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  1. Well, this aircraft in DCS is IMO the best VC there is, well in any sim come to that. But having watch a few Vid's it not the same in MSFS. Nor is the aircraft itself. The Mirrors in the DCS version are a master class it realism. The HUD is simply wrong in MSFS. The HUD IRL is laggy as hell and frankly horrible ( all done perfectly in DCS). Jester with TrackIR is amazing( lacking in MSFS). The sounds are not close to how it sounds in DCS. Some said they have never bought DCS. You Don't it free. It's still stunning within MSFS but a far cry from DCS version. If you wish to fly a Mil jet in MSFS then fill your boot's if you want to fly a F-14 then you need DCS (free base) and the F-14. Don't bother about the sim not looking as good as MSFS you will be to totally focused on flying and landing this in DCS on a super carrier or even taking of from one is as close to the real thing you will ever get. Stunning job bring this over to MSFS. If just flying around in one does the trick for you then this is perfect. It's all down to the limited of MSFS. From what I've seen it's a 40% version of the full fat one in DCS. Enjoy it in MSFS as it's still a far cry from some of the "toys" released for MSFS.
  2. Totally agree it looked really bad in the video.
  3. https://flightsim.to/file/36280/fenix-a320-walkthrough-guilds/363199
  4. Since this is my home airport and I know it well and all the area around it, i was over the moon to get this. It's fantastic. Simple as that. If I had to really nick pick I would say Radcliffe power station needs a finishing touch. It has Parkway Train station at the foot of its towers. The station has walkways etc across the track. In the sim its a row of houses running across the track to the cooling towers. No station just houses MSFS default. If they added a simple model of Parkway it would be the finishing touch. But having said that properly no one would know. This also shows how amazing the airport and areas around it are. Donnington race track all the new building for fright etc. Best airport in MSFS for me. Thank you so much Pyreegue. Sorry for really really nick picking, it's that hard to find fault.
  5. Howard. I have had my G7 (32") for a few years now. The first morning with it was a nightmare. All I could see was the huge curve at the top and bottom. In MSFS it was the same thing and I thought I would sent it back. But the second day I found my eyes adjusting to it. After a week, i would never change it for a flat screen. My old 28" Samsung is at work and I hate it. Flat screen are soooo flat. The Curve on the G7 G9 is perfect for gaming/ siming as the viewing distance does not change, your eyes are never re focusing. IMO curved TV were always a wait of time. But when you sit so close as I do to the G7 its just stunning. The huge curve is perfect. But be warned it takes time for your brain to adjust to that curve.
  6. My two favourite war planes are the Spitfire ofc and the 109 there is just something about them both. This looks great.
  7. Well I did and if you read my link they talk about how it flys any adding RY flight mod to it. "To the OP…I feel bad that no one has taken the actual time to answer your specific question. " or read properly the reply's
  8. They are an upgrade. There is no side movement at all pure push. Everything is metal and adjustable. Would never think about replacing them and I don't think they will ever wear out the way there built. 10/10 for me.
  9. Changelog:Flight Model- Implementation of full CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)- Tailored AoA/Winglift profile- Improved Adverse Yaw- Retuned yaw, roll and pitch stability- Rudder, aileron and elevator fine-tuning- Retuned component drag numbers for droptank, canopy and radiator- Additional fine tuning of the Clipped Wing version (adjusted weight, moments of inertia, roll rates, wing loading and drag)- Increased propeller drag at low boost / high RPM settings (disc braking in preparation for landing)- Slightly increased low RPM shake- More torque on roll effect- More effective propwash on ground making it easier to turn (e.g. you can now start a static turn at around 850RPM instead of 1200RPM and with one wheel fully locked)- Default aileron trim now 25% up from 15% in order to counter the increase roll by torque (tuned to fly level at cruise speed so 2200 / +4)- Retuned AoA Lift profile in order to achieve 0.5kts accurate stall speedsGround Handling- CFD ground effect- FlyingIron taildragger physics, finely tuned to match actual Spitfire behaviour for a highly authentic experience (in cooperation with a Spitfire pilot)- Free castering tailwheel (steer with differential braking or propwash/rudder)- Gear static compression lowered from 50% to 33%- Gear bouncyness restored (needed after a recent SU update)Sounds- Wing, Tail & Fuselage Scrape sounds added- Flyby sounds overhauled; default Asobo processing replaced- Ground Roll overhauled & updated to reflect surface types- Updated & improved touchdown & rattle sounds, dynamic processing based on vertical velocity on landing- Wing loading & G-force stress sound added- Added custom cockpit reverberation effects, realistically affected by canopy insulation (canopy open = no reverb)- Replaced all attenuation sets with FlyingIron_Attenuation_Custom_xx sets. New attenuation model has