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  1. Can't download this update. My browser says "This can not be downloaded securely"
  2. I find it strange that no one from MCE has responded to this post. This has been going on for a couple of weeks now and I submitted two support tickets at the website about this problem, but I haven't heard a word from MCE, which is very unusual. Do you suppose then entire staff has been kidnapped? (most likely on vacation). Jim in Ohio
  3. I install ALL flight plans for the CRJ in the same folder, besides if it was a permissions thing I would get a Windows protection error popup.
  4. Maybe I should have made one thing clear from the start, but I don't use the Steam version MSFS2020. My MSFS2020 is from the Microsoft Store and I'm using the HP Reverb G2 headset running WMR. It appears to me that the OVR Toolbox is intended for Steam users. Am I mistaken?
  5. Thanks Blast3d. I'll check that out right now.
  6. Restarting FSUIPC definitely solves the problem. I make it a point now to always restart FSUIPC just before launching p2a. I imagine that the text in the status panel saying that it is connected means that it is only connected to FSUIPC but the green light means it is actually connected to the A/C.
  7. How do I save a flightplan in p2a? No problem exporting it, but if I choose SAVE (.vbf file) then pick the location and click SAVE, nothing is saved. I go back to the saved location and there is no vbf file there. Is there a specific location it must be filed in? Jim in Ohio
  8. Restarting the PC does fix the issue. I didn't try rebooting FSUIPC, which would be a lot faster. I can recreate the same scenario by shutting down P2A after I've already got it connected, then restarting it then try to connect. I get the same condition. The panel says it is connected but there's no green light and it's not really connected. Is this normal?
  9. I have been experiencing issues whereas P2A fails to fully connect to the Aerosoft CRJ. I do not load P2A until the flight is fully loaded in the sim, but when I push the CONNECT button, I get the panel messages saying it is connected, and my call sign is shown but the button doesn't turn green nor the PWR button although the Master Battery is on. I've been having this problem intermittently but this morning I can't get it to work at all even after 3 complete FS shutdowns and starting whole process over. Any suggestions? My next step is going to be restarting the PC to see if something is stuck somewhere.
  10. Thank-you Sir... I'll check it out. So far, what I'm finding out is that options are rather limited for doing what I want to do when using WMR. It is possible to bring 2d windows into VR using WMR's "Follow Me" function, but it gets complicated when using the mouse between the desktop window and the VR window. It still might work for me though, since I don't need to use the mouse in the desktop as I'm only viewing the text. I have tried it, however, and it does work. If I can resize the panel somehow to just mainly see the ATC text, I'll be happy. Does Pilot2ATC have a means to make suggestions or request features such as I am doing here, or is this the place to do it?
  11. Thanks Dave. Ideally, what I'm looking for is the text that is displayed in the P2A panel "Recent" box. Is there anyway that just the whole Recent Dialog box could be detached from the P2A panel then moved into VR?
  12. I've got my MSFS2020 CRJ working very nicely with P2A, MCE, and the new Navigraph Navdata Center (Beta). I am using the HP Reverb G2 VR headset, which is a big step forward for VR. Here's my setup: * FSUIPC7 (currently free) Required for P2A * Multi Crew Experience (MCE) I'm using this for the 1st Officer functions, other than the radios. * P2A mainly for all radio functions * Navigraph Navdata Center (BETA) This requires a Navigraph Pro License subscription... pricey but worth it. * Amazon Polly AWS Service for additional Voices for P2A and MCE. I never heard of this before, but check out Clumsy's excellent video Here. He also has a link on installing the service. It's not exactly easy to get setup, but if I can do it, anyone can. It's a subscription service, but it's ridiculously cheap. Something like $4 for a couple million words and the first year is free. * Microsoft Mixed Reality Portal - Required for the HP Reverb G2 headset. The order of launching the add-ons is very important to be successful. Here's how I setup my flights: 1) I load up MSFS and position the CRJ (this should work with any A/C), at the airport and gate I want. Be sure to turn off all the ATC options in MSFS. 2) Load up FSUIPC7 - nothing else needs to be done in FSUIPC7. This is just used as P2A's communication link to the CRJ. 3) Load the Navigraph Navdata Center - (Optional) 4) Load MCE - If you don't use MCE, I guess it's not really necessary, but it is very difficult to operate this A/C alone. MCE does a great job as a co-pilot, but has numerous other functions that adds a lot of realism to a flight. There are a few specific options in MCE that must be set in order for MCE to play nice with P2A, namely leaving the ATC option ON, but changing the ATC source to "OTHER". 5) Load P2A - Push the CONNECT button and if it turns green, then you are connected thru FSUIPC7 to the A/C OK. 6) Create and load the Flight Plan as you normally would. 7) Note: Up to this point, my default sound devices (playback/microphone) has been my TrackIR headset. That's how I'm able to test my communications before going into VR mode. 8) Launch Windows Mixed Reality. Your Sound defaults will automatically switch to the VR headset devices in both MCE and P2A , so put on the VR headset and push whatever key/button you have to enable VR in MSFS. OK, so now we have our first dilemma. The P2A panel is not visible in the VR cockpit without peeking under the headset mask to see the desktop. (MCE is not visible, either, but it is not necessary to see it to use it.) This is a big problem for me, mainly because I need to see the instructions from ATC. I can hear them OK, but in the real world, pilots have to ability to jot down ATC instructions on a clipboard like heading, altitude, transponder code... everything that my memory is too short to handle. It would sure be nice if the folks at P2A would devise some way to add the P2A panel into the VR window like other devs have done. At the very least, there is a need to have the ATC messages someplace to view and refer to. I'm hoping that some P2A people might see this and have a solution, or if anyone out there might have an idea, please share. Jim in Ohio i9 - RTX-3080 - 32G - HP Reverb G2
  13. I presume the one I found came from a Saitek driver install package. Saitek (Madkatz) doesn't make anything easy. I've still never got my pro trim wheel to be stable in p3d. It screws up the other usb ports.
  14. In order the completely disable my Saitek controls, even though I did not launch SPAD, I found a file running in Task Manager called SaiFlightSimX.exe. It resides in Program Files (x86)/Saitek. I just renamed it to SaiFlightSimX.temp and that stopped all controls from my Saitek panels completely.
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