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  1. No, all it has done is hide the message. You still have a texture missiing.
  2. As the background is black, perhaps P3D V4 has died
  3. Use AIFP and create a VFR flightplan from/to the airport at 3am. For the rest of the time it will sit on the parking spot. Or, use ADE to modify the afd file and add some static aircraft.
  4. Look at:
  5. ... but only for the UK :mad:
  6. See:
  7. I would first create a photo insert using FSEarthTiles so that you can position the runway and buildings in the correct place using ADE: George
  8. fsx-ms

    Go to "Settings" -> "Controls" and set the required keys:
  9. Yesterday I installed the latest NVidia GeForce Experience which includes a replacement for ShadowPlay. Subsequently when running FSX, I found that clicking on certain menu items resulted in FSX hanging In Task Manager, I found a few instanced of NVIDIA_SHADE.EXE running so I deleted those and FSX continued Today, I uninstalled GeForce Experience and FSX is back to normal :smile:
  10. I had that problem on W7. Even Explorer wouldn't read the disk. I installed FreeCommander (which could read the disk) copied the files to an HDD and installed from there.
  11. It's back in business :smile:
  12. This is what I get today:
  14. The LM texture is also used by AI_Hanjin_Santos\model.empty and is missing from the texture folders:
  15. Use a landclass polygon.