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  1. Airforce one livery please..

    Sorry, I didn't mean the actual systems. I meant the sensors on the exterior, etc. Purely aesthetic.
  2. Airforce one livery please..

    I have a feeling they'll include a paint with the release of the 747-8 expansion, as the next AF1 will be based on it. Maybe they'll go the extra mile and all the unique features like refueling port and anti-attack devices.
  3. This might answer your question, from the Intro doc: "Service Based failures will provide you with a highly realistic simulation of failures on and operational airplane. As you fly the simulator, the total flight time and system operation of the airplane is tracked. The combination of factors will be compared against known data predicting the Mean Time Before Failure for every component on the airplane."
  4. I'll preface this by stating I've run some searches on this forum and looked through Intro doc and FCOM. I'm curious about the maintenance schedule on the Queen. Specifically, when to refill engine oil. So far I've logged about 22 hours on N127UA, and I haven't done any maintenance... Is it time for me to turn in my wings?
  5. Cool Features / Easter Eggs

    One thing I noticed on the flight I'm doing right now is that as soon as I turned off the seatbelt signs, the screen in the center console said "PA IN USE" -- presumably the flight attendant telling the passengers to not be dummies and unfasten their seatbelts while seated. It's the small things that really immerse you! Can't wait to see what else I find.
  6. Squared lights

    I'm not seeing what you're referring to? Can you be more specific? Nevermind, I see it. Not sure. Maybe someone else has an idea.
  7. Difficult Approach Into SFO

    If you were using real world weather last night, I don't think the 28 runways were in use. I know they were departing on 10 L/R, so likely arriving on 19 L/R. I'm sure the tailwind didn't help.
  8. "Pixeled" textures

    I too have this. Rather annoying to look at. Using FSX. Don't see this problem on the 737/777.
  9. Unbelievably good visuals.

    I knew I saw Ponta Delgada in there. Short runway for the Queen! Have flown into LPPD many times in my life...

    I've had quite good FPS on this bird. During my first flight there were two occasions where it fell to 8-9 FPS for about 1 minute each time (which was strange). Other than that, it was usually about 25 FPS (which is, sadly, good for my rig).
  11. Can confirm I've also had this issue. Last night I was planning a flight from Denver to San Francisco, and despite fully programming the FMC, I wasn't getting altitudes or V-speeds. It was definitely weird. Then I did something and they appeared. Problem is: I don't remember what I did to fix the issue. Won't be able to fly again until tonight, so I'll see if I can recreate. In the meantime, I'll follow this thread.
  12. Well done, team.

    Already on my first flight from KDEN - KSFO. No issues, and she runs smoothly! Everything I had hoped for! Thanks!
  13. I see a picture of the 747 crashing through on the PMDG website.
  14. Maybe today is the day, then! I've got my hopes up, don't let me down, PMDG! :wink: