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  1. Corrie

    FSX:SE Home Screen Has Changed - Why?

    I don't think Dovetail Games are interested. Its been like this for months now.
  2. Corrie

    Learjet Gear Jammed down

    No I was not using a saved flight, but was using the same airport (LFTW) for testing. With Navigraph simlink. Will test again tomorrow from another Airport. Regards Corrie
  3. Corrie

    Learjet Gear Jammed down

    Thanks charliearon Yes doing that the gear came up with a buzzer sounding. I did not know one could do that, and I have certainly never done it before. Is there a fix? After take off and the gear was up, I stopped the flight and restarted. This time the gear worked Ok. I am sure on previous flights I was not going to fast before lifting the gear the gear. Will have to see how it goes. Thank you. Corrie
  4. After about a year flying only the Aerosoft Airbus A321.I went back to the Learjet.(FSX-SE) Now I find the Gear is stuck in the down position, regardless if I use the 'G' Key or as I normally do the F8 Key on my Black Widow Flight Stick. The Three Lights stay Green but the Panel Gear lever does move up and down. When landing I get the message "Gear UP" but it is Down. Any Ideas please? I had tried the Boeing 747 before the Learjet and that was OK. Regards Corrie
  5. Corrie

    Navighraph Flights This Route is Invalid

    Thank you guys. That sounds good advice. Regards.
  6. Corrie

    Navighraph Flights This Route is Invalid

    Thanks Barry But I did enter both in the boxes, and feel sure I did not put them in the flight plan before, when it did work OK. although I entered the plan manually before. also I used Flight planner that time. Corrie
  7. Hi I have a problem with Navigraph not accepting Flights that have been Validated by Simbrief. One example was the following. Cut from Simbrief and Pasted into Navigraph Flights. Malagar to Inverness BLN2H BLN UN865 DELOG UN864 NITON UP17 NOKIN UP16 RIBEL UN601 TLA UL613 FINDO N610 LAGAV Your route is valid for AIRAC 1808! Route distance: 1302 nm (+ 3.9%). I had entered a flight name, and put in Departure and Arrival Then it comes up with a message :- This Route is Invalid. I have double checked and found no obvious problem. This has occurred on three different routes now. I have had other successful flights. Although I am relatively new to Navigraph Flights. My flight Sim. On another PC accepted the route OK in the Aerosoft Airbus A321 MCDU. Using Airac 1808 Navigraph will track a flight alright. So the two PCs are communicating. I am using the latest version. I hope someone has a suggestion. Is it me? Or is it a common problem. Thank you for reading this. Regards.
  8. Corrie

    Navigraph on two PCs

    Thank you guys
  9. Corrie

    Navigraph on two PCs

    I can someone tell me, Can I use Navigraph on two PCs. My Flight Simulator is on a Windows 10 (FSX SE) but my Navigraph is on a Windows7 PC At the moment I am Un-subscribed but am returning shortly. I understand they have a moving map. does that work on a second PC? ie both computers on. Thanks Corrie
  10. Corrie

    Navigraph Charts Quarantined

    Thanks Luke Something to think about, but will see if there are any other ideas first. Regards Corrie
  11. Hi All Can anyone please tell me how to Stop 'BT Virus Protect' (McAfee) from Quarantining my Navigraph Charts Desktop shortcut. This has happened twice now. I am able to restore it, but surely there must be a way to prevent it re-occurring. I use a Windows 7 PC for Navigraph Charts, and a Window 10 PC for FSX Steam edition; using a different Antivirus program. Thank you. Sorry if posted in the wrong place. Corrie
  12. Corrie

    FSX:SE Home Screen Has Changed - Why?

    Still not fixed and it is now May. Regards
  13. Corrie

    Windows 10 and FSX/FSX-SE

    I disconnect my hub using the taskbar and fly FSX-SE offline. That stops Windows 10 interfering.
  14. Corrie

    FSX:SE Home Screen Has Changed - Why?

    Same here I am connected to the internet. Regardless of what Jim says something has changed. We can't all be wrong.
  15. Corrie

    Recover lost Airac Cycle

    Hi I have downloaded the Current Cycle 1803 from Navigraph. Unfortunately it has not updated the Aerosoft Airbus A321. The Path used by Navigraph was as follows. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\Common\FSX\Aerosoft\Airbus_Fallback\Navigraph