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  1. deckerloyd

    RAAS Won't Update with SP1d Install

    I got it working. I uninstalled the T7 and expansion using the SP1d exe, and then reinstalled using only the SP1d installer. That got RAASPRO updated. Thanks for the help.
  2. deckerloyd

    RAAS Won't Update with SP1d Install

    Good evening PMDG, So I recently built a new computer and moved my flight sim rig to it. That included a fresh install of the PMDG 777 and the expansion. I also downloaded each update and installed each in order for both the base LRF and 300ER expansion (SP1 through SP1d). The PMDG operations center says I'm fully up-to-date with version 1.10.6320. However, when I start FSX I still get the notification from RAAS saying an update is available. From what I understand if version 1.10.6320 is installed, than the RAAS should be current as well; however I still get the message and in my RAASPRO main folder the RAAS.dll version 1.2.147 from May 2014. I do not have RAAS Pro, I just use it for the T7, so I can't legally update it any other way. I've also rerun the SP1d updates and selected "Repair" with no success. Any thoughts? Preferably without needing to uninstall anything?
  3. deckerloyd

    parking issue

    Here's a suggestion for a quick fix. In the Aircraft.cfg file, found in the PMDG - 777 folder under SimObjects, find the entry for whatever livery you use. For example I'll use British Airways. If you've installed the livery with the PMDG Ops Center then there will be an entry for the airline, titled something like "[fltsim.3] title=PMDG 777-36NER British Airways". Under that entry, you can manually add an airline parking code, which then causes the default FSX ATC to send you to the correct gate assignment upon landing. This only works if the airport scenery has airline gate assignments. Under the line "atc_parking_types=..." enter in "atc_parking_codes=BAW" or the three letter code for whichever airline you're using. Again this only works on scenery with detailed AFCADs, which you can edit yourself but that's a totally different beast and you can consult other avsim forums for help. DISCLAIMER: This "quick-fix" is altering the code that PMDG has created and thus changing the product. The PMDG staff advises against similar "hacks" or "tweaks" and it's not covered in their customer support. If I'm violating the terms and conditions by offering this advice, I'll remove this post. Good luck and happy contrails. Decker
  4. deckerloyd

    Oil pressure at low temperatures

    When connected to ground power and air at the gate do they not have equipment/systems to keep the engines warm enough? Obviously -10C is warm enough to start from but what if it's much colder?
  5. deckerloyd

    Where to Find Vectoring Procedures

    Good afternoon T7 Pilots, I recently read through the last tutorial put out by PMDG, I think it was v1.5. The tutorial walks you through an IAD departure with great detail especially in the vectoring procedures in the D.C. area. Where do you find this information? I'm very familiar with IFR plates but I've never seen any SID/STAR go into any more detail than just "expect radar vectors prior to XXXXX". In airports such as JFK and ORD where vectoring is a very complex and necessary method of operation, I'd love to know how they do it. Is there any reading available or a way to find the procedures the ATC's follow so that I can simulate it in Flight Sim? I was wondering since whoever wrote Tutorial 1.5 must have learned the IAD vectoring procedures somehow. Thanks in advanced! Decker
  6. deckerloyd

    Approaches and Charts

    That sounds like an AFCAD problem, especially if that happens to you on different aircraft. That's never happened to me, but I also never use LNAV for ILS capture.
  7. Good afternoon! So I'm kind of in between projects right now so I thought it'd be an ideal time to perhaps try to squeeze some extra performance out of my processor by overclocking it. Before I go through the steps and tinkering with my setup, I wanted to see if anyone could gauge how much more performance (FPS with the same settings etc.) I'd be getting. Currently I fly the PMDG 777, with payware scenery, customized WOAI traffic on 100%, frames locked at 20, and I see about 20 while I'm cruising and around 10 on the ground (when the AI slows it down considerably). My specs are: Windows 7, 64bit AMD FT(x)-4100 Quad core processor running at the stock 3.6Ghz 8.00Gb of RAM (I never really have memory problems) AMD Radeon HD 6670, 1Gb of DDR3 Memory (Hopefully I didn't forget anything important) I've read it's not too risky/difficult to push my CPU up to 4.0Ghz or even 4.2Ghz. If I do, what kind of performance increase do you think I'll experience? I was thinking/hoping for just an additional 5 to 10 FPS without me changing any scenery settings. Thanks in advanced for your feedback, I really appreciate it! Decker Loyd
  8. deckerloyd

    Monstrous Headwinds!

