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  1. VFX here in his post above, and rotornut, one of the folks who made a comment on the linked page after trying the installation, both made a good and important observation: The mod seems to [adversely] affect the autogen process for [most] trees. All the other ramifications of this problematic mod aside, this indeed makes for a very barren and less immersive ambient flying experience.
  2. Although this is terrific, it is not new by any means. I was boating around FSX years ago in this nice, vintage, wooden powerboat: Riva Aquarama Speedboat for FSX (flyawaysimulation.com) (And also driving around in a BMW 😉 )
  3. A whimsical view of the current state of affairs: https://gyazo.com/a2f5c6c460a55e99a3d870ec139b606a
  4. Assetto Corsa, PGA 2K21, Super Mega Baseball 2, Space Engine, Stellaris, American Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator, NBA 2K21, F1 2020, Project Cars 2, Project Eagle.... ...They are all tremendous fun! 😄👍 (btw: all on PC... have a great Logitech wheel 😉😎)
  5. Utter nonsense. We're located in New England and we fly out of KDXR regularly. At 3000' we see KOXC (20 miles), if heading south, parallel to Interstate 684, we see the M. Cuomo Bridge over the Hudson (previously, Tappan Zee Bridge) (~ 20 miles), and when heading west over the Hudson, in the vicinity of the Newburgh-Beacon bridge, we very, very often see the NYC skyline ~50 miles south. Once we reach typical flying altitude *for us* (5000' & 5500' or 4000' & 4500', depending on IFR/VFR and direction of travel) for one of our jaunts, visibility is *often* significantly greater than "6 or 7 miles at best". In fact, when we scoot over to Block Island (KBID) for our "$100 steamers" (our variation on the "$100 hamburger"), we often see the northern Long Island coast & selected, tall buildings thereon (13 - 32 miles from aircraft depending on route & location of aircraft), and we *often* see Mt. Greylock (elev. approx. 3500') approx. 85 miles away in Massachusetts. PPL, VFR/IFR
  6. Well said, Moose. It appears more to me that some of those who expect preferential treatment on Asobo's priority scale, even if only as members of a larger, particular equipment class, would be more accurately served by describing themselves as feeling entitled rather than as being [proudly!] elitist. By extension, then, the argument follows that Asobo should really prioritize its engineering to cater first to the expectations of the 3090-graphic-card-owner-"class" ;;) before addressing the needs of 3070 card owners, followed by the needs of any & all other equipment-owner "classes", including owners of 1080Ti & 1070 cards 😂😎 But wait!! Wouldn't that also mean, then, that Asobo should instead focus on.............................................!!! I suppose, then, that those with slightly older systems should expect to find their priorities situated on the lower end of this totem pole. Look, Asobo is going to do what Asobo is going to do. Or............... we can all just go get a beer! Yaayyy!!!!! Respectfully yours, A PC guy who doesn't have a problem with, um, Xbox/Xbox guys 😉 😎✌️☮️🍺
  7. I essentially agree with the thrust of your comment, and that is why I am not so very often seen complaining about [very many] things here. But at the end of the day, MSFS is indeed a product sold to paying customers, it is not simply & only a "video game". As such, the product, any 'manufacturer's' product..... all products, should be as deficiency-free and as excellent as is conceivably possible. But then again, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, isn't it? Living with imperfection is part of life; tolerating mediocrity, when excellence is otherwise within reach, should not be. Should I find myself frustrated with MSFS for any given reason, there is [still] always Assetto Corsa, PGA Tour 2K21 and, um, heaven forbid, rl with the wife... yaayyy! 🤣😉😎🍺👍☮️
  8. Here's another one: Instant Replay This is a utility & feature that was a component of iterations of MSFS as far back as the dinosaurs, and it is *still* not here........... yet........... today........... a year later. Sure there are other mechanisms that approximate this utility...... other mechanisms. Is Instant Replay the "be-all" and "end-all" for MSFS? No, but it very aptly sums up & symbolizes MSFS's current state of affairs and half-baked nature.
  9. Oh I don't know. Even though I may already have a twenty dollar bill in my wallet while out walking past an empty parking lot, that does not prevent me from bending over and picking up a single dollar bill that I see blowing on the asphalt pavement. Though what you state is true, I suspect that MS would like to have a bit of both.... to have their cake, and eat it too 😉 Tons of people (including myself) enjoy Assetto Corsa, F1, PGA Tour 2K21, Forza Horizon, Super Mega Baseball and many others with great popularity on PC; and these games exist on console also. I think MS can simultaneously walk & chew gum, the question is can Asobo?
  10. I'll fetch the update tomorrow, but that comment concerns me just a tiny bit, especially the "a lot" part ; ).
  11. Well said, Ryan. My wife and I also, not only budget together, but we make financial decisions together. Do I need her permission to f-art, or does she need mine, or do I need her permission to buy a video game, or her, mine, to purchase a new silk scarf, or new e-books? No, those are examples of minor purchases (to us anyway). But yes, we share all financial decisions otherwise, without regard to who the "bigger" breadwinner is. Marriage is [supposed to be] a partnership, not a monarchy, not a dictatorship and not a ball & chain lol.
  12. I could not agree with you more. It is inexcusable that a product of this nature & magnitude is released sans [.pdf] documentation. Welcome to the wonderful world of software releases (of all kinds) 2020s, where even the modest costs associated with producing even rudimentary [.pdf] product documentation are simply the newest casualties in the crusade to cut corners, no matter how rounded they may be or whether warranted or not. (e.g.: The totally fun & enjoyable "Super Mega Baseball" games are also unaccompanied by documentation. In fact, their developers explicitly state in Steam forum conversations, when asked about the absence of documentation, that they want folks to "learn by doing". I am glad that my dentist did not subscribe to this method of learning lol.) When I have discussed MSFS's lack of [.pdf] documentation with friends and in forums such as this, I have most often been met with the following response (in a thimble and boiled down to its barest essence): "Hey, look, that's just the way it is now, get over it & get used to it." (Today's approach to "excellence" I suppose.) To that I say horned-bovine-animal-excrement. Even if I purchase a cheap $16 toaster from Walmart, it is accompanied by printed instructions which can often be found online in .pdf format as well. No, not looking for a printed manual here, but at the very least, a rudimentary .pdf is certainly in order.
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