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  1. Hi I have lost the Icon for the Steam Library etc. Luckily I had the Game set to play Offline so I can still use it. But I cannot get to the main page with Library etc. Any ideas please? ( I must have deleted the Icon by mistake sometime.) I do still have the Microsoft FSX Icon. Thank you.
  2. Hi Has anyone tried the FSX-SE Boeing 747 200/300 ? If so , Is it any good? Thanks Corrie
  3. Thanks for your reply Dave. But it was working earlier that day, so I doubt SimConnect is the problem.
  4. Hello all. I have been using Simlink for some time now, but yesterday I had to Re-install FSX-SE to fix an error. (unknown Engine) Since then Simlink does not work on my Laptop. It is broadcasting on my Flight sim PC but cannot connect on the Laptop which it always did before. Note: The simlink Icon on the PC claims it is broadcasting. Does anyone have a solution please? Corrie
  5. It will remove any add-on airports etc. The last time I verified the integrity is used up 20GB of my Broadband allowance. (Note:- it did not remove Steam add on's )
  6. Thanks a lot Jerome I had previously thought the diameter was around 4 inches and then realized the fuel in the hose would has been far too heavy. Many Thanks Corrie
  7. Hi Can someone please tell me what the diameter of the refuelling Hose is on the Probe and Drogue Refuelling system used on RAF Aircraft such as the Voyager KC2. Also if possible the Voyager KC3 with the Fuselage Refuelling Unit. Thank you for reading this request. Corrie
  8. Thank you Guys Must be Navigraph missing it.
  9. Hi Can any one explain why Navigraph Search can't find a waypoint: GANET which is West of Dublin runway 10. It is on my Aerosoft A321 MCDU. So must exist. I have looked on OpenNav but that shows it NE of Dublin in the Irish Sea. Which is the Wrong Location. My Navigraph is the latest update and I use Airac 1904. Is it just that Navigraph are slow updating? Thank you for reading this. PS. I track my Flights on a second PC with Simlink.
  10. I don't think Dovetail Games are interested. Its been like this for months now.
  11. No I was not using a saved flight, but was using the same airport (LFTW) for testing. With Navigraph simlink. Will test again tomorrow from another Airport. Regards Corrie
  12. Thanks charliearon Yes doing that the gear came up with a buzzer sounding. I did not know one could do that, and I have certainly never done it before. Is there a fix? After take off and the gear was up, I stopped the flight and restarted. This time the gear worked Ok. I am sure on previous flights I was not going to fast before lifting the gear the gear. Will have to see how it goes. Thank you. Corrie
  13. After about a year flying only the Aerosoft Airbus A321.I went back to the Learjet.(FSX-SE) Now I find the Gear is stuck in the down position, regardless if I use the 'G' Key or as I normally do the F8 Key on my Black Widow Flight Stick. The Three Lights stay Green but the Panel Gear lever does move up and down. When landing I get the message "Gear UP" but it is Down. Any Ideas please? I had tried the Boeing 747 before the Learjet and that was OK. Regards Corrie
  14. Thank you guys. That sounds good advice. Regards.
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