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  1. Hello Christian,Thanks for such a wonderful program, it is my favorite for FSX.Just a quick question if you have a spare moment.I've begun to experience large blue squares in the download tiles from time to time.Is this a bug or my computer/video card?Is anyone experiencing this with Beta 8 or Beta 7?Thanks again,Ed
  2. Thanks Christian that made a BIG difference. I like it a lot more now.Ed
  3. Thanks and where do you find the water color adjustments?
  4. Thanks for the replies.I see there is no simple solution to this.Thanks again,Ed
  5. Dan,Thanks for that information.I will take a look at the SDK and see if I can figure it out.Is there both an remove and add function. Say you want to add a deleted airport back?Ed
  6. Hello Fellow Simmers,I've been using TileProxy and would like to remove some of the airports that are displayed in FSX.I just want to see the photoreal airport not the default airport overlayed over the photoreal one.See attached picture.Does anyone have an idea on how this can be done?Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Thanks,Edhttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/183526.jpg
  7. It would look so much better with Water effects set to "Med 2.0" or "High 2.0". Then the blueness is toned down and you get beautiful reflections.Hello Christian,Thanks for the comments in the Screen Shot Forum. I reset the water settings but the water is still pretty blue. Although it's a lot better than the default water.Another issue is the airport ramps are all grayed out? Maybe it's one of my settings are not set right?Otherwise, Beta7 seems to be working fine on my machine with Service 1 and FSX SP1.It would be cool if you could remove the default airports and just see the TP tiles. Or maybe just keep a couple of them. VFR flying takes on a whole new meaning with this program.Thanks again,http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/183469.jpghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/183470.jpg
  8. I installed Beta7 on FSX SP1. I edited the INI File and it is working great with Service 1. Haven't tried the other Services yet.Question: Has anyone used other Services with better results? Service 1 is working great and no blackouts.How does TP load files after you've downloaded them? If I fly over the same area over again does TP just load Tile out of the Cache?How does TP look for Tiles? First in the Cache and then to the Service? If it finds the Tile already in the Cache it bypasses the download for that Tile?What is the purpose of the Unload TP driver? Does it need to be run each time you restart TP and FSX?This is a GREAT program and sure fun to use. A BIG thanks to the author for all the time and effort he's put into this wonderful little program.Thanks,Ed
  9. Thanks Bob for the reply.More than I can say for the PMDG guys............Anyway I am with Jeff and am looking forward to a FSX Paintkit.I will give your suggestion a try and see what happens.Ed
  10. I posted twice myself and haven't gotten an answer yet either, which I find strange. What's up PMDG group?Is this there a paintkit or not, will there be a paintkit?I want to paint a Kalitta Air B747-400. Ed Grabel
  11. Is there a paintkit for the new B747 FSX?Thanks,Ed Grabel
  12. Hello PMDG,I want to paint the B747 in Kalitta Colors.When will a paintkit be released?Thanks,Ed Grabel
  13. Thank you Robert for your reply.I am in a Hilton Garden Inn at the moment and on my laptop. I turned off pop-up blocked, firewall and Avast AV.Still no luck getting it to unzip.So my only conclusion is it's the hotels Internet connection.I will try another Internet connection when I get the opportunity.Although, I might need relief on the 7 days to download. I might not be home for another 2 weeks.Thanks again,Ed Grabel
  14. It's say that:Some Data in your Zip File is Damaged.CRC Check Failed.I wonder why?Ed
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