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    Haven't you heard of the word "it"?
  2. How do I remove the start-up sound?
  3. https://www.greatnorthairambulance.co.uk/our-work/how-we-do-it/leading-innovation/jet-suit/
  4. I always ask for half a stone of potatoes.
  5. Sorry, stupid question 😒
  6. Please close this ridiculous thread.
  7. I am bored with this thread 😫
  8. OOMs are never interesting.. They are always annoying 😉
  9. Thw list is created by reading the scenery.cfg when IS3 is loaded.
  10. I thought you were referring to this Matt 🗞️
  11. Eastern are taking over Flybe's Aberdeen-Birmingham, Southampton-Manchester and Southampton-Newcastle services from next week
  12. But lucky for some: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-51433720
  13. Tyne & Wear, England to Leeds, England (-80 miles): to Seattle WA (-4,500 miles): George
  14. The window in my case faces away from me so I never see tht fancy RGB stuff 😎
  15. How about: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-australia-50432814/ultra-long-haul-flight-non-stop-from-london-to-sydney
  16. My mother used to say "I want, never gets".
  17. Google is your friend: https://alaska.guide/Locale/Denali-Base-Camp But you will be very disappointed with the FSX default scenery: George
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