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  1. I've tried to find this repaint and I don't see it. Did this ever make it to the library?
  2. These repaints along with the interior are fantastic. Thank you for your work, well done!
  3. I believe all the advice given to me earlier has eradicated the issue. I've flown 5 legs without a replication of the systems issues I was having. Again, thanks for the help. Jonathan
  4. No worries. I am still noticing the engine panel bug whenever I shutdown the aircraft. I deleted the V4 Saved flight files as suggested. One thing I haven't done is a fresh installation since they moved the Maddog from open beta. I have the Cub saved as the default aircraft with the engine off. I haven't seen reports in forums of other MaddogX owners having an engine panel gauge issue. Jonathan
  5. Thanks for this, I had turnaround mode selected. This solved the cold and dark issue I was having. Thanks, Jonathan
  6. I deleted the flight files from the P3D folder and then logged back into P3D. I saved the cub with engines off as my default aircraft and then restarted the sim. I loaded into the sim with the cub and then switched to the MD80. After landing and shutdown the #1 engine panel glitched out again. Once this 'event' happens I have no choice but to close P3D. Trying to switch aircraft in the sim cause a CTD. Thanks, Jonathan
  7. I just have the ticket with them I haven't posted on their forum. Is that what you're referring to?
  8. I will test this later and see how it goes. I went back to their initial response to my ticket and Stefano advised to load the MD from the startup screen. I guess that's where maybe some miscommunication happened... Thank you for the reply Dave I appreciate the help. Jonathan
  9. Hey everyone, This has been covered in other threads but I'm struggling to make it function correctly. The MaddogX team has recommended me to save the Cub with engines off as my default aircraft in order to prevent 'issues' from occurring. I opened a ticket with them recently concerning an engine panel glitch which was causing engine readings to oscillate up and down like a slot machine until eventually the readings disappear and then a sim restart is required. It seems that switching the 'Engine synch' to N1 or N2 would trigger the event. I'm confident their advice is correct but here is my question: I started a flight with the cub, shut the engines off, and made sure the radio was off and then saved the flight as my default flight. After this I exited the sim and restarted P3D. Upon loading I saw the cub was the aircraft circling in the startup screen instead of the F-22 (ok good). Without leaving the sattup screen I then switched to the Maddog, changed the weather, airport, etc, and then I started the flight. What I've noticed is that after exiting a flight with the maddog regardless of the default aircraft and state, whenever I reload a new scenario after exiting P3D the Maddog starts back up in the configuration it was in the last time P3D was running. So in this case my default aircraft is the cub 'cold and dark' but the Maddog seems to be unaffected by that. I've even loaded the cub, started the sim, and then switched to the Maddog afterwards to see if that would help and it hasn't. I hope that makes sense. What's interesting is that sometimes I can fly 5 legs using the same aircraft without exiting the sim without any trouble. Other times it's roll of the dice. I don't want to bother the MaddogX devs with something like this any further as I'm sure they're fairly busy. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the best way to setup P3D to make the Maddog run as it should? I'm running P3D 4.4. I've installed it correctly in the proper folder and path. The model is up to date. Thanks, Jonathan
  10. Turbine Sound Studios! You won't be sorry.
  11. Long story short, you have to keep on eye on where your cabin altitude is and then stop it once it reaches your desired altitude. If your altitude goes above normal it should let you decrese the rate down to normal levels. I have found that sometimes I have zero control over the pressurization so I just hit the mute button to shut the cabin alert message off and pretend like my passengers aren't unconscious or dead 🙂
  12. The only chart I found useful was the Performance Chart PDF which selects your cruise altitude and power setting based off of your gross weight (fuel flow is also provided). Active Sky gives me my total flight time which has proven to be fairly accurate for planning purposes. I have not tried a long flight but MACH 0.75 is the recommended cruise for long range. I suggest topping it off, climb as high as the chart recommends, then increase your cruise altitude once your gross weight begins to drop (use the chart to see when you can climb). That should help with fuel burn. I'll try the long flight tonight and see if I can make it. This is Carenado so the aircraft is not modeled 100% with the real aircraft. Side Note: When I fly at MACH 0.8 I add 5,000 lbs for the first 2 hours, 1800 pph thereafter, and 1600 lbs for reserve and I usually land with about 900 lbs to burn per engine.
  13. I half expected this from Carenado, but the auto/inhibit function in the FMS doesn't work. Sometimes the waypoints will auto switch to the next one and other times the FMS is locked in inhibit and I have to manually switch to the next waypoint. Anyone have suggestions or did they drop the ball on this?
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