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  1. Of course not, just an urge some people seem to need to satisfy as soon as they have the chance to.
  2. May I request a United Nations (Humanitarian Air Service) repaint for the new 747, like the one in this old thread. It'd be quite nice to have it for the new Queen Rigoberto Aranda
  3. That's a really beautiful livery 8-) Any chance it would please be done for the new 747? Thanks in advance! R. Aranda
  4. Nevermind, I just had to push the Heading-Nav knob from the 2D popup
  5. Has anybody had any troubles flying with the 400B Navomatic? Does it even has track capability modeled? I just can't get it to fly the GPS route Can you fellas? Also, during governor/prop check on ground RPM doesn't fall at all...
  6. I'd like to see, and gladly pay for, the cockpit geometry fixed but that's apparently never going to happen due to their HGS VC implementation, which I personally don't even use. Yeah- this forum has definitely a handful of those, they can't get enough
  7. I hope everyone is warned about their deceptive advertising and products, so many people disappointed, or should I say ripped off. Specially the younger, unexperienced simmers. I can think of this and maybe a couple other companies that should send an email to the naive victims of their scam after purchase "haha!- we just got you, punk!"
  8. I had the same issues after reloading, both the 10K fpm descent and oil temp & pressure failures. Will see if it happens again.
  9. Honestly, I don't know whether to buy the 300ER, the Coolsky DC-9 or the CS L-1011. I'll probably end up with the 300ER the day of release but I just have the itch for another classic.
  10. Try watching this video, made by an active member here: May help solve your doubts.
  11. I think (or want to believe) we are sophisticated people with a rather complex and special hobby and thirst for knowlegde, we should be able to have a debate without getting hurt and go off topic and personal. Being humble will not make you a pvvsy, being an arrogant know-it-all will not make you a respected man, in fact, everyone hates them. Popularity in this forum is extremely misleading, it's easy to be a keyboard warrior isn't it. Leave the Air Force Officer attitude for those who are actually entitled to have it. I know people who wanted to be pilots but their eyesight wasn't good enough or had other physical-or-not issues and had to take other roads... some not even in the aviation industry anymore. They would puke if they knew how the kind of men who are already successful (or even take part) in the industry are. Just my 2 cents, of course.
  12. Really? I've got the same hardware as you with both NVIDIA Insp. and fsx.cfg tweaked and low settings and it can barely handle the 777. Maybe I should double-check my settings...
  13. Hi Avianca, love that airline, Ilived in Colombia a couple of years, nice memories. I'm afraid there are not MD-11 nor B747 "profiles" in the OC. I think they'll wait for the B747 V2 to open it up and the MD-11 is no longer on the eyes of PMDG so that might be the reason it's not there.
  14. Some guys have had issues, precisely CTDs, when using AES related to disablepreload=1. It seems the issue stops when this line is removed. I don't have AES to test it myself though.
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