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  1. i know this thread is 4 yrs old but i jut got back into this after about 10 yrs. i have done some research on how to convert FSX to FS9. while some say using dxtbmp is all you need i have tried that and it never works. i follow the instructions and bring the repaint up in dxtdmp, send it to the editor (gimp in my case), save it as a .bmp file then i reload the repaint in dxtbmp and resave it as dxt3 but i can never get in to change from 2048 to 1024 so it never shows up in fs9. did more research and found someone suggested using 'texture manager" and after monkying around with it to figure out how to use it. i have found that using it in conjunction with dxtbmp solves all the issues but 1. lightmaps. since most fsx repaints use alpha channels and fs9 use _L for its lightmaps it is easy to tell the planes that where converted from fsx as they fly around at nights with no lights. lol Anyone know how to convert an alpha channel from .dds to .bmp? since it is not in the texture folder then texture manager can not convert it.
  2. Thanks David. that worked. i am almost done with my repaint. anyone know how to tidy up the trim on a logo. for example: If i bring a tail logo from one aircraft say the "BI" from a blue brannif to a tail that is red. i use the bucket fill and it fills in 99% of the logo how do i eliminate the small parts of blue trim that hang out around the "BI"? the whole tail matches except you can clearly see small blue trim around the BI that bucket fill will not fill. i tried going in with the pencil on smallest setting to fix it but it actually does change the shape of the logo a little making the lettering smaller. since i am new to this and most of my repaints have different colors on the tail. I was hoping some repainters who have been doing this for years may have figured out how to solve this.
  3. Thanks for the resonse Dave. I went to double check and I am in the _T area right now. I looked at other aia max8 repaints from other people and you can see the rudder lines and what not. Since this particular repaint really only requires tail reapint i will just have to repaint around the lines by hand. Was just hoping there was an easier way.
  4. I use AITM 2 to make sure the aircraft shows as "flyable" whenever i have an aircraft not showing up in the selection menu.
  5. I am trying to repaint the 737Max8. unlike the FAIB airbus i juts finished where it had tails and pylons layers. i can not find the layer for that on this paint kit. so how do i paint the tail and engine with out losing the rudder lines or line on the engine where it comes apart when the revrse thrust is activated? if it requires a new layer how do i add the layer that is only the size of the tail or engine?
  6. Many Thanks. Will give that a try and let you know how it turns out.
  7. https://flyingcarpet75.com/painting-tutorial I down loaded this tutorial and am trying to follow along with it but i am sort of confused about something ( i am using gimp but everyone tells me gimp or paint.net are just as good as paintshop). i downloaded AIA 737 Max 8 paint kit. it has a full size model , a 737 max 8 _t and a 737 max_t. looking at other repaints i have established that the max 8_t is the main part of the fuselage and the max_t is the engines and the AT winglets. Here is my question: what is the full body_t used for and how do i transfer that to the max 8_t and the max_t? once i figure that out i should be able to use that knowledge to paint other aircraft as well. being a noob to painting i am starting with a very easy airline. the airline i used to work for Western Pacific. not one of our logo jets either. just the basic white fuselage red tail seen on N960WP. this way i can learn something difficult (Western Pacifc across the fuselage without covering a window). then i can gradually increase to more difficult repaints. I am trying to fill my flight sim with old school airlines and liveries and not very many people still do paint requests for FS9 so it is high time i learn myself. thanks in advance for all the help and tips.
  8. i am with bobbyjack i love fs9 and will never give it up. i am new to the HOTAS and am leaning on getting the new honeycomb yoke and throttle quadrant. I tired FSX and will prolly try fs 2020 but i always seem to come back to FS9. i had a guy 10 years ago repaint a tone of airplanes for that i can not take anywhere else and i fine add-ons like aitm2 and ade, ect. work better on FS9. while the graphics may be better on the new sims fs9 graphics are not so bad i need to upgrade.
  9. ok. i did some more research and i have got the airplane sort of where i want it. i had to adjust the static cg height. but now i have 1 minor issue the aircraft is tilted ever so slightly to the port side prolly by like maybe an inch or 2. which contact point fixe that or would that be in the static pitch? but i thank all for the replies. even if i can not fix the tilt of the airplane it is still 100% better than being buried in the ground up to the wings. now i just have to learn to paint planes myself or find someone with time to make a couple repaints for me. i have read and watched video's to do it but they arc not really very helpful in painting real world liveries.
