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  1. FIXED! I went to open up the PDF in the Global Ship v1 download and it was corrupted. Then i figured maybe the whole folder is missing files. Re downloaded and solved! I have beautiful ships all over the show. Thanks for people supporting and thanks to the authors of the entire ships package.
  2. I only have payware aircraft and scenery. No AI other than the ships have been added. I just tried to scan using AIFP and it found no FS9 files in the P3D directory I've double checked the folders, definitely AI boats are in simobjects\boats and the traffic.bgls are in scenery\world\scenery. In the scenery library however i have default terrain at the bottom and default scenery above it. Only thing i'm puzzled by is the target directories here; Default Scenery = Scenery\Base Default Terrain = Scenery\World Is that the problem here? This is default and I have not altered it.
  3. Could someone help please? Cannot get this working in P3D after perfect success in FSX. Thank you
  4. I have been a user of the Global Ship package on FSX (thanks for the hard work!) however when installing into P3D4 i see no ships :( i'm new to P3D altogether. I installed the 2 packages, v1 and v2. Both went into the p3d folder coping into the relevant effects, simobjects, scenery, sound etc. Ship traffic at 10/12%. Load San Francisco and Gibraltar and see nothing. Any tips please?
  5. FPS effect is negligible if at all from my experience. I have the whole lot installed and working.
  6. All sorted. I have AI ships and AI aircraft now! Those couple of rogue flightplans mentioned above were converted and moved all the other AI flightplans back over. So it really was just a FS9 to FSX flightplan conversion issue my end.
  7. Update to my issue above; I have ships working again :smile: after i nailed a few rogue FS9 AI flightplans from the world/scenery folder! So question is really, how do i get AI aircraft into the sim without conflicting. Baring in mind i had already tried added AI, converted the AI FPs to FSX using AIFP but that did not work. Is there a walk through as to how to properly convert AI FPs incase i am doing it wrong?
  8. I seem to have the same AI issue a few people have reported. Fairly new FSX SE install, and i installed the AI ships before AI aircraft. I had the ships working which was great then I installed AI aircraft and they disappeared. I have converted all FS9 traffic files and replaced with FSX versions with AIFP in the World/Scenery folder. I set the ship traffic slider at 15%, no boats visible anywhere. AIFP finds no more FS9 traffic files. Any ideas at all please? EDIT:- My AI traffic has also disappeared after changing the traffic bgls from FS9 to FSX. I backed up everything before editing. I have also tried removing all AI aircraft traffic BGLs altogether leaving just the boats, taking the sim back to pre AI aircraft install, and i don't have any boats in the sim either now.
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