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  1. Those're great news thanks! :smile:
  2. Hello there! it's looking great!, can't wait to hear the JT8D purring! plus... the cockpit fans! btw do you guys have plans for making Venezuelan liveries? sadly there aren't much XP10 addons/skins from here
  3. Thanks for the answers! I turned the image complexity to a lower setting and it worked!
  4. Hello! I'm creating an small airport for fun basically, I selected the parking spots and added a Jetway the spots but in FSX:A, they're missing... I'm not really that good with ADEX so I don't know if I'm doing something wrong Thanks in advance...
  5. Hi! :biggrin: (Sorry for my bad english, I only learned from High School) Well, like the topic name says, I'm having a problem with the Afterburner effects in my FS9, and it's affecting every aircraft that uses AB here are some pics