  10. thanks for the responses. Orbxdirect has some nice stuff but i use fs9 and that is all fsx and higher. Looking at my original post i should have specified FS9. apologies for that
  11. Searched the forums for all of these questions. will combine them into one post instead of starting new topics for each question. 1) i have the DJC 41 and i paid a guy to paint it for me 11 years ago. problem is on my new system it sinks into the ground. i am not anywhere near talented enough on modeling or painting to figure this out on my own. i am posting the contact points cause doing a google search that seems to be the main thing people say to check for this problem. but no one has said what the DJC j41 points should be. i am hoping someone either has a working copy of the DJC J41 that can see if that is the issue or better yet past a copy of there aircraft.cfg file for this airplane. [contact_points] static_pitch = -1.9 static_cg_height = 6.4 tailwheel_lock = 0 gear_system_type = 0 max_number_of_points = 7 point.0 = 1, 25.1586, 0, -6.0485, 1181, 0, 0.75, 39.9, 0.35, 2.9, 0.6, 4.8, 4.8, 0, 184, 184 point.1 = 1, 0.8254, -10, -6.8858, 1574, 1, 0.596, 0, 0.642, 2.5, 0.8152, 4.5, 5.2, 2, 184, 184 point.2 = 1, 0.8254, 10, -6.8858, 1574, 2, 0.596, 0, 0.642, 2.5, 0.8152, 4.8, 4.9, 3, 184, 184 point.3 = 2, -3.3299, -30.0917, 0, 787, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 5, 0, 0 point.4 = 2, -3.3299, 30.0917, 0, 787, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 6, 0, 0 point.5 = 2, -18.9803, 0, -2.4067, 787, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 9, 0, 0 point.6 = 2, 27.623, 0, -2.0376, 787, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 4, 0, 0 2) i also notice some of my ai planes the tyres look white from more than about 15 feet away. when they get to within 15 feet the tyres go back to normal. just select aircraft repaints. like i have one paint of an aardvark 175 and no issues with the tyres but another repaint will have the issue. only bugs me because i am ocd and i spend 80% of my time on the sim juts plane spotting so i notice it alot. 3) any one know where i can get a good AI Dornier 328 prop and/or Beech 99? the Dornier 328 i am looking for a mountain air express repaint and the beech 99 a gp express repaint? i have searched avsim and flightsim.com and even juts a plain google search and have found nothing. Thanks again for any and all help.
  12. after sleeping on it i started looking at it again and the problem was so simple i never considered it. i had an afcad file already in the add on scenery file BEFORE i even got ADE. when my dumb butt removed that file then my ADE file and then loaded FS9 my airport looked like it was supposed to.
  13. not sure how to post pictures or i would. so here is cliff notes version of the issue i am having with ADE 9 v1.78. I save and compile with no errors. When i load the sim i notice some of my changes show but most do not not. example i moved and modified 6 buildings that showed up in the new location. however i moved all the gates around and added some but they do not show up. nor does anything i have done with runways or taxiways show up. i am working on a small airport until i get the hang of this. just so confusing that i get no errors and some of the changes show up but most do not. so i am at a total loss. So any help would be much appreciated.
  14. I have searched forums all over the place and even tried to email Mr. Moliter himself (that email is no longer working) and can not find the answer to this question and it is preventing me from adding any AIA 727-200s. Problem: I had AIA 727-200 on my computer and deleted it by accident so now it is not on my machine at all. However when I open AITM2 and go into the aircraft editor menu (F6) the 727-200 show to still be there. but when you double click the aircraft name it says "system can not find the path specified". i tried reinstalling AIA Boeing 727-200 and it does not help. the system will not recognize the new folder because in it's mind the old one is still there. Quesion: How do i get rid of the old path from AITM2 so it will recognize the new path? i tried to add a screen shot to this post but it did not take.
  15. new to the forums myself and was about ask the same question about repainting. good to see the top8c already started. an IT guy i work with said the exact same words about gimp. "good as Paint Shop but free" so i will be using that program. will be starting with AI as i want to bring defunct airlines "back to life" as Kamunra would say. i use mainly Aardvark, Fruit Stand, Alpha India models. still using FS9 and those models have never failed me. only question i have that was not asked is Where do get the liveries from? just go to airliners. net or is there a place you can go to copy and paste?
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