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  1. I can certainly appreciate that LM took on and developed a business unit within its vast organization, solely dedicated to further advance the “desktop” flight simulator series as a training avenue, for us aspiring future aviators, both young and the “not” so young…lol…I can also agree that it is marketing tool for their products as they are manufacturers of aircraft, military and some commercial. That said, I’m curious why has LM ventured into this arena and why not other aircraft manufacturers in the likes of Boeing, Airbus, etc., to name a few of the big players, then there’s also the big carriers like Delta, American, United, SW, etc., to name a few big domestic, then there’s international carriers in the in the likes of Lufthansa, British Airways, etc., It certainly would be nice for LM to bump the code someday to 64 bit, but I'll take my 2.5 code any day and hope they stay the course and continue to fund further development into this ever dwindling world of desktop computing that someday may just be history, & hopefully there is life after Windows 10... Dan
  2. Ah...I forgot to mention, I am running P3D & FSX:Steam...I don't have Xplane...sorry, forgot to to realized I was in the Xplane side of the forum, thought I was in P3dD... Dan
  3. Wow, I wish I can get the same FPS on my Samsung 4K, also using display port @60hz, but averaging in the teens at airports. however, I believe my disadvantage is my dual SLI configured Nvidia 660ti as more than likely outdated vs the newer GTX979 & 980... -Dan My rig: 4.2 OC i7 4790, 8GB RAM, & dual SLI GTX660ti
  4. Well got it downloaded, almost 2gig in size and quite an elaborate way to activate upon installation...well as most are saying here, not all the switches/knobs are functioning...as expected...of course not PMDG style/design, but obviously, the pricing kinda gives it away...but...I guess the fun part is being pleasantly surprised that some of the systems do actually work. I think its a matter of setting ones expectation, as well all know, simulating the real A400M will take years and tremendous resources to achieve...so in the mean time will try and figure out how to start the engines of this "puppy"...by the way can't start using the default "Ctrl+E" so there you go... By the way, not documented in the manual or I may not have found it yet, I discovered how to change the state to "cold & dark"...need to press to "off" the "three (3)" battery switches on the overhead panel, however make sure you did not start the APU, otherwise it will not change. On another note, not to change the thread subject line, has anyone got the IRIS Airforce Series - Battlefield Airlifter? I also saw this last night at simmarket and got it too, & again was pleasantly surprised at the features of this "baby" C-130...it even supposedly has an FMC, but I did not had time to verify if it works... thanks for listening, -Dan
  5. looks insteresting, I'm sure its not 100% modelled, but the price I think is fair, will definetely test fly this bird tonight
  6. HI All - just a quick update since I joined the P3D community almost a month ago today, I am now broke...$$$ wise...lol...my goodness this thing can get out of control and bust just about any budget... Besides the P3D V2.5, in my hangar now resides the following: Aircraft: 1. PMDG 777 2. Majestic Dash8 Q400 Pilot Edition 3. RealAir Turbine Duke V2 4. A2A Cessna 182 5. Fokker F27 from Just Flight 6. A2A Sim B-17 w/accusim Scenery/Environment: 1. FTX Globlal Base 2. FTX Vector 3. FTX open LC Europe 4. REX4 Texture HD 5. REX4 Soft Clouds Airports: 1. LatinVFR KSAN San Diego Lindbergh Field 2. LatinVFR KSNA John Wayne Nav Aids: 1. Flight One SW GTN750 AI Traffic: 1. MyTraffic6 Misc: 1. FSX to P3D conversion tool Estonia I mostly got the these from Simmarket, FSStore, Just Flight, and some direct from mfrs...wow, I need to stop add now and just enjoy what I've got so far...I'm sure I am still missing lots of good products but darn, it is really getting expensive now - thanks for listening. Dan
  7. yes did register, I think they just way too slow to respond & activate new accounts Dan
  8. Same here, just purchased FTX Global & Vector about $130.00 worth, registered at their website and so far getting this "Sorry, you don't have permission for that!"...really!!! Dan
  9. Hi Jim - thank you so much, appreciate the quick response---It amazes me at how this community are so responsive help one another, very much impressed to all members of this forum. With Kind Regards, -Dan
  10. Just purchased & installed Orbx FTX Global last night and when launching the the program during the final phase of the installation process I got this error: "System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file 'E:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\terrain.cfg'. File name: 'E:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\terrain.cfg'" So I tricked the it by creating a new file terrain.cfg in P3D folder, program launches, but its saying no "Land Class"...info I got from LM P3D forum suggest, I get a copy of the terrain.cfg from the program data folder, copy to the Prepar3D v2 folder as a work around--not sure if this is the proper way of doing this or could cause other issues while running P3D? thanks in advance for any response. -Dan
  11. Thanks Ryan, as a matter of fact, I might consider getting all of these, appreciate you pointing me to these information as it saves me time to surf the entire web. The jury is still "out" on the FTX global product as I am not sure if I want to spend $80.00+ to basically change way the trees, lakes, rivers, & mountains looks--what do you think? -Dan
  12. Hi All, So in trying to understand how to pick & choose the different local scenery & airports, it seems based on availability & make by the manufacturer? In other words, LatinVFR KSNA seems to be the only developer of the John Wayne KSNA & KSAN, while FSDT does make the KLAX, KLAS, etc...& ORBX for the NorCal region. How do you choose which one in your opinion suits your needs when making these choices? With regard to the regional & worldwide scenery, I see there are many developers/competitors in this market, and this is where FTX Global base will come in. Do these products & others basically fills the P3D or FSX default in between airports scenery with the enhanced terrain? Then there are also other products that enhanced the flying experience in the likes of ASN active sky, the REX soft clouds to name a few, then there are other add ons that enhances the airport interaction like AES, etc., Perhaps there is some sort of "sticky" posting somewhere that covers the questions I posted above, & these probably have been asked & posted millions of time…just like asking a question about what is the best "motor oil" in the other forum that I am also a member...lol :-) Thanks, Dan
  13. For those that are flying the "RealAir Royal Duke Turbine v2" or any GA, a quick question: 1. Automated Landing- Can you perform a CAT1 or CAT2 automated landing with the default onboard navigation instruments? 2. The Flight1 GTN750 - I take it, this GPS is optional add on for the Real Air Duke turbine V2, can you perform CAT1 or 2, or even CAT3 automated landing with this nav instrument? Been flying mostly the big airliner and of course, the FMS can easily automate landings and all, but have not much ventured into the world of GA aircraft's navigation instruments . Much appreciate any response. Thanks, Dan
  14. Again, thank you for the kind replies and suggestions...been adding what would be the costs, guess my original FS budget just went out the window...might give up riding the Harley-D to save some money... lol...thanks again all. -Dan
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