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  1. Turns out my AV had other ideas. I'll try to to load some updates and see if they finally connect to p3d and the Cdrive AIG folder. Grrrrrr. Thanks, gents, for the back-up!
  2. RTFM and still I'm not blessed. yeah, I got the planes, but everything got installed in a VTR root/harddiskvolume5 folder that the exe file won't work in. Where did your files go? I'm using Windows 7. I don't see any planes, except defaults I arranged, if I turn of UTL.
  3. first of all, I'm that dumb that I never tried multiple WOAI loads. second: where are the AI planes? included or in separate packs at different sites? (WOAI were all in one place). I'll give it a shot. And thanks.
  4. So, we have to load each airline individually, as in WOAI? I don't see this tool helping me get planes or flight plans. It only reads my WOAI files and plans. Not intuitive.
  5. Yeah, I've been using it that way and it's nice. However, Matt said HDR had to be off. Looks like we go blithely on our own way. I like Matt's settings because I can adjust in the game easily. Cheers!
  6. I really liked Matt's preset with my p3d 4.3, but that was because I could use HDR. Matt made a preset, but HDR was best turned off. Has Matt settled things and made a new preset where I can use HDR again? Cheers!
  7. I have Dell. This is happening only for my P3D v4 versions, not the FSX. Update: The reinstall worked and the Op Center is seeing my P3D v4 models. Thanks, PMDG forum contributors!
  8. I have a paid, latest file of FSUIPC ( installed in P3Dv4.3. I'm getting a message saying "we have detected that fsuipc might not be installed properly on your system. please download and Install fsuipc as it is required for some of our products to work." What is happening?
  9. Thank you, indeed. This plane looks and feels marvelous
  10. You know, I turned off all the water yesterday to no effect, but your suggestion made all the difference. Thank you!
  11. I have P3D v4.2. I installed PTA for the first time and used Matt's presets. I noticed the water looked jagged far away, but it looked normal when I turned off PTA. I don't want to lose PTA, it looks great otherwise. What is conflicting here? http://s265.photobucket.com/user/danroman56/media/P3D/2018-2-25_13-48-57-13_zps2dwievco.jpg.html
  12. first I'd like to get my wish out of the way: I'd like to be able to declare my own parking--I often hear real ATC ask pilots what parking they are set for.... Another thought: I have trouble with VoxATC and Aerosoft's Airbus A318-21 and the A2A products, but they are quite demanding models. Another thought: Now, I'd like to compliment you on what you have accomplished so far. I've had a learning curve--read commentaries, watched Youtubes. Each flight my experience with VoxATC gets more entertaining.
  13. I use acceleration. I've had some good VFR and IFR flights, but also some mishaps. pros outweigh the cons, and, I'm sure, with our input, the cons will dwindle....
  14. Thank you.... at any rate, the registry software had no effect, neither did uninstalling and reinstalling the plane (making sure I deleted all the files that were not uninstalled by the system.)
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