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  1. Hi, One screen with all accessories (managed by a tablet in the virtual cockpit) around the aircraft when it is parked: and the same position with the C-FNJE parked on Mirabel
  2. Hi, This project continues to move forward and I am at a stage in the development process. The management interface was added this morning, and some technical points that were bothering me have been resolved: - the float deployment operations are done via the mouse and the switch on the "mobile panel" or by programming a keyboard/joystick key - the operations of water release (C-FNJE) or delayant (C-FPQK) will be done in the same way via the mouse and the switch on the "mobile panel" or by programming a keyboard/joystick key - the configuration of the device will be done by mouse clicks on the tablet, this one is displayed by cliking on the number plate at the main dashboard. - some scripts have been adapted and are already included in the version but still need to be tested and modified accordingly: some points are not yet dry! These scripts allow in particular to manage two propeller operations (low speed rotation and normal "still-slow-blurred" rotation). The transition from one mode to the other must be studied with great care, taking into account all the variables involved in this management. I'll see if I can get a stable WIP version up and running (as soon as possible) so that those who want to test can do so. In any case, it won't be on flightsim.to but on my personal website http://frenchvfr.free.fr Attached Images
  3. Hi, If I remember well the feeling I had when my first plane was almost finished, it was an immense joy to use it even when it was not finished: a bit like being the only one to have a toy so coveted by the others. Is it the same for you? Enjoy these are the best moments of a creation: when it is almost finished but not quite.
  4. One such C-152 is being completed. It is the C-150 Tibush that I had made for FSX/P3D and that I am revising for MSFS in native and current standards. These days I'm a bit busy finishing the first stage of my Canso PBV-1A and I think I'll be able to switch to the Cessna in a short time 😉
  5. DLSS technology is reserved for RTX cards as it uses hardware functions that only exist in these cards. On the other hand, the latest NVidia driver (AMD also allows somethinh like this via FSR) provides a "Scaling" function which is available in the Global Settings and then modifiable in the settings reserved for MSFS. - https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/nvidia-image-scaling-upscaling-performance
  6. Hi, A new driver is not only for games but also for your Operating System and 3D applications. As a developer using a lot of Blender and other graphic applications, I upgraded my drviver to this latest version and my development tasks nor my use of MSFS have been disturbed. My system is not OC and my NVidia settings on MSFS are normal.
  7. Wonderful project! Among all the PC-6, if I had to buy one it would be this one because we can see through the different videos the pleasure of the designer to create his model, to refine it and this is priceless in my eyes of designer ! Sometimes when I'm down, I browse through some OSM's videos and it makes me want to continue on my Canso. Thank you for your stuff.
  8. Hello, I am one of the developers of French-VFR and here is two videos from one of my testers in Quebec: JP Fillion. This Alpha version, which is currently being tested by about twenty of my friends, has a functional exterior and two textures concerning Quebec water bombers. Two other textures concerning the Canso in operation in France during the years 1960-1970 should be finalized. A more civilian version representing the old PBY-5 used by Air France should also be in the final version. As for the VC, it is about 30% done and there are still a few weeks of work to implement the remaining instruments and improve the cabins which are also modeled. Of course the current version is SU7 compatible. Water dropping effects with a management of the tanks (management of the remaining weight and lightening of the plane) is already operational but following SU6 and Su7, the effects are being revised. I specify that this aircraft will be Freeware and will be available only on our French-VFR website: http://frenchvfr.free.fr.
  9. The next update SU (18/11/21) required 33.34 GB (+ 1.12GB on the WindowsApps) and not 85GB.
  10. Why a hotfix ? Simple, currently it is impossible to compile a project in command line with fspackagetool.The only solution or turnaround given by ASOBO is to launch MSFS and compile with the DEV Mod. When you try to create many projects for a big airport or you test an aircraft, you should launch MSFS at least 30 times a day. For each launch you should wait 5 mn so it is impossible to create in this conditions. I don't understand how this can be supported by Editors ... The funny thing is that this version was in test for at least 15 days so nobody compiled or the version provided is not the one that was tested. But what do the source file managers do?
  11. Today, we have finish the Alpha version v0.6.6 - the contact points are OK - the suspensions are working again - the engine.cfg and flight_model.cfg files have been revised - the two release switches are improved and visible in their operation (we can see the button push and release on the 2nd press) - the tank management codes have been updated. After the SU6 update, a lot of functions for the Canso have been validated and operational: - the water bombing works with the opening of the ballast tanks - after 6 to 8 s, the tanks are emptied so no more effect of water dumping - the PAYLOAD values are automatically updated and the aircraft becomes lighter as it rises slightly - if you close the ballast tanks and then open them again: there are no more effects because there is no more water in the tanks! As for the losses: the effects are completely destroyed (considering the content of the article on the developers's official forum, it was expected) so they have to be redone an other time !
  12. I have a lot of work to create what I have in mind: a Canso as advanced as Aerosoft's for FSX but I will try 😇 After that, I will perhaps a Beaver 😅
  13. Hello, A few words to introduce you an very old French-VFR project (http://frenchvfr.free.fr), which has been launched in 2016 and restarted for MSFS, last year. It concerned two planes developped for Prepar3D under GMax v1.2 but due to personal events, this project was put on hold until last year. Being retired and having much more time to dedicate to my hobby, I started to seriously study Blender 2.83.xx and the existing plugins to export to Prepar3D and MSFS. The result of these efforts was the release of HN-433 Ménestrel HN-433 v1.0 in June 21 so I decided to continue the development of these two SAGQ water bomber aircrafts. Canadair CL-215T n°237 : First test under Prepar3D v4 for the cockpit and its textures: Canso PBY-5A n°702 and n°712: This is the most advanced aircraft since it is already usable under MSFS. Currently, the PBY-5A is the most advanced aircraft : - 3D model of the Canso is 90% complete, - all external control surfaces are animated, - undercarriage animations are done in spite of the "landing gear doors" which are not mobile, - floats at the end of the wings are also animated and can be controlled from the cockpit, - water dumping function can be commanded from the cockpit, - water drop or orange delayant effects (not visible on this video) have been tested for MSFS SU5 (to be reviewed in anticipation of SU6 and modifications on the Visual Effect Editor) - effects due to landing surfaces (tarmac, dust, water, snow) are implemented, - amphibian function is yet implemented: it lands and takes off from liquid surfaces The most of the remaining work is on the VC (10% done) but some instruments of the panel are already operational: badins, manifold and altimeters. We hope to release one of them before Christmas 😃
  14. Hi, I like this development for many reasons: - it's a beautiful plane, - the author use the same workflow and softwares that me (ArmorPaint is not very used versus Substance Painter) - the way he publishes his advancements are original, - he shows a pugnacity that I like ! Good work, go ahead !
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