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  1. Of course not, just an urge some people seem to need to satisfy as soon as they have the chance to.
  2. May I request a United Nations (Humanitarian Air Service) repaint for the new 747, like the one in this old thread. It'd be quite nice to have it for the new Queen Rigoberto Aranda
  3. That's a really beautiful livery 8-) Any chance it would please be done for the new 747? Thanks in advance! R. Aranda
  4. Nevermind, I just had to push the Heading-Nav knob from the 2D popup
  5. Has anybody had any troubles flying with the 400B Navomatic? Does it even has track capability modeled? I just can't get it to fly the GPS route Can you fellas? Also, during governor/prop check on ground RPM doesn't fall at all...
  6. Very nice indeed. Would you consider doing an USAF unit 777 in the future? like the Travis AFB MD-11 repaint by Robert Halmich:
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