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  1. I think most people are a bit disappointed in Asobo claiming this is an expert level plane when first impressions appear to be that it's not. Imagine if I marketed a new plane as "study level" but then it wasn't anything close to that. If I release it @ $10, would that make everything ok? Maybe, but at the very least it leaves a sour taste in the mouth. Anyway. I'll give it a few weeks before I make my mind up. As someone else mentioned; hard to know at this stage what is buggy and what is user error. For what it's worth, on the official forums an ATR pilot listed a very long list of inaccuracies (most of which many casual pilots probably won't care about, but it goes to show it might not really be expert level).
  2. Yeah, this bug has existed in DX12 since I can remember.
  3. I don't think the Duckworks mod updated any of the interactive checklists. You might be better off finding a custom checklist designed for the mod.
  4. @dmarques69 Long shot here, but I found extreme stuttering all of a sudden in my game and the way to fix it was to clear the rolling cache - normally I only need to do this after an update but alas it happened out of the blue. If you don't use rolling cache then ignore this. If you do, try clear it if you haven't already.
  5. I googled this, so I can't verify if it works but it looks correct.
  6. I work in IT and I'm sticking with Win10 for now. Nothing against Win11 (though I hate the new explorer context menu - but I know you can turn that off) it's just that Win10 works fine for me and will be fully supported for another couple of years. I'd upgrade if there was a Win11 feature that I really wanted, but for now all is working really well in Win10.
  7. It's different technology. FG generally has less than half the input lag of TV interpolation, and with nVidia Relfex input lag is even further reduced. It's all about the speed between the CPU and GPU. With a TV you don't have that - it's all on the TV to do what it can with the input signal. It also means TV interpolation varies a lot between brands and models. I know on my old Samsung it was just horrid, and didn't look smooth at all, let alone the input lag - but that was quite an old TV. YMMV of course. If it works for you that's great. I probably wouldn't recommend buying a TV for that purpose mind, but if you have it already, give it a try.
  8. DX12 is technically still a work in progress. AFAIK it causes excessive VRAM usage and there are bugs with ground textures popping through taxiways and runways. I guess YMMV, but with older hardware I don't see much benefit with going to DX12. Stick with DX11.
  9. Bear in mind, interpolation on TV's tend to introduce a lot input latency, which may or may not be an issue depending on what and how you fly. Worth a try nevertheless.
  10. It's surprising that they are exactly the same. I expected it to be similar, but it really does look to match up perfectly.
  11. It makes for better image quality. Being able to set it up to 120% on my old 1080p monitor was a life saver. Made a significant difference to text being readable or not. Probably not so important on higher resolution monitors.
  12. You'll have no problem on a mix of medium/high and it will still look really good. You may struggle if you want to fly complex airliners at busy airports with lots of traffic. If you fly GA though, might as well turn off traffic and you'll probably get >30fps 95% of the time. Don't be put off by all the peeps here with high end computers. You really don't need it unless you really want Ultra graphics or VR @ >60fps.
  13. Doesn't the sim have a built-in skip to TOD feature? Pretty sure you can skip to any stage of the flight. I personally wouldn't leave my PC cranking all night. Waste of energy.
  14. Yeah, check no AI assists are on. I've seen someone mention this be the cause before, and they were a bit confused as they don't recall ever enabling the assist. I think it was a trim assist.
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