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  1. you could always use "snapper" http://www.michielovertoom.com/software/snapper/
  2. I just came across this, http://www.techsupportforum.com/forums/f217/solved-svchost-exe-netsvcs-giving-me-microstuttering-478253.html This may/may not be any use, but certainly worth a read
  3. If you have NI downloaded, run it and look just above where it says "voltage" for the card and click the tools box, that will open up a settings screen, just type in MS into the profile tab, and select FSX, the VSync is on the "common" section, set that to 1/2 refresh rate(assuming you have a 60Hz monitor) - some people use "adaptive some people use "standard" - whatever works for you. Not knocking bojotes tweaks, I have never tried them, but there are plenty other tweaks to try, try the guide by paul up in mobo cpu and hardware.
  4. Hi Brian, i am using 2 monitors, but my 2nd monitor is just for ndac's charts, flight planner, fuel planner etc, does this still apply to me? Regards Paul
  5. Hey Brian, thanks, Computers and programs can do some great things nowadays, but i guess not this great, it was just a thought (albeit a silly one) after all it is computers that fly planes anyway Thanks, it wont change my views on purchasing it though Paul
  6. Hi, i am thinking about getting this, Maybe i am missing the point (not unlike me) but fs2 crew is the pilot calling out the checklist and the f/o doing it all(button pushing lever pulling etc etc), can these roles be reversed?, ie pilot calling out checlist and f/o (me) doing all the manual stuff. Thanks Paul
  7. For me, whether or not you get 3 FPS may/may not be an issue, but the sound of 10-15 maybe in some cases 20 deg cooler is most certainly appealing.if i hit a clock of 4.6Ghz, i wouldnt de-lid to get to 4.8Ghz, but i would do it if it got my cpu down to say 65 deg from even just 75 deg c. Regards
  8. Max, if i were to lie the board flat with the usb ports etc facing me, what is the plate(maybe soundcard) on the far left? (just left of the black (usb2 ports)). Regards Edited.
  9. Hey jj, thanks, i will have a look at that stuff shortly Hey Rob, thanks for the link, i am not sure whether the staining would be an issue for me -- i would like to think not, i suppose as long as there were no degradation to either die, cpu or ihs etc etc then thats fine, . How long roughly does it take for LMU to "harden/cure/set"? i am assuming and hope that it would be a one off event for doing the DIE>IHS. I dont think i would mind reseating the HSF(if it lasted that long, every 3-4 months as i thoroughly clean my coolers around that timescale. If the abrasive pad works fine then i dont mind having to replace that every 6 months - 1 yr by buying a new kit. I guess now there is nothing actually stopping me getting LMU! Cheers guys.
  10. just one quick question, if i was to de-lid my 3570k, if i use LMU under the IHS, would it be counter productive to use AS5 between IHS and HSF? I would like to replace the cooler in 6 months or so, and dont want to try prize them apart, or is there another paste i could use would suit both under and on the IHS? Regards
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