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  1. Hi guys, I've downloaded project/x recently and I've noticed that when I'm using it for a flight the default FSX ATC still continues working and I'm hearing instructions both from PATC and default FSX ATC. Is it a bug or not? And if yes, how can I fix it?
  2. Hi all, I am currently flying the Aerosoft's Airbus serie IAE engined aircrafts and for a while now, I have decided to became a more sophisticated flight planner as well. The first thing I've done was to install PFPX and in time I learned quite a lot from it. It gives me pleasure to use it but I cannot use TOPCAT with PFPX, (I did not even buy it) since it doesn't support any Aerosoft aircraft. So I wonder if you have some advices of any alternatives to TOPCAT. Also there is a performance sheet printing feature in the aerosoft's Airbus as well and I cannot be sure if such an add-on is really necessary for realism. I am waiting for your advices. Best regards, Enis
  3. Hi all, I wonder if it is possible to assign one way taxi routes in the AFCAD files? I am densely using Taxi2gate LTBA scenery and for LTBA there are some real-world ground movement charts showing different procedures for the use of taxiways in different crosswind runway configurations. Is it possible to make the ATC assign taxiways according to these real-world procedures? Is that something related with the AFCAD? I really want to apply that to my airport if it is possible because in its absence the AI traffic could easily have conflicts with each other on the taxiways and it becomes chaotic and unrealistic. thanks.
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