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  1. Hello, Between the start of this topic and today, the program had a few updtaes and is now at version 1.1.6. And I can confirm that both FTX central and SCE work together. BUT... you have to follow some rules. Maybe an example: I have all regions of ORBX installed. That means that for North America you have 5 different regions but it is impossible to activate only one at a time in FTX Central. What have I done, I have created 5 groups in SCE for the five different NA regions. So I want to take off in PNW and fly to the next region PFJ. That means I don't need the other three NA regions at the moment.... Well, I first activate North America in FTX Central and afterwards I unselect those tree regions in SCE. That works like a charm. To avoid problems: ALWAYS reactivate the regions in SCE after your flight. By doing so, you won't get into trouble when you change from North America to European or Australian regions. Hope this helps Luc Brusselmans Belgium
  2. Helo guys, I have been reading this thread with a lot of interest. But when I search for the app, I can't find it. Where can I download/buy this app? kind regards Luc Brusselmans
  3. Pierre, no, FSX is not installed in the default directory. Not even on the default HD because mine sits on D:\ regards Luc Brusselmans Belgium
  4. hello everybody, I have the same problem. When I contacted Pierre today, he told me to give the program firewall permissions. However, for me that didn't work either. He says that the program needs internet access. I don't know why (except maybe to keep track of the number of active copies) But Hani, JAVA 1.7.... where did you find that? Last version Ichecked was 8.45 so my guess is that 1.7 must be a very old version. Or what am I missing here? all suggestions are welcome. (especially suggestions about java 1.7) Kinds regards Luc Brusselmans Belgium I saw that Pierre clarified the internet access just now. makes sense
  5. Jaime, It did resolve my issues completely. Making sure that FSX/P3D used the GPU for 100% when running and reducing the max.clockspeed. I started out with -125 Mhz, steadily raising it to -75 Mhz. Bumping it up further and the black/grey screen returned. (not as often as when I started but enough to ruin a flight so I stuck with -75Mhz) And it was certainly not my find. I googled quite a bit to find relevant info and found some on the forums at the EVGA-website. Some of that info referred to Tom's hardware and guru3d. I haven't tried disabling the GPU offset and raising the fan speed. Maybe that is a solution to. I am happy it works for you to. Luc Brusselmans Belgium
  6. Jaime, I had the same problems with my EVGA GTX980. If you go down to the forums of EVGA, you will notice we were not alone. Without the technical expertise to back my story up, I can only point you in the direction of a possible solution. Download and install the EVGA PrecisionX tool from their website. (you will have to register but it is free) With the tool installed (and please read the manual on this) you can dial in a GPU clock offset which throttles down the GPU from the maximum 'turbo' speed that is used with FSX (of P3D for that matter). In the EVGA forum one suggests an offset of -100 Mhz but I can get away with 'only' -75 Mhz. And in the Nvidia settings, make sure that the 'power'setting for FSX is maximum power. happy flying Luc Brusselmans Belgium
  7. Ralf, What this program is trying to do, is keeping framerates up by reducing sceneryloading in the background. It does not change your settings so a low autogen setting will not increase or vice versa. What is does is increasing or decreasing the distance for which that setting can be maintained without losing framerate. Let's say you have a setting of 100 autogen. In a region with hardly any buildings, and no traffic, your sim can depict that 100 autogen visible for 100 miles with a framerate of 30. When your reach a region with denser traffic or buildings, your sim will have more problems depicting all that autogen for that distance. Fiber will try to maintain your setting of 100 and a framerate of 30 by reducing the distance it depicts the autogen. Luc Brusselmans Belgium
  8. Demius, My guess is that you start at it the wrong way.... You changed your settings in avance but I don't think that is what the developers intended. Restore all your setting as before where you got 30-40 fps. Then find an airport or region that is heavy on the fps (where it is next to impossible to maintain those 30 fps). Test the program at that airport but with those normal settings. I did so in FSX and I did get results. To be hoest, all systems are different and it is as they say... your mileage may vary Luc Brusselmans Belgium
