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  1. After installing the RXP GNS-530 into P3Dv4.4, I could see it appear as a GPS option in the A2A C172N and the Comanche 250 Aircraft Configuration program, and I was able to place it in the A2A panels just fine. After purchasing and installing the GTN-750, it does not appear in the Aircraft Configuration program as an option to use in the Reality-XP choices. Only the 530w. I also see the FS1 GTN750 as a choice. Should I see the RXP 750 listed in A2A's Aircraft Configuration? I tried using the Add-On menu installer, but the only thing I could get to be visible was the Pop Up GTN750. I only bought the RXP 750 to use with RealSimGear's bezel that I just ordered, so I will only be using the popup version, but shouldn't I be able to apply the GTN750 in the VC panel? Jim in Ohio i7-7300/GTX1070/Win10
  2. I can not get this thing started. I have to agree with greggerm, Cera's user manual is rather useless. There are no flight instructions provided, and no guidance for key commands. The checklist didn't get it started, and it won't even startup using the "Ready To Fly" option in the Animation Panel. It tries to start, but doesn't quit make it. (Yes, there is fuel in the tank). A Google search brings up several complaints about the AS365 with startup problems, but no solutions are posted.
  3. Fleahead

    Helicopters - LINDA - P3Dv4

    The Dodosim stuff will not work at all in P3dv4, so I'm not concerned with it. Is what you are saying then, is that the Milviz will not be useable until you release a module for it?
  4. I attempted to create a profile in LINDA for the P3Dv4 version of the Milviz UH-1, but the aircraft is not listed in the LINDA aircraft dropdown. Is this something specific to P3dv4, because in v3 I had a profile for the Dodosim Bell 206.
  5. Fleahead

    Not Communicating To FSUIPC

    Just as a shot in the dark, I re-downloaded then re-installed LINDA, and now it is functioning. Go figure... Thanks for your prompt assistance, Andrew!
  6. Fleahead

    Not Communicating To FSUIPC

    I just sent the log files
  7. Fleahead

    Not Communicating To FSUIPC

    I've tried Carenados A36 Bonanza, A2A B17, LMs Maule that comes on P3D. It doesn't matter. No logging info comes into the console at all from FSUIPC. Everything is turned on to log. ------------ NEW LOGGING SESSION - LINDA -------------- ### Blocked: attempt made to change LogOptions via 3400, data 0x0001 FSUIPC logging bit cleared: 2 ### Blocked: attempt made to change LogOptions via 3400, data 0x0001 FSUIPC logging bit cleared: 10 ### Blocked: attempt made to change LogOptions via 3400, data 0x0001 FSUIPC logging bit cleared: 6 ### Blocked: attempt made to change LogOptions via 3400, data 0x0005 FSUIPC logging bit set: 2 ### Blocked: attempt made to change LogOptions via 3400, data 0x0401 FSUIPC logging bit set: 10 ### Blocked: attempt made to change LogOptions via 3400, data 0x0041 FSUIPC logging bit set: 6 [EVNT] LUA logging switched on - Level 1 I'll look for the fault files
  8. Fleahead

    Not Communicating To FSUIPC

    FSUIPC 5.121b Registered + LINDA + P3DV4.1 The summary page in LINDA shows "Everything is OK!" in all Configuration checklists. Sync To Sim is active. When I operate the various buttons they respond in the Joystick configuration windows. I assigned any basic command to any button in LINDA and save it, the sim does not respond to the button. If I assign the same command to the same button in FSUIPC, it works properly. I assigning the same command to a keystroke in FSUIPC and that operated properly, but if I assign the same keystroke to a button in LINDA, it doesn't work. That is telling me that there is no communication between LINDA-FSUIPC. I have tried this with different aircraft and it doesn't matter if I use Saitek or CH controllers.
  9. Fleahead

    MegaScenery V3 Not Impressed

    I'm not at all impressed with the V3 scenery. I just installed the new Ohio V3. For some reason, I was under the impression that the LOD was going to be improved in V3. It is not. It just has newer 2015 imagery. I guess I have V3 mixed up with the 4X MSE products, which appear tp be around LOD19. V3 appears to be no better than LOD15 at best. I have several of the Ultimate Cities, like Pittsburgh and Cleveland, which are excellent.
  10. The real question here is, why in the world, with the hi-end hardware you have purchased, would you still be messing with a Fred Flintstone flightsim like FS9?
  11. Install went normally as with my other Carenado airplanes, however the Seneca V is not listed in the vehicle list. Everything seems to be there in the SimObjects\Airplanes\Carenado PA34_Seneca_V folders, but I'm not sure what all is suppost to be there. The install showed no errors or file access issues. Any ideas? I just noticed that in AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\SimObjects - all my Carenado have folders there except for the new Seneca V. I would presume that would be a problem, but why?
  12. Fleahead

    How to disable saitek panels?

    I presume the one I found came from a Saitek driver install package. Saitek (Madkatz) doesn't make anything easy. I've still never got my pro trim wheel to be stable in p3d. It screws up the other usb ports.
  13. Fleahead

    How to disable saitek panels?

    In order the completely disable my Saitek controls, even though I did not launch SPAD, I found a file running in Task Manager called SaiFlightSimX.exe. It resides in Program Files (x86)/Saitek. I just renamed it to SaiFlightSimX.temp and that stopped all controls from my Saitek panels completely.
  14. UAC is always disabled. Everything in my FS is set to Run As Admin. Since this started immediately after installing the latest version, I simply uninstalled and reinstalled. That fixed it. That's what I should have done in the first place, but for some reason I failed to follow my own normal troubleshooting procedures. Thanks for the reply. I've been using MCE since you released it, and have very few issues. Jim in Ohio
  15. P3dv3.1 - Windows10 - i7 - GTX970 - 16G After installing 2659, I've noticed some strange things. The observations listed below are evident on both Aerosoft A320X and Carenado C90GTX. MCE is loaded and Real Cockpit Crew Coordination - Talk To ATC Controllers - Sim User Interface Voice Control are the only three features set under the General tab. Both of the planes I use are C&D when loaded. 1) The first thing I always do after loading the flight, is have MCE open the flight planner to load the flightplan. Now, when I say SHOW FLIGHT PLANNER the information bar tells me Dialog voice activation not permitted in critical phase. I get the same message when I attempt any interface control commands that used to work before. I just go ahead and manually open the flight planner to load my flight plan. 2) Command SET PARKING BRAKE - I see "set parking brake" appear on the text line, but MCE says Do you want to destroy the gear on landing or what? Let's pretend I didn't hear that. This is occurring before I even turn the batteries on. 3) Command GEAR UP/DOWN - During cockpit prep, if the gear is already down and I say "Gear up" MCE responds with Gear already up. If I say "Gear down", MCE says Speed check. Gear coming down. It appears to me from these responses that MCE believes we are already in an establish flight. 4) I can't set the speed in the autopilot. When I say "SET SPEED 159" I see the exact verbiage in the text line, but MCE responds with I'm sorry, what did you say? Speed? If I reply with "159" MCE will say Confirm that. After that it just ignores me. All other AP commands work fine like "ALTITUDE 5000" or "HEADING 250". These issues are consistent. Happens every flight... every time.