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    Helos and me do not mix well together! I can fly them, just not well. Put me in anything withwings and I will eventually figure it out.
  1. Delta747Man

    Best Bush Aircraft

    Yeah not much to top those. I might throw in the Carenado 185 tundra and maybe the Flight Replicas Super Cub.
  2. Wait, they are doing a Metro? :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Insta-buy.
  3. QW 787 FTX Global FTX NorCal Alabeo PA-38 Carenado C-206 (maybe) Dino Cattaneo S-3 Enigma 737 A2A and RA 172 A2A Cherokee
  4. Delta747Man

    Wilco Pub CRJ NextGen Deluxe released!

    Sub-Abacus level, yeesh. I think I am cringing at the thought!
  5. Delta747Man

    Wilco Pub CRJ NextGen Deluxe released!

    :LMAO: :LMAO: :LMAO: :LMAO: Nice idea, if only we could do it!
  6. Delta747Man

    Wilco Pub CRJ NextGen Deluxe released!

    Well, I wouldn't go that far, but this one is really bad looking, like maybe worse than the default aircraft.
  7. Delta747Man

    Wilco Pub CRJ NextGen Deluxe released!

    Well, I was thinking of maybe buying it for my b-day, but not with that pit. Looks like a bored two year old made the switches, really bad, Wilco. Better call this one the CRJ from Yucko Textures Incorporated.
  8. Delta747Man

    Aircraft You Have Been On

    Well, unfortunately, I haven't been on too many. I have only flown 3 types of aircraft. List: AS 73G AS 738 Vans RV-6A (piloted for .6 hrs, too) I have been into cockpits of countless aircraft, but these are the only ones I've actually flown on. Included in the cockpits would be King Air 200 C182 C172 C206 C207 73G 738 UH-1H, N P-51 DC-3 B-17 Sentimental Journey KC-10 KC-135R E-3 F/A-18 Classic and Super F-15C T-6A Texan and Texan II T-1A C-21A B-1B CH-47D, MH-47G AH-64D OH-58D LH-72 UH-60, HH-60 A109
  9. Yes, Manny that is awesome! I bet you are having a lot of fun.