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  1. Wow nice work! Didn't realize Emirates had THAT many 77W:s!
  2. Nice video! Gotta try some Kenya routes, and see if there's some nice scenery to get.
  3. Hi Tobias!Just checked on AVSIM, it's available now!Look for delta_wavy_tail.zip
  4. There is a Primera done with a link somewhere, I think way back in this thread.Try a search on Primera, and I think you'll find it!
  5. You're welcome. Just don't zoom in too much on those wavesbelow the tail...lol... spent hours tryin to align them decently! B-D
  6. Just uploaded Delta 'Wavy Tail' to AVSIM. Should be available in a few hours.
  7. Delta 'wavy tail' coming together. Still a little rough 'round the edges though, with som obvious things missing.
  8. Hi, Carlitos!I just started out on the Delta Wavy Tail! It looks like a fun livery to do! It's gonna take some time, gonna try to squeeze it through this weekend! Doin' some great progress right now, but no promises man!See you!
  9. Two Scandinavians uploading right now to AVSIM: Snowflake LN-RPN 'Bergfora Viking' LN-RPO 'Thorleif Viking'
  10. Thanks Etienne! It resolved, didnt think of removing them from the alpha layer.
  11. Hi, repainters!Can anyone explain to me how to use the window plugs?Thanks in advance!
  12. Maybe, right now I'm working on a Scandinavian Classic paint scheme for the -800WL, soon finished! Considering the Snowflake too!
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