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  1. ok thanks think i have added the signature hopefully working i believe i have found the issue i saw a video where they was saying you dont need to add a rte via a simbrief as it sets it up for you which is wrong you still need to run a rte and place into the 747 folder so theres a misleading video out there not this one but another one found on youtube thanks case closed martin hayes griffin
  2. hi bud bud on the video it says to enter the info on fmc then go to dlink and input 3 details in there then the dlink active then go to the fmc and then send request to get the route vc10 you saying i got to add my full name on every post i post on here
  3. am trying to add a pic but not sure how to do it but the d link is active and i go to the fmc and i got 2 aircraft on there the 747 and genic none of them are highlighted so i can't light on it to send
  4. am having trouble sending the dlink to the fmc i have watching the video that you made of and followed the step by step i get the dlink active i go to the fmc and it says send request i send it and now i get the two aircraft on the list which none of them are high lighted as seen on the pic any ideas on a fix for this please thanks martin
  5. hi people it saying on here i need to update to version 3.00.9193 i go to the ops center and its say i got 3 updates i do the date but when i check the product it the same version
  6. Hi Fs2crew i got a issue with my gaming headset i brought the blackweb game headset with mic and the pc picks the mic up but the fs2crew doesn't work i check the mute off and the panel the hs button on and the voice button doesnt want to stay on on is there a way to fix this olso some of the fs2crew panel saying there a update someone said all you got to do is go back on the fs2crew and redownload the software again done that but still saying the same to install the update thanks martin
  7. The aircraft works fine its the fs2crew which is making it not work I got past the overhead trouble. It when u go to setup on the page it crashes on there now
  8. I have brought fs2 crew on fsx lvld 767 and When I installed the fs2crew the overhead panel pressing ctr 6 it crushes the fsx and closes down it didn't do it when I installed the plane so believe it a fs2crew problem is there a fix thanks Martin
  9. shift e does front and there a way to do back but it takes ages i have read the manual
  10. how do you open the door on 787 please
  11. how do you open the cargo door and the main doors please
  12. When am trying to install the 777-300 I open as admin complete the install then go to the pmdg ops and it's not there I go the fsx and its there as well is there a fix please
  13. hi every time i use 777 i land at a airport and end up on a remote stand how can i get to a airgate i gone and ramp on the confiq and just gate there now but still dont work thanks martin
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