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  1. LR needs to implement a proper motion vectoring to get TAA/FSR 2.0 or DLSS working with their engine. Once they do. yes they should implement all of the upscaling technic they can to reach the most amount of users
  2. It doesn't but it's in the "good enough category"
  3. 100% not. This is unacceptable. Amateurish at best and no matter how much you try to cover it. This is TFDi's fault and yet they blame the caching services THEY decide to us without testing it, without knowing what the service is caching. This is your credit card and personal info we are talking about here. Even if the leak is for 1 sec. it's 1 sec too much. In an enterprise settings, if someone did this, they would get fired on the spot and probably never find another job that touches PCI information. This is almost career ending type of error. I would never trust TFDi for anything. not even an forum account. They are not trustworthy.
  4. Personal information leaked. What a pre-order bonus from TFDi
  5. yes, Alienware is Gsync Ultimate and works perfectly in MSFS. HDR is amazing MSFS in general.
  6. well. Remember high river catastrophe ? 😛
  7. I see the same thing all over the place. It looks like the photogrammetry in Vancouver cover a very large area (LML) but the quality of bigger building is very coarse at time. One note though, the accuracy of road and building is absolutely spot on. Much better than before.
  8. The photogramnetry of big building is an hit an miss in Vancouver. Some building looks burned. others looks perfect. I worked in the following building for 10 years and it's pretty spot on
  9. For those who love to visit Canada and hunt for location at the same time. I have created this mod with add Canadian famous filming location across Canada. The changelog contains hints where you should look for them https://flightsim.to/file/41043/famous-movies-filming-location-point-of-interest
  10. I am glad you guys like it. Redwing is not done. Let me share what is coming next : Save state and aircraft maintenance. You break it, you have to pay for it !
  11. this really look like a system issue. Unless it's specific to VR. Rock solid on my side.
  12. if FXAA is a better form of AA than your MSAA is not working right. FXAA had a Vaseline blurryness effect to the image. MSAA is also a 10 years old technology. We need some actual modern AA for this sim : TAA+FSR 2.1. What we have right now is not sufficient.
  13. he just doesn't get it. I am sorry but this interview hurts my head. Calling a simulator with great scenery a driving simulator just show you disconnected from reality he is. He also said that 4K is useless. He also think XP12 has great performance already which is a hyperbole at best. It's was a real struggle to watch the whole thing.
  14. just a note. All AMD features are open source and work on any GPU. Like that new FidelityFX Sharpening or even FSR. It's not limited to just AMD.
  15. The best AMD settings is to buy a Nvidia card /s 80% of the market is Nvidia while AMD is only 20%. So it's normal that you will most NVidia post. To add to your injury, There is Nvidia specific features in MSFS.
  16. You need a 2000 series card or better for DLSS.
  17. no we did not. Beta tester report issue, we don't fix them. Go look on the forum, there is a huge thread on this.
  18. RTX is just the name of all the tools / libraries Nvidia offer. DLSS is part of that toolset no ray tracing here.
  19. did you watch the presentation ? he explain exactly how DLSS3 works and reduce CPU draw calls that normally bottleneck games like MSFS
  20. That's because of the optimization they have done with the Shaders and how DLSS 3 performs.
  21. Sure decision were made. Priorities were set. This is 2022, We are not in 2010. Most modern graphical engine supports temporal AA. The issue is not that it's hard to do in Vulkan and X-plane engine is really old It hasn't aged well. You can try to fix it as much as you can but eventually there is so much tech debt that often is smarter to dump the graphic engine and use something new. The issue with XP12 is that it doesn't scale well with hardware. You say it runs well for you but try the game at a higher resolution with the best hardware possible and you won't get more FPS. The engine is too depending on CPU core IPC still. Not only that. MSAA is almost 10 years old AA tech. It just doesn't do a very good job at cleaning up edges. This is why the industry had moved to temporal AA. At the end of the day, it's very clear that Austin doesn't care as much about visuals. He should care a bit more. All the work they have done on cloud and lighting is only exposing all the others things that have not been modernize. It is a beta, so will give them a chance to fix some of it. The game has change, LR needs to adapt to the market. otherwise, it will remains niche market. Maybe this is what Austin wants. Who knows.
  22. How do you ship a graphic engine without motion vectoring and TAA in 2022. I feel like LR focus on all a lot of wrong thing, they should have modernise their engine before doing the rest
  23. I think the major issue, at least right now with XP12, You got all this new lighting engine but the reset of the asset are not matching the work they have done. All the autogen, outside of airport assets, looks very out of place. Also night lighting , again besides airport assets, has not be overhaul yet. This is still Beta3 but you cannot criticized people for point this out as it very obvious. They have good job with the haze in daytime but night time as no light pollution. The sky should not be pitch black over the city, it will be grey with some glow from the sulfur light relfecting. I am willing to give the chance to LR to improved on this. They have a long way to go.
  24. X-plane 12 Steam data https://steamdb.info/app/2014780/graphs/
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