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  1. So no then, which seems a shame given that even freeware modders have been doing it. I don't want to take away from GotFriends, as they seem like a great bunch of peeps and looks like they have packed a lot into it, but I would like my GA aircraft at that sort of price to at least have state saving and maintenance.
  2. PayPal is dangerous too. Make sure you have MFA turned on utilising an app. My mate had MFA turned on using SMS message and still got hacked. PayPal hacks have been on the rise recently.
  3. Looks great, but steep price imo. Does it have state saving or maintenance? I don't need a virtual guitar or hammock. The paddle is a cool idea though. Probably be one to add to my wishlist and keep an eye out for a sale.
  4. Yeah thanks, I have it, but it's nowhere near the same level of detail (which is fair enough, it is free after all).
  5. A2A Civilian Mustang and Aerosoft PBY Catalina. Loved the hands on management that these vintage planes brought. I haven't yet experienced that level of fidelity on a GA plane in MSFS, but tbh, I have yet to try some of the more expensive GA planes like the 310R and 414 (they aren't really vintage enough for me).
  6. I remember a controller on VATSIM saying that he knew a lot of people didn't really know how to fly because whenever he would request the pilot deviate from their filed flight plan many would just simply log off.
  7. No way should your temps be closing in on 100C with AIO liquid cooling.
  8. 2-3hrs most evenings. I try to fit in at least a couple of flights if possible.
  9. Touch wood I've had no issues with the Marketplace as of yet (using Steam version).
  10. Because we still live in an age where most people really don't give a toss about energy efficiency. I do the same as you when pausing for a bit. Sometimes I think of all the people leaving their long haul flight running while they are afk - I'm sure Asobo could introduce some sort of low power mode for these peeps to switch to when afk. I did hear that running in windowed mode and minimizing reduces cpu/gpu usage, so that might be an option for afk pilots. But a lot of people don't seem to think twice about drawing 600w+ for hours on end while they're not even at the computer so who knows...
  11. Does it improve the interactivity of the aircraft model? In other words, do the doors open?
  12. Those are single turboprops. Any decent twin turboprops? What about the BN2 Islander from Blackbox? I was looking at that thinking it might make a worthwhile Twotter replacement.
  13. I've had it on for ages now. I hated how resource heavy the damned menu was. Some of us care about energy efficiency. I wish there was an even lower power mode for when downloading in content manager though.
  14. I've also noticed my Goose doesn't have any water reflections too, so that's annoying. Looks odd sitting on the water with no reflection beneath it.
  15. I wish I could remember the Grumman Goose payware i had in FSX. That thing was incredible. Just keeping the engines running while taxiing was a feat in itself. The 40th Anniversary Goose is like a toy in comparison. A simple start and go type plane. Gives me almost no sense of it's age. I would hope the Big Radials version is a lot better. EDIT: Ok, so to satisfy my curiosity I dug deep into my internet past to see what that payware Goose was I used to fly in FSX, and it turns out it wasn't even a Goose. Haha. My memory stinks. It was the PBY Catalina. That thing was so much fun!
  16. Not concerned, I just think it's sad that we can't revisit these gems later. There are lots of old games that we can still fire up for a nostalgia hit. To see how things were done in a different era. To relive our younger years for a few hours. I'm not suggesting anyone would play it as their main sim in 15yrs. It's not just MSFS though - lots of games are now tied to online services that will probably be lost to the sands of time without some significant modding to make them playable in some way offline. Of course I totally understand why MSFS needs to stream the data.
  17. I find it a little depressing that at some point in the future many games will simply be completely unplayable as the online services that allow them to run are discontinued. In the future it might be possible to still play FS9, FSX, etc... while FS2020 will be unplayable.
  18. Keep the tail up for as long as possible so you keep rudder authority on landing. At least that's what I read and it's what I do. Tailwheel locked. Remember rudder inputs are SLOW to respond. Give a tiny bit of rudder and WAIT to see how it responds. Very easy to be impatient and give too much rudder, and then you're in a never-ending, over-correcting mess and on the grass. Best to practice without wind (or in a perfect headwind).
  19. If cost is no issue then of course you get the best you can. Who knows what addons or new features will exist in future that you want to take advantage of. But seeing as money doesn't grow on trees it's often better to set a budget and buy the best that budget can offer.
  20. All they need to do to fix this is have an invisible extension off each end of each runway, and if any trees are within this extension, they are reduced in size.
  21. Bear in mind that frame generation doesn't work as well at lower framerates. Artefacting is more noticeable when the game is running @ 30fps native vs. 60fps for example. I imagine @ 20fps native you'd start to see a lot of little glitches that would ruin the immersion. And as others have said, a bottlenecked CPU will cause increased frametime making for more stutters regardless of fps. It's interesting technology, but not magic.
  22. I don't understand how people can't see when frames drop below 60fps. Especially when panning the camera. It's incredibly obvious to me. But if it's smooth enough for you then that works in your favour ofc. Any way, all my flights are mostly 60fps (never really dropping below 40), all on a lowly i5 and 2060 lol. But I bush fly @ a mix of graphical settings (although it runs pretty good over most cities that I've flown over, NY might be the only exception). It looks great to me, and I just have fun flying 🤷‍♂️
  23. Meh, semantics. Either way, it will be fixed in an official update.
  24. It's been recognised as a bug. When multiplayer is on and another user is flying the A310 or Jenny you can hear their engine noise at maximum volume whenever you go external view, no matter how far they are from you. Lots and lots of people have mentioned this bug.
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