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  1. @Alpine Scenery, It's very kind of you to correct certain points while waiting for Asobo's patch, but in relation to the working hypothesis that I presented based on OSM and QGIS, is this the method that you apply? Rather than doing it yourself, if several of us had the opportunity to do it, it would be more productive for the whole community.
  2. Hi, For those who know how to use an example of the SDK and QGIS 3 software, there is a method in order to create self-correction for your aberrations while waiting for Asobo to find a solution. The post published by Henrikx on reddit.com three months ago : The howto to create yourself the good BGL : https://docs.takset.net/books/msfs/page/fixing-lake-elevation-data-with-osm-and-heightmaps.ths ago Good exercices !
  3. And if all theses modifications were only to be able to release XBox version (hardware is less performant than your PC) for only ONE reason: money and clients ! Hope that XBOX version can be release and Asobo can work really on PC version.
  4. Sometimes, but not always. Artefacts noticed near CTH3 on the river are persistent: a wall and a crash I you want go ahead.
  5. @Filou, You experiment exactly what I have noticed yesterday 😇 => https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/after-today-update-i-get-spikes-on-terrain-and-and-mesh-problems-not-only-at-eddl/338732 Use the VOTE button ... hoping to obtain a patch before the end of the year
  6. About mesh/LOD aberrations : rebooting your PC does'nt solve the problems. Theses ones has been detected in Canada, England and France by numerous people on various forums. A Zendesk ticket has been sumitted.
  7. Some countries are impacted by LOD management. The Quebec where I create some sceneries (CYMX, CTH3) are one of them Quebec City suburbs : Tadoussac / Saint Lawrence River (about fifteen artefacts that change shape as the aircraft moves forward) It's the first time I saw Pyramids in Canada country. PS: My Community is empty only the Grumman Goose is present.
  8. Diverting the conversation to another topic seems to be a very common formula when people run out of arguments. Simply, you have written a fact that is not validated, so I just took that up and brought a different perspective, based on the REX I was able to establish through my former creations. I publish rather on SOH or FSDeveloper and very little on AVSim so I have enumerated theses ones. If you're so sure of yourself: let's wait for the release of your freeware and we'll have a basis for discussion or we can also ask the opinion of people like Rob Young, N4gix, Lionheart or others if you want. Good Day for you. PS: I don't see any possible comparison between the textures of a PBY with a Canadair or a Dewoitine D551 but I must be too old and need glasses 😄
  9. It is your opinion, if you have already made an aircraft for FS, you should know that the 3D model is 30% oft the work, the other 70% are for XML code and textures. So having the 3D model is not so important that you think (my models: C150, PB-Y5, Canadair CL-215T, Moquito, Mesnestrel HN-433 and HN-700, NC858S).
  10. For CYMX Mirabel, I work with JP Fillion on this airport since 2 years (FSX/Prepar3D released in 2019 and MSFS - native is released as WIP). All versions are freeware: http://frenchvfr.free.fr
  11. HI, Just a precision, CYQB was a scenery provided by QuebecFSX for FSX and it is actually reworked by QuebecFS2020 (Gilles Boly).
  12. I am the author of this model (http://frenchvfr.free.fr). The first release in 2013 was for FS2004 and I have always gmax's files. It is just a conversion MDL to glTF with MCX and then the glTF is edited with Blender to modify somes things.
  13. Hi, For thoses who are interested, my Calypso has been ported to glTF and navigate under MSFS. I have also added the Schweizer S300C with the Clypso Society livery. The package have been send to Henrik this afternoon.
  14. "Poor management is the only answer." I totally agreed and I add : Configuration management is the same ! Which explain why "mouse rectangles" are operationnal, then not and after that yes and finally NOK ....
  15. Hello, I am the author of this Cessna 152 TiBush, which was developed on the basis of the freeware by Fravin and Frankart for FS2004. These sources have been modified with the agreement of the 2 authors to get this result. This Tibush was for FSX (published in 2013) but works very well on P3D (v3, v4, v5) => http://frenchvfr.free.fr Currently this Tibush (MDL version) worked very well under MSFS except that during the last 2 updates the "mouse clicks" are no longer operationals. If the next update corrects this point, I will put the three declinations (Tibush, Taildragger, Seaplane) in download if not I will pass it in native MSFS and this works can take more time. Be careful anyway: editing the sources of Asobo's planes for study purposes is one thing but publishing the modifications is another (copyrights).
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