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  1. Corrie

    Navigraph on two PCs

    Thank you guys
  2. Corrie

    Navigraph on two PCs

    I can someone tell me, Can I use Navigraph on two PCs. My Flight Simulator is on a Windows 10 (FSX SE) but my Navigraph is on a Windows7 PC At the moment I am Un-subscribed but am returning shortly. I understand they have a moving map. does that work on a second PC? ie both computers on. Thanks Corrie
  3. Corrie

    Navigraph Charts Quarantined

    Thanks Luke Something to think about, but will see if there are any other ideas first. Regards Corrie
  4. Hi All Can anyone please tell me how to Stop 'BT Virus Protect' (McAfee) from Quarantining my Navigraph Charts Desktop shortcut. This has happened twice now. I am able to restore it, but surely there must be a way to prevent it re-occurring. I use a Windows 7 PC for Navigraph Charts, and a Window 10 PC for FSX Steam edition; using a different Antivirus program. Thank you. Sorry if posted in the wrong place. Corrie
  5. Corrie

    FSX:SE Home Screen Has Changed - Why?

    Still not fixed and it is now May. Regards
  6. Corrie

    Windows 10 and FSX/FSX-SE

    I disconnect my hub using the taskbar and fly FSX-SE offline. That stops Windows 10 interfering.
  7. Corrie

    FSX:SE Home Screen Has Changed - Why?

    Same here I am connected to the internet. Regardless of what Jim says something has changed. We can't all be wrong.
  8. Corrie

    Recover lost Airac Cycle

    Hi I have downloaded the Current Cycle 1803 from Navigraph. Unfortunately it has not updated the Aerosoft Airbus A321. The Path used by Navigraph was as follows. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\Common\FSX\Aerosoft\Airbus_Fallback\Navigraph
  9. Corrie

    Recover lost Airac Cycle

    Thank you for the reply. I can do that later via Simbrief. (I think) Regards Corrie.
  10. Hello All I recently had to reinstall Windows 10, and FSX Steam etc. I mainly fly the Aerosoft A321, but my Airac Cycle has reverted to the original. I lost my Navigraph FMS Data Manager. But have now downloaded the later version. Unfortunately I have forgotten how to recover my Airac Cycle (1708), the latest is 1803 How do I recover my current Airac Cycle? The free charts I use are never completely up to date, so I would like to recover Airac Cycle “1708” if possible. The message “You do not have any addons Mapped” keeps coming up on the Navigraph screen. Thank you & hope somebody can help.
  11. Corrie

    Airport Scenery problem Windows 10

    Thank you Charlie. The Slide was only half way. Cardiff is better now. Will compare it with the one you found, on my Win7 PC. I do have three Payware Airports downloaded from Steam. They are fine. Paris Orly, Inverness, & Ben Gurion. I base my flights at Paris Orly. ( I am in UK) I need to find the other problem now. "No Items match your search" in the Scenery Library, Add Area. I haven't had time to look at your Video yet. Will do it now. Corrie
  12. Corrie

    Airport Scenery problem Windows 10

    Hi Some airports will load. But with others, I get the message "No Items match your search" in the Scenery Library, Add Area. Is it possible some FSX Scenery (airports) will not work in FSX-SE ? I got them from "Flyaway Simulation" and have used them before on other PCs, Including this one. This is Windows 10 which had to be Re-Installed. Keeping my files, but not applications. Note: Cardiff EGFF loaded but all of the Terminal building are missing, It used to be Very good. Corrie
  13. Corrie

    Airport Scenery problem Windows 10

    Thank you Charlie EGFF Cardiff is now at the top of the list now, but the airport is not as it was. I will try anotherone tomorrow. Corrie
  14. I am having trouble installing airport scenery in FSX-SE The airport is in the folder Addon Scenery, Scenery folder. Mine is. Program Files(x86)\Steam\Steamapps\common\FSX\Addon Scenery\Scenery\egff_upd I Start FXS-SE, go to Settings, Scenery Library, Add Area. I now go to “Look in” and scroll down to FSX. Click on Addon Scenery. This brings up 2 Folders. Scenery and Texture. This is where I get confused. What do I put in Directory, And Scenery Area Title ? After several attempts and blank lines numbered 1 and 2 at the top of the scenery area I have given up for now. I have installed Airports before, but have forgotten how. I am using Windows 10 that was Re-Installed while keeping my Documents, after an update disaster. Steam was also Re-Installed. The result was I lost all my addon airports and aircraft. I have followed several online advice links without success. I previously had both FSX & FSX-SE but only the one now. Note: My Steam addons are working OK Thank you for reading this. Hope someone can help. Corrie
  15. Corrie

    Flying days per week

    Thank you scianoir for a detailed answer, and just what I needed to know. Happy flying, Regards Corrie