1000$ for the latest CPU by new year and this is what I get... This is just unacceptable!
  10. the funny thing is that Kyiv airport shows everything as it should be: the MADRID board also shows 1 flight as it should be... so maybe IT REALLY IS the AI engine? it is very wicked
  11. thanx for the app, there is no need to "get used", after AITM its very easy to use. Shame some functions are not realized (for example i can sort by tail numbers, but i cant sort by arrival/departure time. the last one is super useful.) I'll with the app some more.
  12. you dont need the file correct me if I am wrong, but now I see its a poor made flightplan... they dont even have flight numbers
  13. uid is obviously the reg on the repaint, it has nothing to do with the traffic reg.
  14. AI companion does not see my bgl. I think it's because it's of that extreme size. I will try online view
  15. I attached my flightplans (if you know your thing) at my forum - please take a look, and tomorrow I will ask Bernie. thank you for your effort! https://aitraffic.ch/index.php?topic=327.new#new
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