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  1. worked for me now... seems like heavy load 😄
  2. That is the sad truth, yes. In case of the FSR500 a lot of the new features are part of SU15. To release before you would have internally to support two dev branches with a lot of changes between and split your team to test both SU14 and 15. That is unfeasible for a small studio and I don't think even teams with enough man power would go down this road. T.
  3. There's nothing to rethink. If you rely on new functions coming with SU15 and/or you use WASM - what I assume blacksquare is doing - there is no way to release it for current SU14. SU15 wasm planes are not working in SU14. And its not only holding up blacksquare. A lot of devs are forced to delay new features and updates and new planes cause of this nightmare. We'll have to be patient. T.
  4. This is unacceptable! Real life is made unflyable by this! Killing immersion for me! Silly real world clouds, they need an update for sure... 😄
  5. Just checked and I have flow installed exactly with v20204.13.3 and its working without problems with AS. Perhaps something else on your side in addition? On my side for sure I had to deactivate some other product in Beta to get AS working. Cheers T.
  6. why not use the free flow? its compatible and doing better stuff 😉
  7. perhaps the LNAV update to support proper curved legs like most other devs doing for ages? Oh wait... that was announced in 2019 already... word not allowed... at the moment honestly I do not wait for any news from them at all. They are by far not an innovative dev anymore. Solid but nothing special. In contrast to many other products out there I miss a lot of immersion. But happy to be proven wrong... who knows... Cheers T.
  8. Hi Matt, download link was provided already by Dan. If you still need more info on the FSR500 feel free to join Raul/FSReborns Discord. There is plenty of information available and we have several real 500 pilots answering questions. The center console FMS was introduced by WT with SU14. The FSR500 is coming with a lot of changes and additions to the G1000 so it was released with a "locked" version of SU13 functionality as every SU and especially the Betas are breaking a lot of things otherwise. Raul is currently working on lot of additions to the FSR500 including the center console. A complete list of the things already added/fixed or worked on was posted just a few weeks back: Hi Dan, I reposted the latest dev update from 15.2. above. I hope you are not refering to this as "long time I have seen any updates" 😉 The topic with the backup instrument was discussed a hundred times me think. Though you are right it is in a real world aircraft essential, you have three Garmin Screens with full redundancy on two busses fully simulated. It is highly unrealistic that all these will fail and in case of a complete loss of electrics/battery your backup instrument won't help you either. But yes, it is still on the list to be implemented. Though to be honest it has a low prio as Raul is more keen to bring additional features into the plane. Cheers T.
  9. If you are a MAC guy why not go Zibo and Xplane? Otherwise like mentioned above if you go p3d then I would stay in 4 or 5. Even if they are core development wise dead, they are at least officially supported. And have fun with your project.
  10. Raul at FSReborn is starting to check the G3X update for the Sting. But we will wait for the SU to be released officially and WTs work finished on the units. In addition PMS and TDS need to provide integration as the G3X by default is vfr only without external driver like GNS or GTN. In addition the TL-3000 Sirius made it back in the dev shortlist as it was waiting for the WT G3X update. So interesting G3X times ahead Cheers T.
  11. The Phenom will be a 300E and come with full blown G3000. Cheers T.
  12. One calls it bloatware and fanpackage. I would call it best choice of the three offerings and coming with additional features and optional extras. The //42 was at least really tested and flown in sim by Trent and is according to his feedback close to the real thing as far as the sim allows. Regarding sound it is a Rotax and they do not sound that great in real life also 😉 If you have a bush scenery supporting it with stones and stuff the soft tundra tires will eat them and ground behaviour is really nice.
  13. The Carenado Navajo with Rep package is working nice and smooth in XP12. Cheers T.
  14. Thanks for putting exactly my thoughts together 😄 We could discuss the order but as its changing on daily base atm I fully agree... Cheers T.
  15. I can confirm its working fine ootb in the flow. You will see a short popup with the settings change dialog that disappears directly again as it has to work around the non working keybind but otherwise fine. Cheers T.
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