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  1. Comes the KLM livery with the real costumer options?
  2. On the right cdu i see "dual jetway plug" whats that?? Thanks!!
  3. Robert, boss whats the progress of the T7? I think the RTM is almost finished.. And please add this great feature to the NGX. We need it on the T7 but the most on the NGX! Thanks for great work and hurry up guys Edit: what is dual jetway plugs??
  4. In the rar file there is a tool to correct your addon airports. You need correct every single airport with the tool.
  5. Can someone add a new cabin announcement. With only ''cabin crew take your seats'' it can be used on dep/arr. Instead of ''cabin crew seats for dep. please. Thanks!
  6. It doens't fix the ILS offset with the PMDG 737 in FSX... But great update of the nav data base thanks Ryan and back to work now!!
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