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  1. Luc Brusselmans

    New Scenery Config Editor for FSX/FS9 Released

    Hello, Between the start of this topic and today, the program had a few updtaes and is now at version 1.1.6. And I can confirm that both FTX central and SCE work together. BUT... you have to follow some rules. Maybe an example: I have all regions of ORBX installed. That means that for North America you have 5 different regions but it is impossible to activate only one at a time in FTX Central. What have I done, I have created 5 groups in SCE for the five different NA regions. So I want to take off in PNW and fly to the next region PFJ. That means I don't need the other three NA regions at the moment.... Well, I first activate North America in FTX Central and afterwards I unselect those tree regions in SCE. That works like a charm. To avoid problems: ALWAYS reactivate the regions in SCE after your flight. By doing so, you won't get into trouble when you change from North America to European or Australian regions. Hope this helps Luc Brusselmans Belgium
  2. Luc Brusselmans

    Fltplan Go app for iPad - Way Cool!

    Helo guys, I have been reading this thread with a lot of interest. But when I search for the app, I can't find it. Where can I download/buy this app? kind regards Luc Brusselmans
  3. Luc Brusselmans


    Pierre, no, FSX is not installed in the default directory. Not even on the default HD because mine sits on D:\ regards Luc Brusselmans Belgium
  4. Luc Brusselmans


    hello everybody, I have the same problem. When I contacted Pierre today, he told me to give the program firewall permissions. However, for me that didn't work either. He says that the program needs internet access. I don't know why (except maybe to keep track of the number of active copies) But Hani, JAVA 1.7.... where did you find that? Last version Ichecked was 8.45 so my guess is that 1.7 must be a very old version. Or what am I missing here? all suggestions are welcome. (especially suggestions about java 1.7) Kinds regards Luc Brusselmans Belgium I saw that Pierre clarified the internet access just now. makes sense
  5. Jaime, It did resolve my issues completely. Making sure that FSX/P3D used the GPU for 100% when running and reducing the max.clockspeed. I started out with -125 Mhz, steadily raising it to -75 Mhz. Bumping it up further and the black/grey screen returned. (not as often as when I started but enough to ruin a flight so I stuck with -75Mhz) And it was certainly not my find. I googled quite a bit to find relevant info and found some on the forums at the EVGA-website. Some of that info referred to Tom's hardware and guru3d. I haven't tried disabling the GPU offset and raising the fan speed. Maybe that is a solution to. I am happy it works for you to. Luc Brusselmans Belgium
  6. Jaime, I had the same problems with my EVGA GTX980. If you go down to the forums of EVGA, you will notice we were not alone. Without the technical expertise to back my story up, I can only point you in the direction of a possible solution. Download and install the EVGA PrecisionX tool from their website. (you will have to register but it is free) With the tool installed (and please read the manual on this) you can dial in a GPU clock offset which throttles down the GPU from the maximum 'turbo' speed that is used with FSX (of P3D for that matter). In the EVGA forum one suggests an offset of -100 Mhz but I can get away with 'only' -75 Mhz. And in the Nvidia settings, make sure that the 'power'setting for FSX is maximum power. happy flying Luc Brusselmans Belgium
  7. Luc Brusselmans

    Gauge/window size

    Hello everybody, Is there an easy way to 'lock' the proportions of a gauge or a view when I want to resize that gauge or view? Luc Brusselmans belgium
  8. Luc Brusselmans

    reinstalling win7 without re-installing fsx ?

    Pete, and Peter, Wish me luck. I ordered my components today. Some items were not in stock so I will get my stuff beginning next week. And I am going to try one, or two or all possible suggestions to reinstall windows 7. When I get to the final result, I ll let you know how it went. I am not sure when nthat will be because my wife has to have some surgery and taking care of here will take quite some time during the next couple of weeks. Thanks for the advice. Luc Brusselmans Belgium
  9. Luc Brusselmans

    reinstalling Windows 7

    hello, I have a really simple question. After 4 yearsor so, I am about to build a new system. I have selected the components, I have the money in the bank and so I thought I was ready to go. Until last night I read an article that made me wonder... I have a Windows 7 64bit home premium DVD in my drawer that I have used to build my current system with. I checked the DVD last night and it is an OEM version. Now I am wondering, can I use that same DVD to (re)install windows 7 on my new system? My guess is that installing it will probably be not the problem. Getting it activated is what is bothering me. I want to stay away from windows 8 or 8.1 for the moment. My local shop has still some copies of windows 7 but if at all possible I want to reserve that bit of cash for some new addon's if at all possible. Kind regards Luc Brusselmans Belgium
  10. Hello, Last weekend, I installed my new evga GTX-980, replacing an GTX670 in the process. At the same time I did an upgrade to the latest Nvidia driver version 347.88. That seemed to work alright, not an increase in framerate but both FSX and P3D ran more smoothly than ever before. But for the second time now, I have run into trouble. After about an hour into the sim, my screen turns first solid grey for about 5 seconds and then solid black. The sim itself does NOT crash at all when the screen is grey/black. I ruled out lack of virtual memory because when it happens I still have 1.5 Gb available memory, I also ruled out heath cause the card runs at aprox. 45 degrees celcius at the moment of the 'crash' (if you want to call it that way). My guess is the driver itself... Can anybody give any info on this? Solutions? I will try to uninstall the current drivers and reinstall them. I hope to resolve this problem this way but if there is somebody who cas shed some light on this, I would be very gratefull. Luc Brusselmans Belgium. ps. I did change my fsx.cfg and removed the traces of the previous card. To be complete, I am running FSX + ACC on windows 7 64bit
  11. Hello, My current subscription of Navigraph has come to an end and I have to renew it. Since I have a choice between Navigraph and NavData Pro I was wondering which of the two is more complete. I have noticed quite a bit of difference in price between the two programs and so I wonder if that difference is reflected in the data they present. Luc Brusselmans Belgium
  12. Luc Brusselmans

    DX-10 shut it down?

    Raymer, If you are using P3D, you don't need the dx-10 fixer at all. In fact it has been developped for FSX only. As far as I know, P3D doesn't use DX-10. Luc Brusselmans Belgium
  13. Luc Brusselmans

    Fiber Accelerator for P3D is out

    Ralf, What this program is trying to do, is keeping framerates up by reducing sceneryloading in the background. It does not change your settings so a low autogen setting will not increase or vice versa. What is does is increasing or decreasing the distance for which that setting can be maintained without losing framerate. Let's say you have a setting of 100 autogen. In a region with hardly any buildings, and no traffic, your sim can depict that 100 autogen visible for 100 miles with a framerate of 30. When your reach a region with denser traffic or buildings, your sim will have more problems depicting all that autogen for that distance. Fiber will try to maintain your setting of 100 and a framerate of 30 by reducing the distance it depicts the autogen. Luc Brusselmans Belgium
  14. Luc Brusselmans

    Fiber Accelerator for P3D is out

    Demius, My guess is that you start at it the wrong way.... You changed your settings in avance but I don't think that is what the developers intended. Restore all your setting as before where you got 30-40 fps. Then find an airport or region that is heavy on the fps (where it is next to impossible to maintain those 30 fps). Test the program at that airport but with those normal settings. I did so in FSX and I did get results. To be hoest, all systems are different and it is as they say... your mileage may vary Luc Brusselmans Belgium
  15. Hello, +1 over here in Belgium. We can't order it in the States and no way to get it from a European reseller. (not even online) Luc Brusselmans Belgium