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  1. Is there still support for this product? I see there hasn't been any activity on this forum for about 3 years. Are you there Misho?
  2. I'm not at all impressed with the V3 scenery. I just installed the new Ohio V3. For some reason, I was under the impression that the LOD was going to be improved in V3. It is not. It just has newer 2015 imagery. I guess I have V3 mixed up with the 4X MSE products, which appear tp be around LOD19. V3 appears to be no better than LOD15 at best. I have several of the Ultimate Cities, like Pittsburgh and Cleveland, which are excellent.
  3. The real question here is, why in the world, with the hi-end hardware you have purchased, would you still be messing with a Fred Flintstone flightsim like FS9?
  4. Install went normally as with my other Carenado airplanes, however the Seneca V is not listed in the vehicle list. Everything seems to be there in the SimObjects\Airplanes\Carenado PA34_Seneca_V folders, but I'm not sure what all is suppost to be there. The install showed no errors or file access issues. Any ideas? I just noticed that in AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\SimObjects - all my Carenado have folders there except for the new Seneca V. I would presume that would be a problem, but why?
  5. I presume the one I found came from a Saitek driver install package. Saitek (Madkatz) doesn't make anything easy. I've still never got my pro trim wheel to be stable in p3d. It screws up the other usb ports.
  6. In order the completely disable my Saitek controls, even though I did not launch SPAD, I found a file running in Task Manager called SaiFlightSimX.exe. It resides in Program Files (x86)/Saitek. I just renamed it to SaiFlightSimX.temp and that stopped all controls from my Saitek panels completely.
  7. UAC is always disabled. Everything in my FS is set to Run As Admin. Since this started immediately after installing the latest version, I simply uninstalled and reinstalled. That fixed it. That's what I should have done in the first place, but for some reason I failed to follow my own normal troubleshooting procedures. Thanks for the reply. I've been using MCE since you released it, and have very few issues. Jim in Ohio
  8. P3dv3.1 - Windows10 - i7 - GTX970 - 16G After installing 2659, I've noticed some strange things. The observations listed below are evident on both Aerosoft A320X and Carenado C90GTX. MCE is loaded and Real Cockpit Crew Coordination - Talk To ATC Controllers - Sim User Interface Voice Control are the only three features set under the General tab. Both of the planes I use are C&D when loaded. 1) The first thing I always do after loading the flight, is have MCE open the flight planner to load the flightplan. Now, when I say SHOW FLIGHT PLANNER the information bar tells me Dialog voice activation not permitted in critical phase. I get the same message when I attempt any interface control commands that used to work before. I just go ahead and manually open the flight planner to load my flight plan. 2) Command SET PARKING BRAKE - I see "set parking brake" appear on the text line, but MCE says Do you want to destroy the gear on landing or what? Let's pretend I didn't hear that. This is occurring before I even turn the batteries on. 3) Command GEAR UP/DOWN - During cockpit prep, if the gear is already down and I say "Gear up" MCE responds with Gear already up. If I say "Gear down", MCE says Speed check. Gear coming down. It appears to me from these responses that MCE believes we are already in an establish flight. 4) I can't set the speed in the autopilot. When I say "SET SPEED 159" I see the exact verbiage in the text line, but MCE responds with I'm sorry, what did you say? Speed? If I reply with "159" MCE will say Confirm that. After that it just ignores me. All other AP commands work fine like "ALTITUDE 5000" or "HEADING 250". These issues are consistent. Happens every flight... every time.
  9. Once you get MCE figured out, it really makes simming enjoyable. I also was having difficulty getting ATC to function properly with MCE. I'm using P3DV3, but I think these suggestions will be beneficial in any sim. 1) It is extremely crucial that your speech pace is even and consistent. You must not pause excessively between words or phrases. I have the My Speech Pace slider full right. (Slow) 2) Minimize outside noise and sounds (especially speech) coming from your speakers. Route sound to a headset as much as possible. Noise plays havoc to any speech recognition engine. 3) Even though "Accurate Call Sign Required" is unchecked in the ATC menu, best results come when using "EasyJet 222" or just "Easy222". Simply saying just "222" seldom works. (My callsign is EasyJet 222 on my Airbus A320). 4) Utilize the Speech Training modules, in particular for ATC. Since your speech is working fine with co-pilot, I don't suspect there is any problem with with your mike setup or your general speech habits. If you are hesitant to make the purchase, be assured that when you get the setup right, it can't be beat.
  10. I did get mine to install, but not without difficulty. I did not install P3DV3 in the normal Program Files X86 path. Instead, it is in C:\p3d_v3 , I created myself. I was always told to never install any FS in the x86 location. Anyway, that's where my P3DV3 is installed. When I installed the Phenom, I chose P3D V2 as the install method and it came up with my C:\p3d_v3 folder automatically. The install went without incident, however, when I tried to run P3D, it immediately showed the critical error message and crashed the app. I checked the Event Viewer under Applications, and it detailed the crash from P3D v3 module CMeteoXml.dll. I went to the p3d_v3 folder and simply moved the dll out of the folder temporarily. P3d ran normally then and so did the Phenom. I don't know what CMeteoXml.dll is for, but it doesn't seem to be needed, at least I haven't ran into any problems... yet. After Googeling the dll, I found this: This files most often belongs to product Carenado Meteo. . This files most often have description Flight Simulator X Module DLL. This file is Dynamic-link Library. .So it is something that Carenado inserts, but V3 doesn't like it it much. I guess this will have to be a question to support. Anyway, delete it if your P3Dv3 crashes after install.
  11. I got the NGX as a gift on disk. When I go to downloads I see there is a sp1d available, but I don't see any link to get the download. It wants an order number but I didn't have an order number. How do I get the download?
  12. Is there anyway to control the volume of the copilot voice? I find it too loud for the levels that I have set for the normal cockpit. The FSX settings/sound/voice slider seems to have no effect on it. I haven't been able to locate an ini file that might control it. What happens is that the copilot seems to hear his own voice and tries to respond to himself. If I reduce the speaker volume overall, I have no problems. If there is no voice output setting, there should be.
  13. Yep, it took power, either apu or ground to open them. But what is the procedure to close them? Now they won't retract. (I tried with the door open or closed.) I wonder in the real world, if the plane is parked somewhere C&D, how the crews board a closed up aircraft? Is there a manual entry door, or would they have to provide a power source? thanks oops... never mind. They are working now.
  14. In my CDU, AIRFRAME/AIRSTAIRS INSTALLED option is green YES and in FS ACTIONS/DOORS/ AIRSTAIR is set to OPEN, but when I click on it, it doesn't do anything like all the other doors. There is nothing marked INOP on the overhead.
  15. Thanks guys...