  9. hello William, no freeware afcad either. It is on a very clean vanilla FSX I did install FTX vector. The only thing I did was installing both service packs for FSX and FTX Global. Nothing else whatsoever. Ofcourse I could disable AEC for ksea but then trees are growing up to the runway and I don't think that is 'as real as it gets' either. No, I got rid of ftx vector... and to be honest, I don't miss it. Thanks anyway Luc Brusselmans Belgioum
  10. Well, Since I don't have any payware scenery for KSEA, I still don't know what is going wrong. So I did reinstall a previous acronis backup and I ignore 'vectors'. shame about the money though Luc Brusselmans Belgium
  11. good afternoon everybody, It is probably my own fault but I can't find a solution. Let's start at the beginning: - I have installed a complete 'clean' Windows 7 74bit. Fully updated. - I have tested this setup for a few hours, opening files and folders, moving folders.... and it looks like it's completely stable. - I installed a 'clean' FSX, again fully updated but without any addon's. - again I did test this setup and it runs like it should run (no surprise here because there is nothing in it that could cause it to crash) - I did a complete install of FS Global ultimate which places 8 scenery layers just above the "1107 base" layer. This goes from Asia - Oceania - Europe - Africa - Americas ANT - Americas NAM - Americas CSA to Local Meshes (with local meshes being at the top of this list) - I installed FTX Global (version 1.20) and the installation routine inserts 4 scenery layers at the top of the scenerylist (above the "addon scenery" entry. (ORBX!OPENLC_BASE / ORBX!OPENLC_EUROPE1 / ORBX!OPENLC_NAMERICA1 / FTXAA_ORBXLIBS - with FTXAA_ORBXLIBS at the top) - So far everything is working as expected. The problem starts with installing FTXGLOBAL VECTOR (version1.10) this installation puts again some layers in the scenerylist and since the manual states those layers are not to be moved I assume they are at the correct position from the start. However, when I position my aircraft at KSEA I am surrounded with walls and cliffs.....and cars are crossing runway 34R I can get rid of the walls by disableing the layer "local meshes" from FS GLOBAL Ultimate but that doesn't remove the traffic from the runway.... I can't figure out what I could have done wrong since I have no other scenery installed. Does anyone have a suggestion? Luc Brusselmans Belgium PS I have tried with installing version 1.15 but that's is no solution to my problem.
  12. ok, Found it. I had indeed overlooked the realism settings. After some fiddling with thgose sliders I still didn't succeed in extending the left gear. Until I checked off the crash detection... Funny thing, when you look at the gear bay from below, you will see no gear inside. It is not that it is not extending, it just vanishes... Oh, just one of those small things I guess. Nut I have thgis beauty working and I sure am happy about that. Thanks for the assistance Luc Brusselmans Belgium
  13. I reread the manual just now. Crashdetection has to be disabled for a realistic belly landing but I doubt It has anything to do with wheels not extenting. On the other hand, I certainly overlooked the realism settings. I will check it tomorrow when I have the chance. Luc Brusselmans Belgium
  14. Hello everyone, I decided to (finally) take out my creditcard to buy the duke version 2 of Realair. Nothing special there but after installing it, I find myself with a strange problem. Whenever I take off, I can retract the landing gear alright but releasing it on final approach doesn't work. At least, it does work for the front wheel and the right main gear. The left refuses to extend whatever I try. I have it with all liveries and on any airport but only with this aircraft. Reading the manual I found there is a flap failure modelled but I can't find anything about landing gear failures. All failures are disabled in FSX. In the cockpit, there are three greens when taking off, only two greens when I lower the landing gear. So, I must be doing something wrong but I can't figure out what it is. all help appreciated. Luc Brusselmans Belgium
  15. Hello, I really should be in bed 'cause it's half past two in the morning here in Belgium. Couldn't sleep though so just browsing the forums for info. So my question... Can I use this in fsx to? Luc Brusselmans Belgium
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