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  1. raymer

    IMPORTANT - All Customers Please Read

    Hi Mr. Joe Very glad to have you back!! Before you left you got the MU-2 flying nicely, really been enjoying it. Keep up the great work!!.................Ray Rentschler
  2. raymer

    GEX Released for P3D

    Don't forget Flight1 return policy I have used it, if you don't like it return it full money back. ORBX does not do that......regards......Ray R
  3. raymer

    MU-2B-60 Training Videos are LIVE

    Hi, Just bought the MU-2 and tested a take-off from my local airport, running in P3D. First of all in my opinion your price is exactly what I would expect. Personally I spent 3-4 years flying on MU-2 60 & solitaire for a company I worked for as national sales mgr. A very important part I already found out you have the sound right. The geared turboprops had a very distinctive sound...you got it! I have a flight manual to wade through & need plenty of practice time. Thank you very much for your hard work I have waiting a long time for a realistic MU-2. Already it is bringing many memories back. I do believe you have nailed it, thank you again....Ray Rentschler
  4. raymer

    Is The Site Prepar3d Down

    Merry Christmas & a very happy holiday & thank you Mr. Rob for being the tremendous spokesman for P3D you are!!!!
  5. raymer

    DX-10 shut it down?

    Thanks Luc I have been running both sims on my computer, LM P3D & FSX using DX-10 fixer. Like I mentioned before the DX-10 water looks for the most part better than P3D so far. L/M will probably really improve the water soon............thanx Ray
  6. I have been using the Dx-10 fixer for way over 1year and have been very pleased. Even changing out to a Radon R-9 200 series all I had to do is use the Microsoft visual C+ with the fixer. If I deleted it, the Microsoft c+, I would get all the spikes etc everybody complains about. Now with the latest version 2.5 spikes etc can start at any time even in my old configuration that used to work just fine With what I have read about Radon cards from forums should I shut down DX-10 as P3D runs fine, I am not planning to buy another Nvidia card, have Radon CPU they work together very well. Working with Nvidia only makes it much easier for DX-10 fixer, Radon....sol. Nothing like the water in DX-10 I would really miss it. Respectfully..............Ray
  7. I purchased products from them in 2013 and when I asked for back-up after a reformat last spring, I hit a stone-wall. However after several e-mails they asked me to send them my receipts for what I had purchased. A few days later I was able to download all the products I had previously purchased. In their e-mails they did mention they were not honoring the old companies lifetime memberships. This probably will annoy a lot of people but I feel they treated me well after checking my account. I did have to correspond with them for a while. I wish all success, best regards.....Ray
  8. raymer

    Switching from GEX to FTX Global

    Both are texture replacement programs. If you run FTX global it will replace GEX ground textures. What I have done is run FSX with GEX textures, and P3D with ORBX global textures. You can also check Nick N comments on Flight1 forum. You can not run both together, either one or the other. Best regards.........Ray
  9. raymer

    Stopping Background Programs?

    Type in to your internet search engine razer game booster. You have to register but its still freeware. Best regards................Ray
  10. raymer

    Open LC - Cannot download from any servers

    I'm waiting maybe through the weekend. There was a great build-up to this product, a lot of anticipation, much more than PMDG 777. I have found ORBX just great in support of all types, recomend hang on to your order, give it a little time. The Orbx global scenery is finaly complete in the european area with this release, a lot riding on this for ORBX. Best regards.................Ray Rentschler
  11. Thank you Mr.JesC, I will give it a try..................Ray Rentschler
  12. I have a Nvidia gtx-760 video card. Normaly it works just fine video movies etc. but in game mode, FSX, P3D, it will black-out and it will display that the driver failed. Drivers up to date, getting good cooling I think. Checking warranty not very old. Software bottleneck? pull for repair..............thank you for your help.............Ray Rentschler