    I usually do. Last weekend I did KJFK-VHHH which was just over 16 hours and I didn't time accel. I just do homework, read, watch a movie with my fiance, the typical long haul entertainment. It reminds me of flying real long hauls so I like pretending to have down time, I find it relaxing to avoid time accel. Plus my virtual airline has a pirep verification system that makes you send pos reports at least once per hour and you only get to log your real time (not the sim time) so if I want my logbook to be accurate I don't accel.
  9. deckerloyd


    If however, you someday do end up needing to use the FMC push back function, I've found that 350-400ft (assuming with a 90° turn) works well for most gates. Through trial and error I've found that 374ft usually puts me directly on the center line. I've always kind of used 375ft as my default distance and eyeballed it to see if more or less should be used depending on the gate and situation. Buuuut... it sounds like you'll be using GSX which means the information above is redundant.
  10. deckerloyd

    Auto throttle speed control

    I'll weigh in while we're on the subject... For me I occasionally experience two different problems with the same effect: 1) A/T switches to HOLD mode on final and I don't know why. It could be because I have something programmed/configured incorrectly but I don't know what would possibly cause the A/T to switch to HOLD on final; any ideas? 2) A/T mode is on SPD, thrusts reduces to ~50% and never goes back up despite the speed falling through the yellow line. When case #1 occurs I can switch off VNAV and hard-set the speed into the window. Sometimes it takes some tinkering with, and turning A/T off and on again but I can almost always get it back on SPD. But in the time it takes to fix it I've lost altitude and speed and when I'm IFR it messes up my scan and I end up having a crappy approach. When case #2 occurs I have no choice but to disconnect A/T and make throttle adjustments myself. Turning the A/T back on again doesn't work as it just resets the thrust to the same place it was before I disconnected (~50%). The only difference is I recall mine happening from the very beginning when I first purchased and installed the T7 on its release date. That however was mainly the HOLD problem and like I said it could be user error.
  11. deckerloyd

    When to Divert for Low Fuel

    Hmmm, that all makes sense. Thanks for the response. I guess I should start using redispatch procedures for those extra long hauls. What's the best software that has redispatch capabilities? doesn't does it?
  12. deckerloyd

    When to Divert for Low Fuel

    Good evening ladies and gentlemen, So I'm in the middle of a calming 11 hour flight on BAW17 from EGLL to RKSI. I've run into some less-than-favorable winds that are pushing me pretty far into my reserve fuel. To make matters worse, I'm flying pretty far north where it's -70C at altitude and I've been flirting with my minimum fuel temperature, forcing me to speed up and stay lower than I'd like. Long story short, I'm cutting it very close to my alternate/reserve fuel of 17,000lbs (7700kgs). How low should I let it get before I divert? If I'm still an hour out and I hit 17,000lbs do I divert then or sooner or later? Is there a point when I pretty much have to discontinue the flight and land once my fuel gets low enough? I've torn through the manuals and couldn't find it anything. Thanks for your help! W. Decker Loyd
  13. deckerloyd

    Do you use Active Sky Next?

    Greg, I was faced with a very similar situation last week. I had AS2012 and in my opinion it was so-so and barely worth the money. I was afraid that throwing another $30 for ASN would again leave me dissapointed...BUT I decided to buy it anyway and it is amazing. It puts AS2012 to shame (I can't compare it to ASE). Better FPS, more realistic clouds, thunderstorms are spot on, etc. A big upgrade for me is the Command Center, which is the config program. It shows you all the AIR/SIGMETS on your route and shows you PIREPs that other sim pilots have sent, it makes your flight feel a lot more connected to the world, especially if you're not on VATSIM. One thing I think stands out as remarkable is when I fly into an airport (say for example KMIA) when it's storming in RL and in the background listen to LiveATC for Miami Approach. I can hear the RL controller routing aircraft around storm cells that show up on my T7's wx radar.
  14. deckerloyd

    Using iPad as second "monitor"

    Well the T7 of course Thanks for the input, I'll check it all out.
  15. deckerloyd

    Using iPad as second "monitor"

    Has anyone attempted to hook an iPad or similar tablet up to FS as an additional monitor? You can purchase an app in order for windows to recognize it as a monitor; and I was thinking it may be cool to throw the pedestal or CDU/ECL undocked view onto it. That'd reduce some of the looking back and forth panning on EZdok. Think it'll work and be worth the trouble?