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  1. In terms of what you have to study before you get the beast started and flying, the 146 is more "study level" (man I hate this term) than the other three mentioned. Ok maddog you won't start without some in deep knowledge either. These two are actual pilot planes needing more "flying" skills than "managing" skills. I'm still on boykott of the maddog so my flying time is 50% 146 and 25% both on 737/320. Cheers T.
  2. Noticed they mentioned engine fail and carb icing in the manual but not within the features list. With AH as usual expect the worst but be positively surprised if it will be better than expected πŸ˜„ Yeah Ricks Chipmunk was a blast back then, flown it many times. Cheers T.
  3. Aaaah what a refreshing morning with reading this thread. I had a hearty laugh already but too early for popcorn with the morning coffee πŸ˜„ Actually I wasn't sure what to fly this morning so this thread got me back in the 737 cockpit and enjoying a flight in Middle America right now. Usually my 146 getting more flying time than the 320 and 737. Some thoughts on my side and very subjective for sure... Do I like the 737-700 in its current state? Sure. Its a solid addon. Is it perfect? Na, beeing quite a bit away from that but thats simply no addon I know and own. Is it innovative? Na, but as said before its solid and its a 737. The plane itself is an old design and its a workhorse. Simbrief. Yes working fine with one click more than others. Sure there are things that could be better or easier to use like importing weights and fuel but lets see what the EFB will come up with. Leading directly to EFB. Do I miss it? Somehow. Do I need it atm to do my flying? No. LNAV. Yeah, old design and long promised. Does it overshoot on narrow departures and approaches and miss some other stuff? Yes. Does it prevent me from flying? No. Cockpit animations. I even did not notice before cause me looking mostly more up and out than down... yokes always hidden and I listen to trim and not watching. If they update fine. Will I buy another version? No way. I follow free will and fly my 700 wherever and whenever I want in my own colors. I honestly don't get this real world operator route stuff thingy!? And therefore I'm quite happy with the one time price I had to pay. 737 version collectors will not agree on that one and I can heartly understand. What about this "Rampaging Randazzo" guy? Not my style but the sim world would be a lot less funny place without him. What about this schedule, timing and promises thing? Hey, I'm customer of pmdg since early 2000. I know what to expect as it was never different. I could go on for some time but looks like have to prepare for descent. Passing PopocatΓ©ptl at FL370 as I type... More flying, less endless discussing! Cheers T.
  4. Naaa... It was an ITT apple IIe clone that came to europe/germany mid 80s... I must have been around 10... But for sure that was Dads hardware back then and not mine πŸ™‚ I was 14 when a friend of my grandpa, a pilot and owner of a Cessna, tought me to use two VORs radials to mark position on paper maps. He granted me some 3.5 disk with a local scenery and some paper copies of charts. Hell thats long ago. But that were pc times already. Cheers T.
  5. 49 and flying since SubLogic on Apple IIe. Cheers T.
  6. Ha! 200 kts... A few days ago I was on approach with my BAe146 into SKBQ as on final I felt like a leave in a tornado... I could save by changing to weather preset. Back on live weather after landing I took a screenhot with the automated weather: πŸ˜„ Cheers T.
  7. Because I can. These "boring" flights are perfect for a parallel "boring" business Teams conf call πŸ˜„. This is what I meant we are taking a lot of things too serious. (If I want to actually "fly" a plane I take something more demanding and challenging like a 146 πŸ˜‰ ) Cheers T.
  8. Between two "boring" flights with pmdg and fenix I just took the Pelican out for a spin over NZ up to FL600 and scared some "serious" pilots in Queenstown. Quite fun and nicely modelled. I think I will revisit it a few times πŸ˜„ Imho if you don't do a flight in something like the CriCri, a Pelican or some other strange bird from time to time you are taking this business too serious πŸ˜‰ Cheers T.
  9. Very nice! Don't forget to head over to Raul's FSReborn Discord to get the latest news and join the discussions. Another small update is currently in testing to make it even more real πŸ˜‰ Cheers T.
  10. In general I agree with you. But the delicate point on this one is a different. The small devs producing quite good content atm are actually exchanging lessons learned and give advises to others helping each other out. They are quite an active community behind the curtain and even more than us users would expect. The big players don't do that in that way. Even if they get asked things they usually don't answer or pointing to ip. They think they are on a level where competition is more relevant to reach their goals. Thats perfectly fine if a company has reached that level. But at this point they will be measured differently by the community. Small things going wrong that are quite simple will fall back on the dev whatever his name is. And in this case it was a unrequested push information for the fix what makes it quite fun for some to do some finger pointing πŸ˜‰ And now back testing the update. The only thing that bothered me actually was the flickering pfd. Cheers T.
  11. Gnaaah. Happy for you triple 7 friends but me def interested only in the 747. I don't care about real world operators. I want the Queen. That will be a long waiting time... Cheers T.
  12. Good one. But I would put one step more in. When I feel flying tubeliner I use the BAe 146! If I want to relax a bit I use the MD-82! Relax more 737. Lazy mode 320. Otherwise I would support the more than one plane approach. We are (mostly) sim pilots an don't need a type certificate. And all are def no rocket science. The basic principles are always the same. The way to input or use slightly differ. In the end you can transfer basic stuff like fmc or ap behavior easily staying with one manufacturer. A nice example of a mix of systems would be a 717 btw. But thats even not on the horizon yet for msfs afaik. Cheers T.
  13. I've flown both the smaller busses and the 330 of AS a lot back in p3d. And they are for sure ok and fun to fly. The checklist can sometimes be a pita if they get stuck but otherwise for sure ok for the given price. I never went the FSL road cause for a typical daily ops without failures the AS were sufficient for me for sure. They even got me into the bus and nowadays flying a lot FBW and Fenix in the other sim. Cheers T.
  14. Oh yes. Very valid point. The QW 757 package for a start is really nice too πŸ‘
  15. Yeah the Q400 can be demanding but it is still the most immersive package in p3d available without a question. A very good guide (and other guides) btw still can be found here: https://www.mudspike.com/chucks-guides-p3d-majestic-q400/ Chucks guides are awesome and always a good read. But as others stated it can be a bit steep on the learning curve. An easy start really still would be the AS bus packages. With their automated checklists they are quite easy just for hopping in. And they are not that bad if you want to stay on the easy side. But don't be afraid of the 737 or other so called "study level" addons. You can just simply use them as all other "normal" addons if you just disable failures and stuff. By default they are off anyway. The 737 is quite an easy bird. But for sure I would not go the PMDG route and prefer the IFly Version. Much more bang for the buck. The QW 146 package is quite dated but still a valid option. Especially the Avro versions have enough automation to keep things easy. Cheers T.
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