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  1. Are those planes static or AI? Because in the pics above they seem to have gotten a lot correct - Jet Airways, Indigo, Jet Lite etc - which are major domestic carriers in India with a large number of 737's and A320 in their fleets.
  2. Agree by far the worst payware purchase I have ever made too. Completely binned after flying a few times and uninstalled. I didn't even back up its setup file which I do for all payware because I will never fly it again. That said I like Lionheart Kodiak so I guess every developer will have a few offs.
  3. +1 to Quinton Lodge in NZSI. Nice challenging strip (except for some invisible obstruction at the end that triggers crash detection) To be honest, in GA planes even challenging approaches are relatively easy in FSX. I have been flying the C337 by Carenado and I am not sure the FDE/physics are correct. I can stop in a few metres on a strip by landing at close to stalling with the brakes jammed - the plane stops almost immediately after rolling 2-3 seconds. I can takeoff like a STOL plane relatively quickly by maxing the throttle while holding the breaks and then releasing it. Type of strip doesn't matter - concrete\grass\dirt. Maybe this is close to real behavior (or that FSX does not model ground interaction well) but someone earlier mentioned its not a good bush plane, so makes me think maybe the short takeoffs and landings I am experiencing are not true for the real plane.
  4. \ Cheers thanks, I was also worried that released a fairly long time back, maybe it has lost its charm and attraction. Obviously not. Time to land in PNG. I am in Cape York Right now - so shouldn't take too long in the Duke I hope to land in PNG Plan to use the C337 one I get there.
  5. Cheers thanks - that's why I was interested in it. Have read about the challenging approaches and have been doing Paro, Lukla etc. But wanted to know about it - particularly the mesh. Thanks ! Will be purchasing it - very strong recommendation.
  6. Bit off topic but how did you find the PNG Bush Pilot Scenery? You seem to be very happy about it but the screen shots didn't look great while recognising its from a while back. Everyone praises it and it has great reviews, so I knew its good - but was wondering in the areas between airports - is it FSX default scenrey\mesh? Thanks, pretty keen to buy it and it's at a very cheap price at PC Aviator right now. But after being spoilt by Orbx, don't want to be disappointed. Too many good places to fly!
  7. From what I have heard - 20 at YBBN - wow! You lucky fella.
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