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  1. capceo

    Lear 35A - Joe's Lear ?

    Hey Scott! That's one of the two 35's I fly at work. I'd sure love to see it come to life in the sim! The both wear the same paint, so if you need any additional reference photos via google, you can search for either N604GS or N220GS. Of course, I'd be happy to send you over some of my photos if you need really detailed stuff. I still base my airplane at MGJ. Are you still on the field? I know we've talked about it in the past years but haven't actually met.
  2. capceo

    landing gear embedded in runway

    Can you post a screenshot of the issue? Can't reproduce it over here.
  3. capceo

    Lear ALT HOLD issue

    Hey John, The GTN750 brightness, by default Flight1 settings, is rather dim. It can be adjusted in the F1 GTN750 configuration tool that is automatically installed when you install the GTN750.
  4. capceo

    Flying the Lear 35A - By the Numbers?

    Hey Luis, One of the revisions in the next update will be to the fuel flow. At present, it isnt as accurate as it could be. Fuel consumption in the Lear, both in real life and in our sim, is extremely dependent on the altitude you're using for the trip. The trick with the Lear is to get it as high as you can, as fast as you can. Down low they burn an obnoxious amount of fuel. The turbofan powered 30 series airplanes are a tad more fuel friendly at lower altitudes in comparison to the earlier turbojet powered Lear's, but this is a relative statement. You want to flight plan for the highest practical usable altitude for the given trip. Assuming you get it up into the FL400-FL500 range, you can expect to burn anywhere from 1500-1800lbs in the first hour, and around 1000lbs per hour for every hour thereafter. In terms of reserves, try not to land with anything less than 1500lbs on the airplane. If you're low and slow with the power pulled back, it will be more than an hour of fuel which should allow you to set up a second instrument approach or proceed to an alternate.
  5. capceo

    Tuning the ILS

    The simplest way to alter the flight plan in the default units is to just make the change in the flight planner menu and the click OK. The default units have such limited functionality that it's almost painful trying to navigate with them.
  6. capceo

    Lear 35A Auto Pilot joystick Settings

    The autopilot master in the Lear is a custom coded function, and therefore won't respond to the Z key or to a joystick assignment unfortunately.
  7. capceo

    MU-2 and OOM

    This is interesting. I've never had an OOM with the MU-2. I'll mention it to Mark and see if we can get an analysis going.
  8. capceo

    Learjet 35A - Autopilot video request.

    Hey everyone, I'll try to make a takeoff video in the next week or so demonstrating how we manage the airplane in real life. The simplest way to explain it is that you have to constantly stay a few steps ahead of the airplane. This is true in any airplane, but things happen quickly in the Lear and you need to be on top of things. One thing of importance is the pitch attitude you establish for your initial climb out. It is common to pitch up to 17-20 degrees. The order goes something like this for a flaps 8 departure, which is the most common flap setting: -Set takeoff power -Rotate at calculated Vr -Get the gear up within a few seconds of rotation (positive rate of climb will be obvious :smile: ) -Through 170KIAS, flaps up -Reduce power at or slightly before reaching 200 knots -Lower the nose -Further reduce power as necessary Obviously, you may have to adjust everything after flap retraction to comply with DP's
  9. capceo

    How Do I Assign The Steer Lock Switch?

    Were you able to get the issue resolved?
  10. capceo

    Lear 35A and GNS 530

    Hey everyone. We tried to offer RXP integration, but unfortunately the devs over at RXP have gone silent. Meaning we cant get the source codes to code all of the custom 3D buttons to work with the gauge. It is disappointing, but once you fly the GTN750, you'll never think twice about your 530 again.
  11. capceo


    Just keep in mind everyone, that the TR's have very little actual braking effect in real life. This holds true for just about every jet aircraft with thrust reversers. While they make a lot of noise, and you feel the sudden deceleration, 90% of that deceleration is coming from the brakes. Many jets dont even have a separate set of performance charts for TR's inop.
  12. capceo

    Cessna 441 P3D V.3

    Not just yet. I believe Mark intends to update the 441 for V3. Keep your eyes peeled!
  13. capceo

    MU-2: Blown away

    Careful Matt, flaps 40 should never be used for takeoff, regardless of runway length. The 40 degree setting is a bit interesting, in that it is the only setting that actually results in a drag increase the outweighs the lift increase.
  14. capceo

    Any update on the Learjet 35?

    You'll be taking delivery of your new Lear in the next week or two!
  15. capceo

    Prepar3D Version 3

    Yup! The LR35 will have an installer to get the aircraft into V3, and I believe Mark intends to update the installers for previous aircraft so that they install into V3 as well.