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  1. No one was calling anyone stupid. And secondly it's not threat. I have been on these forums just browsing for years. I see the replies and I can't believe a company talks like that with it's customers. Anyways I'll submit the ticket. I might even get lucky and get a response.. Who knows!?
  2. http://prntscr.com/g2kyri. If you would mind clicking on that link you would see that we CAN actually ask questions here instead of just opening a ticket seeing as this is not specific to one person. In a short time of 4 hours 2 other members have now reported this issue and I'm sure there are more. They probably just don't want to post on this forum as it's usually filled with stupid replies like yours. As for now I'll wait for someone from PMDG to reply to my post and maybe then open a ticket. Don't even know why I still buy PMDG products if this is the "support" you get. Can't even imagine what submitting a ticket will be like.
  3. Hi, After updating my PMDG ops center this morning I am no longer able to download and install liveries from Ops center. I have attached a picture to show the error I am getting: https://photos.app.goo.gl/gwHk9KyJPfa8sFUf1 I am running OC as admin, gave P3Dv4 folder all the rights, AV off. As I said only happened after the update as I was still downloading liveries on Friday. Hopefully this can be fixed. Kind Regards Marno Koen
  4. I am having the same problem. I am however not even lucky enough to get a event in event viewer. It happens when I try and enlarge the PFD. Has anyone found a fix? PMDG maybe? Marno Koen
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