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  1. remcoso

    Engines too slow to spool up?

    It takes too much time to reach 40 or 55%. This is an limitation of fsx. My solution is set manual the thrust around 80% and when it reach 55% press toga. Spool up time depens on how much thrust is set. 0-55 spool up slow 0-100 and you reach much faster 55%
  2. remcoso

    Official PMDG 300ER Livery List

    Comes the KLM livery with the real costumer options?
  3. remcoso

    What is this status display?

    Looks like maintenance display.
  4. remcoso

    300ER Beta Preview - AAL Livery Request

    What about the costumer options on the KLM? Will these match with the real one?
  5. remcoso

    Active Sky Next with PMDG aircraft

    REX 4 Texture direct is the latest REX product.
  6. remcoso

    Active Sky Next with PMDG aircraft

    ASN is for weather and REX for texures. So use it both. Install your favorite textures with Rex and fly with ASN (and FSX,NGX,777,ect)
  7. remcoso

    Scary A/T Behavior

    Its a bug and solved in SP1 Work around: Select v/s mode and switch back to vnav.
  8. remcoso

    Wx and Flight Path application- a snapshot

    Very very cool!! Thanks for the update and great work. Everyone is looking forward to this great SP1 upgrade
  9. Have u enabled aircraft self shadow in FSX (setting>display>Aircraft)
  10. Hello, On the stock EHAM airport i have on runway 18C 2 ILS approaches. don't know how it happend? One is right on the spot but the other is offset to the right. so this one needs removed. When i fly this is approach the aircraft pick up the one that is right of the runway. Have tried with AFX save the new bgl to addon scenery. But the stock airport ''over rule'' this one. Even with Adonn Scenery on top of the list. So how can i fix this?
  11. remcoso

    Reverse Thrust Deployment

    Wacht this video Reversers are active before the nose wheel is on the ground
  12. remcoso

    Reverse Thrust Deployment

    I think its oke. On all youtube video's i see they use reverse when nose wheel is off the ground. Same on the MD11 for eng 1 and 2 number 3 waits for the nose wheel
  13. remcoso

    The EHAMOMDB mystery

    The problem is the elevation of EHAM in your flightplan. EHAM has a negative elevation like -11. You can fix this to open your flightplan with notepad and remove -11. This issue is fixed with sp1.
  14. remcoso

    Navigraph or NavDataPro

    I prefer navdatspro. In the base both are quite the same. U will find the difference in the details.