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  1. Thanks for the good inputs! I did´t know s.th seems not correct with the cockpit geometry.. As I don´t have the time to read every single post on this forum, I haven´t read about a announcement of a intermediate SP before SP2.. just all the posts of RR stating all sorts of awesome projects but the upgrade of the 737 rather in far future.. I am just interested how big the interest in a continued development of the 737 is - as I still fly and like it most.. And maybe to show, that it could definitely be another interesting business case to accelerate the ongoing development on the NGX. Cheers, Berni
  2. Haha, imagine this kind of discussion in any other commercial software support forum..! E.g. Adobe, Microsoft.. "It´s forbidden to ask how much someone would like to pay for a additional software feature!".. This is just unprofessional. Kindergarden.. Sad. And I can´t really believe, this is PMDG policy.. Where are we? So it´s probably the best, that someone deletes this thread.. and maybe it´s better that I delete my free advertisement Skysurfer007 videos of PMDG products also.. Berni
  3. Hey ..and I forgot - Scimitar Winglets - a improved FMC (custom waypoints) - low speed protection with the SPD mode deselected on approach ( A/T in ARM) - weather radar Cheers, Berni
  4. I´m sure you all love the 737NGX as much as I do! As we know a 737 SP2 is not as high on the list as other great projects right now. But if there where development capacities in future, 1. which features would you like to see in the 737 and 2. how much would you pay for a upgrade? 1. I would love to have - a improved FMC (custom waypoints) ( ) - low speed protection with the SPD mode deselected on approach ( A/T in ARM) - weather radar 2. As it needs a lot of additional work, I would definitely pay 50-100$ for a upgrade! Cheers, Berni
  5. Not in my PMDG737NGX.. the MCP SPD modes does not activate at the minimum speed so seconds later the aircrafts stalles.. Cheers, Berni
  6. I´m just wondering if the minimum speed protection with deselected SPD Mode (A/T arm) e.g. on an ILS approach is already on the list for a possible SP2? regards, Berni
  7. Same problem here! Same problem here! Same problem! The solution to reinstall Windows and FSX sounds like there is no support for the JS41 anymore... sad sad
  8. We are not talking about the Com panel of a Piper Warrior.. (had some bad moments with that haha ) The way how you work in the airliner cockpit... usually you have almost all receiver buttons activated... and adjusted to your needs. On a volume scale 1-10 VHF1 your active ATC frequ. - 8 VHF2 emergency 121.5 - 3 FLT int - 5 better understanding of your colleague CABIN int - 2 to be able to now what is going on in the back PA - 2 same as CABIN And as Jordan say´s, it would be pretty bad to have an active MIC on a frequ, which you don´t monitor. So therefore the automatic receiver selection. EDIT just read the manuals... Communications... Transmitter Select switches Push- - the MIC light illuminates ... ... - selects the receiver audio on, if not already manually selected on
  9. You can always turn down the volume, if you want to listen only on one frequency. Just don´t forget to turn it up again, after you are done on your "second set"! @Jordan, thanks for your posts!
  10. Sorry, AVSIM-error I got a server not available text! could someone delete the other threads?
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