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  1. Are those planes static or AI? Because in the pics above they seem to have gotten a lot correct - Jet Airways, Indigo, Jet Lite etc - which are major domestic carriers in India with a large number of 737's and A320 in their fleets.
  2. Locked at 18. Ensures no stutters ever. I have REX+ORBX+Payware planes. I can't tell the difference between smoothness at higher (unlocked) FPS and locked at 18. The only thing is that there is occasional stuttering in unlocked. To be fair - I only fly in Bush areas not big airports or cities. One of the reasons I haven't upgraded (currently 2.1 GHz core duo OC to 2.8 GHz) is that reading on the forums - people with better systems still seem to experience the same issues - stuttering. To be fair, I guess if I did upgrade I could turn the air and land traffic to 100% and fly at nights over major city airports - but I don't do much nightflying over big cities anyway. Bush flying at night and small airports work fine.
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