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  1. Just completed my first flight into nasty weather in Hamburg... That was really amazing... Love it... Cheers T.
  2. Ha I had to check cursory (as not native speaker) but yes that describes it quite good 😉 As Chock said a lot of the smaller issus have been adjusted or partly fixed. What I still don't like is the braking and especially differential braking. First as beeing a taildragger I would expect to lift the tail on heavy braking and do a prop strike, nope. Second It's quite hard to turn the plane around fast on ground when on one toe brake only. Takeoff and landing both still not that hard to manage. I would expect at least some tendency to groundloop but its very stable. So more the novice taildragger version. And the roll rate feels still more like an Extra. Nonetheless in this pricerange its ok especially if you want it to be fun for a wider audience. (I have 200+ hours in the a2a T6 so looks like me not the typical customer for this one 😉 BUT still fun and flying it) Cheers T.
  3. Interesting... I tried older amd drivers but failed... the best and stable without crashes for me the latest only. On current drivers for the last releases and no probs with 5700xt. Different results for different setups 😉 Cheers T.
  4. mmmh... pax visible... but only in external view. Did not get it to be shown in internal view. The mentioned magic crew button on the radio doesn't do anything for me. And differential brakes not working. That needs to be fixed for sure...
  5. Looks like starting with 101,00 lbs you get a pax 😉
  6. Could not resist... The sounds are really really nice... Drooling on ground with playing with throttle in outside view... but me think it needs some subtle tweaking... For me its a little bit too agile on the roll axis and for a taildragger its much to easy to takeoff and land... missing the torque that such a radial would have on the light plane like that... no real rudder dance needed... and brakes are really weak or some more tweaking needed too... I would expect the nose to ground if I stand on the brakes on landing... Overall for that price a no brainer... Beautifully rendered and the sounds crazy good... Cheers T.
  7. Nice... No time to test the update yet but there where several more points on my list not mentioned in this update yet. But progress is nice... The author is quite active on the "other" forum too and listening to feedback. Cheers T
  8. Nice pics... Especially with the Bell 😉 but I'm a bit splitted on the latest offerings of Orbx to be honest. Malmo and Goteborg for example are just plain ports without going the last mile that would make them special. No jetways for example. And others shown that custom jetways are possible and working nice. But Catalina is special for sure... Just searching for an excuse to get it. Cheers T.
  9. Yap, that was a go/nogo thing... sometimes ok when on perfect speed but especially because of the upper engines tendency to counteract your usual GS on power changes plus a weak GS hold forced one to fly most of the time by hand on final. But honestly the CRJ is no autoland plane more a pilots plane and handflying was never a problem. So got me some non AP flight time 😉 But the GS is hopefully fixed when we trust the changelog. No time to check yet. Cheers T.
  10. We did a group online flight yesterday after update and both me and another VA pilot did not had any problems with the CRJ. I was even changing some controller settings in flight. Perhaps reinstall a good idea. But msfs is a mystery cause not two setups behave the same... So who knows... 😉
  11. Never heard of that and using it since day one!?
  12. As far as I understood the update in the AS updater for non marketplace purchases will come same time with the marketplace update cause of contractual stuff. Both scheduled hopefully for Friday for the regular marketplace update. And what bugs atm do prevent using the CRJ? Just curious?
  13. And thats the funny part with us simmers. Some say so, some say so 😉 The Dash (especialy the PRO one) is still - even with its not 100% pbr top notch visuals - for me one of the most immersive planes ever beside the maddog and I would really be dpressed to hold a full blown p3d only for the Dash but I think I would do it. Both have an appeal that no pmdg can ever bring to me personally (even if I love to fly my 747 a lot). But isn't this expecially the marvelous good thing about our diversity and variety nowadays? I love all my three current big sims... 😄 Cheers T.
  14. Regarding the Twotter, I think all devs with TPs in the queue and not wanting to do outside fde are all anxiously waiting for the next SU with the hopefully promised fixes for TP model. With the stability its still a real weird thing. Atm its way more stable than p3d and/or xp for me. But there are days where I get a few ctds a now and then so I assume its mainly bound to some stuff in the area of connectivity/networking/cloud. And for sure it still varies a lot by single user setups. A lot of freeware packages can trigger that also so I usually try to keep my install clean and only use stuff from authors that seem to be a bit more "in the thing and process". Or the GPS map bug can trigger ctds also when having modded stuff like GTN/GNS in parallel. A lot of things to learn on all sides. And sorry to hear that its still unstable for you. Cheers T.
  15. Oh yes Ed, indeed. A masterpiece it is. So much immersion with this baby. Together with the Majestic Dash und Leonardos Maddog there would not be much left to start up p3d for me... Cheers T.
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