more realistic sound cones & - distance modelling, which are now dynamic and affected by airspeed (eg the emitter cone will flatten with airspeed, meaning sounds will become less audible from infront of the aircraft at high speeds)- Beefed up engine sounds via parallel compression to add more low-end in response to higher throttle settings & vice versa- Overhauled exterior reverberation, with more realistic processing on all sounds- Wind sounds updated & improved; better tones/sounds, more realistic processing, ground effect influence at low altitudes, ambient - weather now affects wind sounds- Overhauled PropWash sound implementation- Implemented flap, gear & AoA based drag sounds- Improved & rebalanced propeller sounds- Crash & Water Impact sounds added- Overhauled engine starter sounds, increased complexity & realism of starter soundscape sequence- Added prop sounds for extremely low prop RPM (ie prop turn from flywheel)- Fixed engine idle loop artifacts- Additional cockpit foley implemented: throttle/prop/mixture lever movements- Improved timings on engine startup & shutdown- Implemented control surface foley sounds (Rudder, aileron, elevators)- Replaced fuel pump sounds, improved fuel pump sound modulation- Added gyro/electrical soundVisual Model- Fixed nose gap- Fixed flaps clipping through wings- Fixed rudder trim animation- Added a small gap between spinner and nose- Prop strikes will bend the prop (to repair, click a blade from within the cockpit)- Fixed external light on/off status- Tailored exterior lights (plus the starboard nav light is now more blue)Cockpit- Control column now deflects according to actual control surface deflections- Ground roll and low RPM vibrations added to the control column and the RPM and Boost gauges for a deeper immersion- Improved various tooltips- Transponder now turns off when there is no power- Transponder is on by default when spawning in a running aircraft- Transponder and Radio display layouts improved- Transponder IDENT functionality added- Transponder 0 and 7 digit jumping fixed- Fixed Pitot and Deice switches, they can now move when there is no power- Clock can be adjusted using the time adjustment knob- Improved and added various cockpit switch and knob sounds- Functional gear indicator night shade curtain- Replaced GNS430 with the larger GNS530- Accurately simulated gear pneumatic control indicator (right side of gear lever)- Rudder trim interactions improvedSystems- Electric and wobble fuel pumps now work with mixture in the idle cutoff position- Slightly less radiator heating when deployed flaps block the radiator- Max boost regulator improved delivering a steady 18 boost when more is asked (sea level, or at 13,000+ right after the Super Charger is engaged)- Slew mode will no longer interfere with engine thermo dynamics- Oil and CHT cooldown is much slowerElectrical- Corrected total battery capacity to 11Ah- Improved generator delivered amp curve to match known Spitfire specificationsTablet- Clickspot moved from right bottom switch to 2 side window bolts in right front- Added Hobbs meter to the Live Data page- Added the Hide Pilot, Hide Spinning Prop and Simplified Ground handling options to the Settings page- Added the Workshop page- Added Aileron Trim percentage number to the Settings page- Added "update available" notification system- Entirely new autopilot code (fixes ALT hold, climb and fully supports AP hardware integration)Checklists- Complete MSFS Toolbar checklist- Tablet checklist adjusted to match MSFS Toolbar checklist fullyMiscelaneous- Multiplayer model static height adjusted- Persistent show weapon status
  10. It tells you if you look at the product page
  11. Thrustmaster TPR - Pendular Rudder Pedals
  12. Thanks again for your help and support Dave.
  13. You could also add DCS A-10CII, F/A-18C to name just 2, Both make the FSL/Fenix as hard to learn as a 172
  14. Thats was it, thank you Dave. What call sign could I use for the Hjet/Private flight.(Cessna or Beech dont fit well)
  15. Well thats intresting Dave as it started happening when using the HJet with a private call sign. I will have a look tonight.
  16. Your discribeing what I do and have done for monthy. You have to have pressed the ? to even get the option to select Clearance. Once the option is selected and goes into the window in gold then I press the button to reads/says it. This is when, like I said nothing happens, no reply nothing. Ive been using it for months. I do know how to get Clearance. But now no reply at all.
  17. I have no idea why but when I have imported a flight from simbrief, connected, flight plan is verified. Then filed. When it connects I here ATIS but when I change to clearance and ask for clearance I press the button to "read" it, I dont use speech. Nothing, its works perfect for months but now nothing. I have the latest beta but nothing I try makes it work. Any ideas?
  18. Its very simple there are not the same, With the FSL and the Fenix, dont and never have landed like a PMDG XXX XXX, The PMDG have always been very easy to land, the A320 is harder untill you "get it" then and only then is it easy. Dont try to land a A320 as you do an NG its a diffrent "feeling"
  19. Enjoy! Good for you. 👍 Enjoy your new Rig it looks wonderful.
  20. Since I use LrC and PS a lot I think I will use this new Driver.
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