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  1. Back in FSX having both CS and Milviz ones I found the Milviz one more appealing both in cockpit and behaviour. In p3d I have only the MV one with the basic fmc missing but still a joy to fly. As I am not willing to throw a full price for a simple port over to p3d at CS I can't tell you how the CS one is flying in v4. Anyhow both more for a sale to get. Cheers T.
  2. I know I'm voting in a niche but for me it is others. If I choose to take a 737 for a spin then it is a -200 from Milviz cause at least for me its about flying and not programming. The bush flying version of the 737 😉 Cheers T.
  3. Torsen

    Looking for a VA, suggestions.

    Hi Andrew, you could check out Small but very pilot orientated VA. You have to start as a small GA air taxi pilot and collect hours to climb the ranks. Ranks hold sets of aircraft like GA Charter, Commuter, Regional etc and have their own networks. We are not the follow realworld routes of a given or set of airline. More scenario and hub based. Regular online flying and tours... If you have further questions just pm me or drop into our forum... Cheers Thorsten
  4. Torsen

    F1 B-N2 Islander In P3D v4.3

    Yeah a fellow pilot in our VA brought it up... But had no time to check it yet either. Thx Jose Cheers Thorsten
  5. Torsen

    F1 B-N2 Islander In P3D v4.3

    Indeed... thx again for your work on it. BTW there was some mod that brought in wear and tear and failure into the Islander? anyone tried this on v4.3 yet? Cheers T.
  6. Thx for the nice pics... and how does she feel? How is the turboprop feeling? I have high hopes that we get some lessons learned from the KA at least into the TP modelling so that we are not stuck in the faulty default TP sim. Cheers T.
  7. Torsen

    Looking for something Different

    Hi Sirxamoc, Andras Meridian VA could be a point to check. We are a small but active bunch of people. Most of us more addicted to small GA (we love a2a stuff) but offering a versatile fleet up to old propliners and a very few tubeliners. We all prefer exploring networks or doing fancy rtw or special tours like bring back the Twotter from Antarctica to Calgary. Regular online sessions via ts and joinfs on short notice via messenger or forum. Plus a few special events like organized races or tours a year. Only problem could be most of us are based in EU. But we have active US guys too. We are using vafs for our pireps. Just visit us at or drop me a pm for further questions... Cheers Thorsten
  8. still no cure even with version 1.1. I've opened another report at Carenado for this. @croft: what sim? Looks like that there are some p3d specific issues with the engine startup and shutdown... Cheers T.
  9. Torsen


    Dial in your desired target altitude, hit the VS button on the upper AP panel. On the pedestal beside the main AP button you can change the VS Rate with the Vertical Speed Hold Selector (tooltip shows value). Cheers T.
  10. Torsen

    ILS Landings

    Hi, tested and ILS is working fine both with or without GTN. You have to ensure that you choose the corresponding nav1 source with the select button on the DCP and put your EFIS into Rose mode (on DCP too). If you have the GTN active ensure that it is in VLOC mode. Cheers T.
  11. Confirmed, props keep spinning after cut off via hidden clickspot.
  12. Torsen

    C310 Garmin 530/430 Black Screen

    v2 for sure ;) Just uninstalled and cleaned remains and reg stuff manually and reinstalled latest redux installer and now its working fine again. So nothing more fom my side. Cheers T. @Don: Sorry, with the F1 one I can't test or help out.
  13. Torsen

    C310 Garmin 530/430 Black Screen

    Hi Don, do you mean the RXP ones or the default Milviz? The default working fine, but it looks like since a few updated installers the RXP don't work anymore. Just checked and can confirm. With p3d v4.2 and Installer v3.180412. Cheers T.
  14. Torsen

    C310 Redux G-BODY & SOUL

    Thx... Very nice paints indeed...
  15. Torsen

    310R Redux in FSX?

    Liveries? I really like the old style ones but there are some interesting liveries in real world out there: just to show three... Cheers T.