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  1. RustyFlyer

    steps to repair fsx gold edition

    FTX Global is similar to Ground Environment X by Flight 1. Essentially, FTX Global replaces the default set of land textures. As these then become the foundation & new 'default' textures for areas without any additional scenery addons, any more additional specific addon regions, such as PNW, Northern Callifornia, airports, etc. that are subsequently installed will take precedence and their respective region or airport textures will display instead of the FTX Global base textures which replaced the default set.
  2. RustyFlyer

    Vertx VS Carenado: The DA62

    Agree with you entirely, Chock! And I was once actually a very serious "hardcore" flight simmer before my many-year hiatus from FS (just as P3D was beginning to develop legs), and before returning to FS just a couple of weeks or so ago. I hope to become hardcore again! lol But, I also agree with your comment about broadening one's FS horizons beyond the wonderful Avsim community. That is why, just as I have belonged to this terrific site for many years, I am also a member of many other great aviation & flight sim sites & forums (and have been for many, many years), although not all with the same User Name (will probably begin making that consistent lol). Btw, thanks for the terrific video, Chock, I found it both informative and very enjoyable to watch. In fact, it is what capped my decision to purchase the Carenado DA62... and so I did! Um, thank you!
  3. RustyFlyer

    Vertx VS Carenado: The DA62

    While it is true that the FSX sector is shrinking, it is also true that FSX is still the most widely used platform in FS: Furthermore, it appears that widely-vaunted P3D's FS demographic is growing more slowly than previously; in fact, its rate of growth has slowed considerably. That such excellent developers such as Sean Moloney/Vertx (I have several RealAir aircraft) and others are choosing not to address the still, to this day and for the foreseeable future, larger FSX demographic is a shame, if not completely understandable. I suspect that there are *many* of us, such as myself, who would have wished that we were able to fly the Vertx model. But we can't. Hence, Carenado gets the $35.
  4. RustyFlyer

    Desktop Speakers

    Totally agree with you, Rock. This is not acoustic jazz we are talking about, it is aircraft sounds lol... engines, switches, flaps, landing gear, auditory alerts & whatnot, etc. Yes, immersion and a robust sound is what makes us feel like we are sitting in the cockpit and, for that, audiophile-quality speakers are not critical. For acoustic jazz & our music library in general: Yes, you bet, I sure as _hit have a 'serious', kick-a_s system & set of speakers down in the Living Room. 😉😎
  5. RustyFlyer

    Desktop Speakers

    I could not agree with you more, the subwoofer makes the sounds robust and 'come alive'.
  6. RustyFlyer

    Vertx VS Carenado: The DA62

    A great discussion, many great points. But at the end of the day, for those of us who use FSX and who do not [yet] use P3Dv..., and who may wish to presently fly a DA62, and not at some point down the road, the juxtaposition, let alone the comparison, is all rather moot isn't it? Yes, there are those of us who still exist... for *whatever* reasons. Regards, Russ
  7. Simply batch-converted the DXT-1, compressed .bmp texture files to uncompressed .bmp, and all's good, all works just fine. Sure, it consumes a bit more storage space in the respective texture folders, and there is a 1 - 2 fps hit as a consequence of the larger texture files but, hey, the solution works and it allows me to choose the livery of my choice. Oh well...................... lol.
  8. Hey Charlie, Here's a screenshot (by another) of *exactly* what I see in my FSX startup screen when I am selecting an aircraft. The externally white aircraft (panel & interior look just fine) is also what appears when actually flying the plane and looking at it with an external view. Note that this only happens with certain aircraft [when compressed textures are utilized by the aircraft creator].: And here's an interesting post by another whom experiences the exact same issue that I describe: As I had indicated, this is not specifically an FSX thing, rather it is an OS thing as my relatively new Alienware (and most other imaging programs) cannot open the bmp and does not recognize it as a "supported file format". I can open the texture files though with DXTbmp or ImageTool (and, to some degree, Photoshop). Thanks again! Russ
  9. Thank you, Charlie. Sure I could post a screenshot, but it would simply show a completely white exterior for the respective aircraft. The interior is fine, and I know why that is- the creator is noit using compressed texture files for those elements. I know exactly which texture files from the respective aircrafts' texture folders in the SimObjects directory which are not displaying. I know what is happening; I was simply curious if anyone else was experiencing this. Thanks much for your reply! 🙂
  10. Hi there, for those using Windows 10 [Pro] along with nVidia [current drivers], I was just wondering if anyone else is experiencing problems (white aircraft) with certain [compressed] formats of aircraft textures as a consequence of the corporate dynamic that exists between Microsoft and nVidia as described by this post from the nVidia forum: No, this is not a problem of the DirectX 10 Preview feature being selected or not selected, and it is not a problem of excessive texture file resolution. This is a system problem. I.e.: Windows 10 OS, itself, cannot open and/or read these certain few .bmp or .dds files when dtx compression is involved. Sure, I can use tools like DXTBmp and ImageTool to open, convert and edit/work with such files, and Photoshop can as well to some degree; but I was simply wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue with their system & OS in general. Apparently, this is a more significant and external dynamic than simply a case of having to select different app preferences, etc. I can work with it all, but I'm Just curious really; thanks!