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  1. Fortunately, it was easy to reactivate them with the Merge function on the voice file. Whew! Thanks for talking me through, Dave!
  2. I followed the video on Youtube to download MS voices for many languages and had enjoyed using them until a week or so ago. Suddenly, only the desktop voices are available and the others are not to be found in P2A. They are in their files in the system, ready to use, but P2A does not show them anymore. What did I miss?
  3. small airports are not showing up in p2a (msfs 2020). Neofly uses a lot of fields/strips that show up in the sim and LNM, but not in p2a. these fields are all default in msfs 2020 so is this just a limitation in p2a? If not, how can get these airfields to show on p2a?
  4. Thank you very much for the information. Sorry to see this so late. Cheers
  5. I've noticed that issue as well. Takeoffs recorded for flights w/o P2A, but not with it.
  6. Is there a method or is it in the works to save an ATC voice configuration. I have voices that work for Nippon, UK, and the US and would like to just click a saved setting and all the voices are there, rather than changing each voice by hand (16?) each time I fly in those regions. By the way, the Japanese voices pronounce Japanese cities correctly, whereas the US/UK voices are miserable there and vice versa.
  7. Well, that makes sense, I have Is there a way to get reminders when a new version is released?
  8. Hi, it's February 2021 and it there a working solution to this, yet? I have P2A set to NOAA and still get no metar for my airports - the active runway only is announced, sometimes not in sync what what is the real wind direction according to NOAA. At least I can force the runway for takeoff, right?
  9. See, I have been doing that, setting it on the plane, typing it in on Pilot2ATC, and still, I get, "2992". As I said, the pressure difference is not an issue as Pilot2ATC does not call me on in. I also just noticed that traffic proximity reports were opposite the direction from my plane (first at 9 o'clock reported at 3; second at 3, reported at 9). A third call was on the money. Cheers!
  10. So, it's not monitoring the weather source, ie, the sim, but what I put into it on the console and by hand into Pilot2ATC on an on-going basis through the flight?
  11. Twice now, as I've finally got decent voice communication going throughout the flight, I've noticed as I get Takeoff clearance that, even though the sim barometer (on the plane) and the display in the upper right corner of Pilot2ATC are showing the same pressure, all the ATC readbacks are 2992. It's a small issue as Pilot2ATC does not care about the difference in pressure I'm using, but I thought I'd let the makers know. BTW, I am really enjoying Pilot2ATC on my beginner level and intend to learn more. Thanks for making this software possible.
  12. Turns out my AV had other ideas. I'll try to to load some updates and see if they finally connect to p3d and the Cdrive AIG folder. Grrrrrr. Thanks, gents, for the back-up!
  13. RTFM and still I'm not blessed. yeah, I got the planes, but everything got installed in a VTR root/harddiskvolume5 folder that the exe file won't work in. Where did your files go? I'm using Windows 7. I don't see any planes, except defaults I arranged, if I turn of UTL.
  14. first of all, I'm that dumb that I never tried multiple WOAI loads. second: where are the AI planes? included or in separate packs at different sites? (WOAI were all in one place). I'll give it a shot. And thanks.
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