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  1. I agree although I am also still purchasing scenery addons. I had been considering new/different weather options prior to the initital MSFS announcement, however, for me, with the advent of a new iteration of MSFS, and with my enjoyable array of scenery & plane addons, I am no longer considering such purchases for FSX, my present flight sim. I am being much more selective though with regard to content & price of any new addon that consider for FSX ;).
  2. I'm plenty happy & occupied with FSX and I will continue to [much more selectively though] purchase content for it. However, I do give "two hoots" about MSFS, and I look forward to enjoying it also. Fortunately, I can walk and chew gum at the same time. I have plenty of music in my database, yet I continue to look forward to enjoying an artist's new release along with those that I already have. It is not a "one-or-the-other" thing. To me, and I suspect to many others also, it is a "one-and-another" thing.
  3. The next generation (with regard to scenery & weather-rendering/generating processes, etc.) flight sim needs to start somewhere, so it might as well start at the beginning. Will the scratches on the front doorknob of my house be properly modeled? No. Will this new flight sim be complete and perfect out of the gate? Again no, but it will be a great start and a great next step. Let's not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.
  4. That is very true, but I'm being even more selective & discriminating now.
  5. Exactly as I stated in my 11/22 post: "... Then, they can [continue to] use both..."
  6. Again, and similarly, I also never said to "wait". I simply said that moving *laterally* [to, say, P3D] from, say, FSX for only the incremental improvement that P3D, as a 64bit platform, offers makes little sense when an entirely new, next-generation sim, with an entirely new set of scenery & weather-rendering processes, etc. is in the works and coming down the pike. Reading comprehension is not as strong a suit of yours as trying to create friction otherwise is, eh? Why so defensive about P3D?! lol My original comment questioning a lateral move to P3D was not a put-down, nor was it disparaging. Now, if you contend that P3D is a 'light-years-ahead' sim versus, say, FSX, then yes, you and I disagree. Is P3D "better" than FSX? Yes, of course it is. But is it worth, at this point in time with a new sim on the horizon, investing in when one is already coming from a sim which probably represents an already sizeable investment over the years, then no, I do not think it is. Were there to be no new sims in the offing, then I might think otherwise. But there is, and I don't. I have no more comments for you; you are needlessly confrontational.
  7. Never stated that MSFS was going to better. What I stated, a few times, was that it would be next and/or new generation. Might it be better than the current crop of simulators? Maybe but also probably. Might it even be worse than the present generation? Possibly. But will it be next or new generation as I actually stated a couple of times though? Most definitely 😉 Um... "lol" 😉
  8. You're not serious, right? With the new, next-generation MSFS on the horizon & on its way, one should laterally "move to Prepar3D", essentially a 64bit, modestly improved version of the 2006 FSX engine? Not so sure about that. I have already begun to scale back my FSX addon purchases in anticipation of [purchasing] the new MSFS release... although I did purchase 3 FSX addons today ;). I would think that, with MSFS on the way, one might as well stick with FSX, P3D, X-Plane, or whatever their existing sim of choice is, etc., and enjoy their respective sim (with perhaps a new addon sprinkled in on infrequent occasions), until the new MSFS is released. Then, they can [continue to] use both. Not totally sure what an admittedly marginally & incrementally-improved, lateral move from FSX to either P3D or X-Plane accomplishes at this point given that a new generation sim is in the wings (so to speak lol) ;).
  9. Even as an FSX user myself, I suspect that there is a plethora of X-Plane users who would disagree.
  10. Oh I don't know. I am a r/w pilot as well (PP/SEP/VFR - Piper Archer), and my wife and I do most of our flying at 4000' - 7000' agl (we live in the NE USA). To us, the scenery below is *is* what the flight is all about- that and the "$100 hamburger" (although, with inflation, I think it is more like a $400 hamburger lol). No flying into clouds or pea-soup for us, so flying for us is about the entire experience, not *solely* about the flying-the-airplane & the piloting (btw: no need to capitalize a few selected words, we already get the arrogance part... most of us are well aware that the piloting part comes first). When flying into "beautiful cloud formations" there is not a whole heck of a lot to see while inside them; we think the clouds look pretty fine and dandy from below or otherwise. Do I, as a r/w pilot, want the flying & simulation aspects to be paramount to my flight simming experience? Sure, you bet. But do I also want a semblance of really nifty "true-to-life" eye candy that the two of us otherwise seek when flying in r/w? You bet I do.
  11. Regrettably it appears as though it may require [at least] a $65 quarterly subscription to view the entire article; but the first, available, free part was great!
  12. Hopefully you were joking. I would not want that approach utilized by the design engineers on the development team for my wife's or my daughter's automobiles.
  13. Hi Sean, Take a peek at the following references. I suspect that they will help in resolving your Activation Scree issue; they sure did, mine. Keep in mind, thought, that this requires a correction to the Registry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=od6hIVVFxFI https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_other-gaming/fsx-acceleration-error-code-1-80004005/57d5a44b-e672-49c0-867c-5d8675f981b2?msgId=bb110a92-cb11-418d-a0b9-ed3a35b95f77&page=3 Hope this helps, Russ
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