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  1. I had that problem last night & ended up not using my normal browser Firefox managed to get through using Browser DuckDuckGo. I did facebook & twitter them that there was a problem. Yes I use SimMarket as well Good reliable site IMHO
  2. Why don't you go direct to developer & save some additional money ? Ive just saved an additional $5 on the Carenado Phenom 100 $18.90 approx + FSpilotshop will eventually charge you more to download historic purchases ! here is Carenado direct link
  3. IXEG 737 Classic discounted down to $59.95 from $74.95 Not sure how long for maybe only TODAY ! For X plane 10 & 11 HERE IS THE LINK
  4. Thanks for reply ! I hadn't updated to P3Dv4.3 which is a requirement + I had other issues which were resolved by deleting the p3dv4 config file & allowing it to re-create. When they say sign with full name does that mean adding your name at the end of the message itself or is it done some other way. ? Always found forums a bit confusing !
  5. Blank Screens nothing clickable + no landing gear Have reloaded SimConnect Still same problem . Just wondering if there is a quick fix anyone knows about ? Only just bought this PMDG 777. running P3dv4 Thanks in advance ! J
  6. A number of Aerosoft Airport Titles 25% off via the FSPS Store ! here is the link ....
  7. JarDesign A330 for X-Plane 11 /10 on Sale $48.74 = £34.43 approx Here is the link
  8. This alot cheaper than anywhere else Ive seen at $23.80 ( £17.00 ) ! Oh dear I just bought this through FSdream team for £24 Oh well you win some & you lose some ! here is the link they say it works in P3Dv4 as well as FSX
  9. fofs

    Study Level Aircraft Addons for P3Dv4

    You can still get end of stock boxed versions of RealAir aircraft & although the company has closed down there is still help & tweaks by the community to get both fully working in P3Dv4. Ive seen boxed versions for sale on some of the flight sim sites & also places like Ebay. Definitely worth getting hold of a copy (ies ) IMO. I have both fully working in P3dv4 by the way
  10. Ha ! There should be at least 8 hours between drinking & flying ! I take it helps your flying experience
  11. Isn't VR a little restricting for long periods of time ? I can understand the immediate thrill factor, but its still a thing strap to your face ! & what about reaching for that cup of tea cabin crew bring you, don't you have to take it off ?
  12. This Forcefeel seat looks promising. Looks like they are going ahead with production, so I'm thinking of investing in one. Does anyone here know when they plan to have them ready for delivery ?
  13. Oh ! well that ain't good on the butt kicker idea !
  14. Ive seen this youtube video about this Gametrix Jet seat & it looks like they are producing a new version. Looks promising here is the link Does anyone out there own one of the old versions ? Anyone use a butt Kicker type of device ?
  15. Yes ! thanks for the reply, I was thinking of more force feedback type of thing like a base kicker type of product that sits under your seat. I found this website Gametrix Turbo Jet seat Has anyone tried one of these out ? does anyone know if there is anything else that's similar on the market available ? Looks like they have sold out for the time being.