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  1. The 727 is in joined development with FSReborn/SWS for MSFS but not to be expected in 2023. Not heard about a 707 in dev though. Cheers T.
  2. Whatever version you choose... The Islander is the most efficient fuel to noise converter ever built... so if you don't go deaf after a while it's not like the real thing 😂 Cheers T.
  3. Def yes cause my default xp12 doesn't even come close to this beauties... 😄 Excellent shots! Cheers T.
  4. Fruitful discussion? Thats very sad indeed but simply not possible due to the nature of things on avsim. There can't be an objective discussion cause you have the very loud lets call them "ultras" on both sides of the fence that can't accept the pros and cons (ah sorry cons do not exist in their limited view anyway) of their own single preferred platform who will turn every thread into a comedy session. The same will happen here 😉 The shots are amazing btw and hell yeah that would be awesome. Lets hope and dream... Cheers T.
  5. Na neven on the official video they are doing it right. Its bugged. And the workaround is not always working looks like. I'm currently trying to fly from LICJ to LMML and what usually works with clicking on last waypoint doesn't work with this simbrief import. I stand corrected... workaround fine. Always good when you know what you are doing. Hope they will fix it soon. Cheers T.
  6. Ah interesting. Now I noticed what you meant. Thanks for the explanation. Cheers T.
  7. can you elaborate on that one? What exactly is not like on the real thing? I can't find a difference to the real video posted and what I see in sim. But I may be blind on a detail!? Cheers T.
  8. working perfectly fine if you setup a "nose wheel steering axis" and use it. But the rudder will be a fallback for sure as most won't have a separate axis. Cheers T.
  9. Very doubtful you have flown the Sting looks like and what features it offers. It even has an EFB in contrast to so called study level pmdg 😉 Cheers T.
  10. ...and the myth about the community folder is still there. Interesting how persistent this myth is still lived. Even renaming the folder or temp disabling in addon linker is a waste of time but each to his own 😉 It will not do any harm but it helps neither in any way. If there is a problem in your comm folder it will occur again not depending on if you renamed the folder or not. Official Upates will NEVER touch the community folder. Rolling cache for sure should be deleted if you have flown recently in the area of the WU as it brings new ground imagery. Cheers T.
  11. Hi Tony, yes, a Phenom 300E is in the works at FSReborn. But it will be a full blown product with a lot of gimmicks including wear and tear, maintenance and stuff and def not free. It is in the queue but too early to talk about dates. I would roughly estimate later in the second half of this year. Cheers T.
  12. Yes and no. WT is a perfect example what happens if an exceptional good team meeting the other side. In the meantime there is a big difference in perception between endusers and devs. The latter are not that happy to say in mild words 😉 But not hijacking this thread. That free app is looking really good. Will give it a test... Cheers T.
  13. I don't get this. The only known issue is the parking brake and if you're actually no real noob you can easily work around that. SU12 Beta did not stop me to fly the 737 but listening to this video and reading the announcement it sounds like they changed into a something like a voodoo company doing mystic stuff. This theatric nonsense is getting boring. Sent out of the cockpit of the BBJ1 on a 1500nm trip short before TOD in SU12 Beta and no I did not get any serious desease nor my sim died... T.
  14. It's one of the myths that got hammered into stone in the early times 😄
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