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  1. oh alright, this clarifies where you are standing now. I just stepped back now to read the [02JAN16] COEXISTENCE FAILURE - Update 2 topic carefully and it technically stated what you have just explained. it seems that the forum created that kind of chaos because we always know where PMDG is standing in the terms of your updates by frequently providing information. thanks kyle
  2. i second this. it seems that the 777-200LR has non transparent L3 and R3 doors. i would like to see more of official statements regarding this issue because we download this installers every couple of days under the same version. I understand that you might have not reached the final version but could we please have a word.
  3. i am still waiting for the update, which we are always informed either here by Rob or by the ops center
  4. as far as i know i believe that it is an issue that PMDG are digging through now, i saw somewhere here in the forum that the windows are not transparent in the latest version and we expect a newer one on the way saif salama
  5. As the title says it all, i want to edit some of mt textures, and when i searched for images online, i never found any font that matches the real one. so some help will be appreciated if anyone who knows the font used would share it. Saif
  6. SV 550/551 Saudia OEJN-OMDB-OEJN
  7. I always like to sim routes that are available in real life and the ones operated by the LR as it is the variant we currently have. At the moment i am really enjoying PK721 which is a flight from karachi to JFK with 2 stops at lahore and manchester. OPKC-OPLA-EGCC-KJFK. A tremendous flight with an experience of flying across asia, europe and the americas. You shall try it! Saif Salama Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. YES, you are certainly right, it is really faster!! thank you
  10. This is not a feature exclusive only to the Boeing 777, I believe. It is all about the FMC, and i want to know how to extend the localizer from the FMC to allow an earlier localizer capture!
  11. just realized how amazing Aerologic is!! :wub:
  12. please i just want a STRAIGHT either a YES or a NO, will the 200ER released even if it is at a later time
  13. colors of the korean airlines are special but singapore airlines with its golden colours, one of a kind
  14. i am just in loveeeeeeee with those night shots can't waitt
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