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  1. I am running Windows 10 To work MSFS needs the Teredo protocol (It is part of the mechanisms of transition from IPv4 to IPv6 and consists of encapsulating IPv6 packets in UDP datagrams over IPv4 between the client and the Teredo relay, with the help of a Teredo server.) A priori, I would say that enabling IPV6 on Windows 10 while using software that uses Teredo can not work well. Apparently this problem would have been solved under Windows 11. I just made a flight on LFPO with awful lags, I deactivated IPV6 on the fly and then relaunched the same flight and there very fluid.
  2. Congratulations my dear Vincent, your time on the side of developers is successful and well done. You seem to put as much heart in the work in your scenes as in your flight descriptions. Again bravo
  3. @Biology: Thanks for your answer ! PS: I worked 40 years as Linux Engineer 😎
  4. One question for Biology: The question is perhaps border line I think I read that you had try on XP and P3D, with publication of screens on XP. For P3D, what is your feeling and how to install it?
  5. I don't know who has give my project (Canso PBY-5A and 6) but thanks you for the publicity 😇
  6. Hi Mark, If you open XBox application then choose "Display waiting list" at the bottom left corner of the XBox Windows. Then after selecting this choice you can see in the right part of the interface a tick to enable or disable automatic updates. In your case, It must be unchecked !
  7. I just corrected some details that I have forgetten so it ready for tests in MSFS: PS: Why this boat ? I worked 12 years in this company before retiring in 2020 and they had sponsored this sportive team between 2012 and 2014 😎
  8. The model 3D and the textures are finished: So I could begin MSFS's tests in situation to see how effects are traduct.
  9. Henrik is working on this addon but it takes some times ... a bit of partience is required 😇 I am adding an another boat/aircraft (it like you whises 😎) at the Henrik'collection for the next release !
  10. Well, I am a retired computer engineer since 2020 and also an aircraft developer (FS2K, FS9, FSX, P3D, MSFS) for more than 15 years so it should be possible for me to adapt it 😉
  11. Hi, Is it possible to add your own AI aircraft ? I had the idea to make an AI version of my Canso PBY and to be able to fly in a squadron to fight a forest fire 😇
  12. Ricardo, it's the best answer that I can read in this post ! People who develop and share for free do not owe you anything: they are altruistic. The only judge in the matter: where to share their addons is them. I created for MSFS a Menestrel (7534 download) that I put on FSTO to please a friend (US) who could not download it on my French site. This menestrel is now only on my site. For the Canso PBY-5A it will be only on my site as well as the SEPECAT Jaguar in progress. To find the address, you just have to search on MSFS's official forum where creations are presented. Moreover all the creators of which you speak also present their "baby" on this official forum thus the single point of entry exists ... it is enough then to follow the indications, for a free product it is not very expensive 😇
  13. VBazillo, has his home blog (https://20-100-video.blogspot.com/) since many years so it is possible that he would use it 😉 On FSDevelopers.com (https://www.fsdeveloper.com), a post has been open since February 18th and you can find a list of theses developers.
  14. The only thing the last 30 years have shown is that a monopoly company is never a good thing. As we can see, they are two categories : - users who wants more and more facilities and easy way to download (consumer society) - developers who are care of their works While deleting the last of my addons, I just noticed that someone was complaining to me about having done so because they would have more difficulties to find and download my planes (sic) Never since 2021, she had the curiosity to go to the Documentations directory and read the readme.txt concerning my e-mail for support and the link for my homesite where my creations are hosted. And moreover it was a person who had published a repaint of one of my planes.
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