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  1. Thank you. I did the repair it says has done a fix but the same thing happens. CTD. Respectfully, I was not referring to uninstalling individual default aircraft. I was referring to uninstalling the entire sim. I did that with the steam uninstall but it only removes default signs and leaves all the addon files. I tried to simply delete the leftover FSX folder but it said a file was in use even though I exited and uninstalled the sim.
  2. Hi I get a ctd with the default Bell helicopter, Beaver, and glider. Maybe others but that's what I have seen for now. Not C172, Goose or C208. I can choose them fine and even see them in preview but when the flight has completed loading I get the ctd. I noticed it when the Beaver caused a ctd so I bought the one from Aerosoft. It too caused a ctd. I had this problem before when I noticed the Alabeo R66 that I had purchased caused a ctd and so did the default Bell Ranger. I have done an uninstall and reinstall albeit I kept all the addon files. The last time this happened I had to clean out everything and start from scratch. I have tons of addon aircraft and scenery and still never recovered from that. Anybody has any ideas? I would submit the crash report file but I don't know how to attach files here. Thanks PS FSX SE
  3. Well let's start by saying it would be helpful to have had a little txt file with install instructions. But here is what I did. I copied the texture.sl folder into the SKYSIM MD-11 folder and copied the other files from the one of the other aircraft folders into the Skysim folder without overwriting anything. The aircraft appears without any paint on the outside. I notice that the texture files in the other folders are all bmp and yours are DDS. Isn't that a problem? Opened them in DXT to BMP converter and realize they are for different parts of the aircraft. Maybe I have version 1 and this is for version 2? I dunno.
  4. Downloaded from Avsim Library. It's not working. Texture files are in the wrong format. DDS and not BMP. There is even an error in the aircraft.cfg section. No way of contacting the designer. Why post something that doesn't work?
  5. uriahms

    Obituary: Eric Ernst

    My first study level addon was his 757/767 panel for FS98. First time you couldn't ctrl-E to start the engines. This is where I learnt the 3 things needed to start a jet engine, electricity, compressed air and fuel. This was the first addon with a functioning APU. Condolonces to his family. A great man of the fltsim world.
  6. That's how they make money. They will release the 72 after knowing that everyone wants the 72 and will buy the 42 because it's the only one available then release the 72. That way you buy both. They did the same with the Navajo and the Chieftain.
  7. Does anybody know how to get ground power?
  8. Apologies. I either was looking the wrong place. I was looking down the list at the FSX version instead of the FSX:SE version which was up the list. Or I hadn't yest selected the aircraft after installation (so shocked and disappointed) so it hadn't been registered. Thanks for the help. I have it now plus many others.
  9. Hi. Just bought the DC-6 to recreate United Airlines flight 629. Only to find out that it only comes with the PMDG livery and those available to download from PMDG are only for X Plane. I have seen a few liveries in this forum but none of United Airlines. Does anybody know if there is a 1950's livery of UAL for the FSX version anywhere? I have searched all over the internet. Really strange that this popular airline is not represented.
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