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  1. Thanks For The Reply And Solution. Sameer Mankame
  2. Hi There Every time During TakeOff I Always Get Master Warning And Aural Siren "CONFIG SPOILERS" If My Spoilers Are Armed. The Master Warning And The Aural Siren Goes Away If I Retract The Spoilers. As Per My Knowledge Spoiler Are Supposed To Armed Prior TakeOff Roll Right ? Can Somebody Tell Me What's Going Wrong And Help Me To Rectify This Issue ASAP. Thanking You Sameer R Mankame
  3. Hi There I've Been Working On A Airport For FSX From Scratch Since Four Days As The Stock Airport Is As Of Old Standards (Pre 2006) I Believe.So After Working On For Countless Hours And Gathering All The Resources In ADEX v1.60.5095 [00.00.6083] I Am Getting A Error While Compiling The .ad3 File To bgl File. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE....Somebody Help Me To Rectify This Issue And To Get This Airport Operational..... I've 1) Microsoft WINDOWS 7 Ultimate 64 Bit 2) Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX With SP1 And SP2 3) Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX SDK With SP1 And SP2 4) Microsoft .NET Framework v4.5 5) Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable v2005 To 2015 For Both x86 And x64 6) Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express LocalDB 7) MSXML 4.0 SP2 Parser And SDK 8) MSXML 4.0 SP3 Parser I Am Also Posting The Error Details As Issued By ADEX v1.60.5095 [00.00.6083] Below The Error Goes Like This Compiler Errors Found. These were not identified by the Issue Manager. Please let us know what the compiler error is so that we can improve the Issue Manager. The compiler message is shown below ScruffyDuck Scenery Design Engine Compiling Using BglComp.... Parsing document: C:\Users\Samman8298\Documents\VABB.xml WARNING: #C1102 VABB 5906 TAXI_POINT 5000 Airport (VABB) has object (TAXI_POINT) that is 5906 meters from the ARP with a test threshold of 5000 meters! XML line: 7680. INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR: #C2448: Invalid format for Taxiway Sign label: INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR: #C2031: Failed element parse <TaxiwaySign> INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR: #C2032: XML Parse Error! Element tree follows: ERROR: <FSData ERROR: version = 9.0 ERROR: > ERROR: <Airport ERROR: country = India ERROR: city = Mumbai ERROR: name = Chhatrapati Shivaji Intl ERROR: lat = 19.091666713357 ERROR: lon = 72.8661113977432 ERROR: alt = 36.998F ERROR: magvar = 1.5 ERROR: trafficScalar = 0.7 ERROR: airportTestRadius = 5000.0M ERROR: ident = VABB ERROR: > ERROR: <TaxiwaySign ERROR: lat = 19.092607816 ERROR: lon = 72.872830559 ERROR: heading = 0 ERROR: label = ERROR: size = SIZE3 ERROR: justification = RIGHT ERROR: > ERROR: INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR: #C2607: Compilation errors detected, compilation failed! Parse complete! I Request Everyone....Please Help To Rectify This Issue ASAP Thanking You Sameer R Mankame
  4. Nice to know you are from India. I am from Hyderabad.I have been flying PMDG 737NG for a long long time.Can I know your e-mail ID. I would like interact more or share some repaints ?



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