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  1. I have set <taxiSpeedLimiter>35</TaxiSpeedLimiter> <runwayTaxiSpeed>50</runwayTaxiSpeed> But on the runway the ac are very slow. And I think they are not doing more then 30 on the ground? Please advice, maybe there is a P3D limitation that overrides the "50" digit. I more interested in runway vacation speed thanx guys!
  2. this is how EACH jetway should be avoid by exclude rectangles
  3. sorry, silly of me, I didn't notice the answer for some reason. I am using P3Dv5, and I understand AI Separation will not work?
  4. I would like to ask my question again. Should AIFLow be used as well? But As I see - the answer is yes
  5. I have a question if you please Do i still need to use AIFlow or this add-on solves the matter of approach queue as well?
  6. The culprit was found. I tried switching on the MFAA in Nvidia control panel. This caused this glitch. Can someone comment on this?
  7. When I open vehicle choice menu instead of a rotating aircraft I see this glitch (it is blinking)... I deleted shaders, default flight, simobjects contents from appdata.... It's still there. Any ideas?
  8. I have used the exclude file to remove generic buildings from MEX, but the exclude files also removes the jetways. Is there a solution? I don't have GSX!!! I tried putting the exclude file a layer down, and the ADE file containing the jetways is therefore higher in layers, but the jetways are still missing....
  9. Jesussss, are you a sissy?😂😂😂😂😂😂 Wash the floor and stop talking about it
  10. oops, I thought I installed smth like P3Dv5 hotfix 2... Anyway, about the question I asked?
  11. Cheers people, I have switched to P3D5 and have a question - is there a way to force the sim to pause when you turn on the map? Like on P3D4
  12. all the xml files point only to Arial font. It was already present obviously, I did a reinstall - no effect
  13. Maybe someone has any idea? I did not touch or change or install anything. All of a sudden the digits except for "course" are gone. All other panels like for 787 and a320 etc are ok, except this one. I tried re-downloading the panel - no change. All the gauges, xml files, etc are in place...
  14. That's because you have very low CPU Ghz
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