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  1. We have recently been advised that traffic on our server service is exceeding the acceptable limits. This appears to be due to the growth of ADE users over the years and the automatic update checking that is part of the software. As a result we have urgently released a new version 1.76.6704. This version removes the automatic check and replaces it with a user controlled reminder system. This version will update only versions 1.75 and 1.76. Please note that if you are running a version of ADE older than the current 1.75 production series then you will continue to generate automatic requests to the server each time you run ADE. Unless you have good reasons to avoid the current version then please consider updating to 1.75 to reduce the request load further. We are aware that older versions will indicate that they are up to date. This is another glitch which we hope to deal with but be assured that any version earlier than 1.75 is an old version which cannot be updated other than by installing the current production version (1.75/1.76). Also we are generally unable to provide support and fixes for older versions. This article describes the steps needed to update or upgrade: As always please let me know of any problems - this has been released rather quickly..... Thanks for your help Jon ScruffyDuck Software
  2. scruffyduck

    Cannot Compile Airport In FSX

    The problem is in the compiler error moessage. ERROR: <TaxiwaySign ERROR: lat = 19.092607816 ERROR: lon = 72.872830559 ERROR: heading = 0 ERROR: label = ERROR: size = SIZE3 ERROR: justification = RIGHT ERROR: > This sign has no label - that is no writing on it - you need to add some information on the sign
  3. scruffyduck


    Simple Airport Scanner can do this:
  4. You can add lights as objects with ADE. You can also add Effects which might be the way to get working lights at your airport You can add an ILS - both the hidden bit that provides the localizer, glideslope and so on - and the visual model
  5. Yes - it is called 'plumbing'
  6. scruffyduck

    Loading BGL Files

    It is not generally possible to completely stop someone from extracting your models if they are determined to do so. Having them in the airport file or in the separate scenery file will not stop someone if they decompile the file. ADE won't load models from a file but there are other tools that can do this.
  7. scruffyduck

    Loading BGL Files

    Well there are two things here. first if you split the compile of Airport and Scenery then that would account for the buildings not being present in the airport file. The other thing is whether you created your own models or used stock ones for the buildings. If you added your own mdl files to the ADE project then ADE has to compile them into the bgl file(s). You would also need to ship the textures for the models with your airport bgl files. If you are using stock buildings then no your models are not unique. Everyone who installs the sim will get the same set of models. You project will only tell FS which models to use and where to place them.
  8. If you would like to email me the Bgl file I will take a look at it: email to jon AT scruffyduck DOT co DOT uk
  9. It is not actually possible to delete a stock ILS. Are you sure that both ILS are stock? What you can do is orphan a stock ILS - that means you move it as far from the airport as you can and attach it to a non existent runway. It still exists but is far enough away not to affect the airport operations. I am not sure how AFX would handle that but in ADE if you try to delete a stock ILS it will warn you and offer to orphan it. Also it would be worth checking what the approach code for that runway is doing. I don't think AFX can modify approach code so I assume that the stock approaches are being used. Is this for FS9 or FSX/P3D? I checked the Stock EHAM for FSX and only see one ILS. Perhaps the easiest way would be if I can see the Bgl file that is causing the problem. If you wish to email it to me (and refer to this thread) then I will take a look. Email is jon AT scruffyduck DOT co DOT uk
  10. Selecting and double clicking (or Right Click > Edit Object) any airport element or object will open the properties dialog. This will allow you to change the appearance or behavior of the objects
  11. As Mike2060 says. ADE 1.60 and later are able to create custom ground polys and lines either using the shipped textures or using textures of your own. This function was developed by Don Grovestine and effectively replaces the need to use GMax or similar.
  12. Excludes have to cover the reference point of the object. I guess you did miss. The best way with ADE is to connect it to the sim and use the slew mode. You can move the aircraft in Sim to a known spot in ADE or center the ADE display on the user aircraft position in sim.
  13. OK These are library objects and I got rid of them with ADE. I will email you are revised file but here is what I did. Loaded the ADE project you sent me. Placed a library object at the coordinates you gave me (anyone will do) Use manual placement rather than by Drag. The trick is to slew your user aircraft to the location of the antenna. You can do without the temporary object if you can find them in slew mode without it Started FSX Put it in Slew Mode Connected ADE to FSX Slewed the user aircraft to the leftmost antenna Use ADE - Right Click > Center on Aircraft. Put a marker for the antenna Slewed to the rightmost antenna and put in another marker Drew an Exclusion Rectangle to cover both markers with a bit to spare - making sure to cover the middle one. They are pretty much in line Closed FSX Removed my temp object from ADE Compiled the airport Started FSX and the antenna are gone
  14. Thanks I got it. Generally forums have a list of acceptable extensions. .ad3 is not one of them it seems. zipped up the file would probably be fine.
  15. email me the project file please as I asked before..........