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  1. Thanks Jim, that was it! I was using the FBW standlaone liveries but still on the stable build, didnt relaise that was a thing. Out of interest do you know whats in the dev build that is not in the stable, am I missing out on much? Appreciate the support
  2. Hi Jim, Ah right, yes i have installed the stable version. So this could be the issue! I'll give one of the older liveries a go and i should be fixed! I will keep my fingers crossed and give it a blast now. Thank you
  3. Hi, Before I go on I have read countless posts on this 'problem' that i seem to have and everything i have tried just does not work. I'm stumped! I've not used MSFS that much in fairness since its launch hype however i decided to install the new standalone FlybyWire A320N via the installer. This works fine, is installed in the Community folder and i can fly the plane in the FlybyWire default livery. I cannot for the life of me get any other liveries working whatsoever. I've read the article on converting older liveries however i'm trying to download the most up to date liveries for this build and just add it to the community folder and off i go. These liveries are all available for free https://flightsim.to/c/liveries/flybywire-a32nx/ and i'm confident they should be working for this version of the aircraft. The BA G-TTNH is one example. The main folder 'FBW-A320-BAW' is in Community then within that you have 'Simobjects', 'layout.json' and 'manifest.json'. and further folders which all appear standard as per the folder structure. When i go into MSFS, select the A320N, livieries, nothing shows. I have gone into the hanger and tried selecting other aircraft and then selecting livieries here but still nothing is showing. What have i done wrong guys, i'm tearing my hair out here? I've been simming for 20 odd years so i understand the file structure of P3D etc, but this MSFS structure is like a basic as you can get yet i'm having no joy. Other add-ons in the community folder work as i installed an addon airport. HELP please! Thanks
  4. Thanks for your comments guys. There are definately a few things here that i can test out and may a max of 1.37v is fine after all. I did run a P3D test late yesterday and the voltage never sustained that high like it did on the benchmarking tests. It did get up to that level in some situations but was rare and more like 1.35v was maintained. I will give it a go and put EIST and C states back on. Everything i had watch seemed to imply that you should turn it off for manual OC. VCCIO and VCCSA i have no idea what that is however i have not touched it manually myself. See if i can crack 5.0Ghz!
  5. After some advice as a noob please. i9 9900K, Noctua NH-D15, MSI Z390 Gaming Plus, RTX2070 8GB Super, 16GB 3200Mhz RAM, Corsair TX750M. I have been reading and watching plenty of information on OC'ing the 9900K and i have successfully OC'd my last 6600k to 4.5Ghz previous to this. Problem i have is the CPU VCore seems to be pretty high under load (OCCT, Cinebench, Intel XTU) and i don't really know why when i have set the CPu Vcore manually in the BIOS. Also i am stuck at 4.9Ghz and cannot get to 5.0Gz without freezing seconds into OCCT. Current OC settings where i am stable but the VCore getting high. CPU Ratio - 49 Ring Ratio - 46 AVX offset - -1 CPU core voltage mode - Override CPU Vcore - 1.32v Load Line Calibration - Mode 2 EIST - Disabled CPU over current protection - 140% Intel C State - Disabled Long and Short Duration power limit - 4096 CPU Current Limit - 256 Max temp on any of the cores is 75C and there is no throttling from heat or anything else from what i can see on Intel XTU, GPU-Z Sensors etc. CPU VCore goes upto 1.36v to 1.37v on average in OCCT and Cinebench tests I would like to reduce the VCore as seen on many posts here as i dont think 1.37v is particularly stable for the long term. I think i have thermal room but i cannot seem to reduce the VCore and even on the above i cannot achieve 5.0Ghz which doesnt seem right as mnay people have with ease and lower VCore/ With my limited knowledge i am now struggling to work out what needs to change to improve things. Help please!
  6. FIXED! I went to open up the PDF in the Global Ship v1 download and it was corrupted. Then i figured maybe the whole folder is missing files. Re downloaded and solved! I have beautiful ships all over the show. Thanks for people supporting and thanks to the authors of the entire ships package.
  7. I only have payware aircraft and scenery. No AI other than the ships have been added. I just tried to scan using AIFP and it found no FS9 files in the P3D directory I've double checked the folders, definitely AI boats are in simobjects\boats and the traffic.bgls are in scenery\world\scenery. In the scenery library however i have default terrain at the bottom and default scenery above it. Only thing i'm puzzled by is the target directories here; Default Scenery = Scenery\Base Default Terrain = Scenery\World Is that the problem here? This is default and I have not altered it.
  8. Could someone help please? Cannot get this working in P3D after perfect success in FSX. Thank you
  9. I have been a user of the Global Ship package on FSX (thanks for the hard work!) however when installing into P3D4 i see no ships :( i'm new to P3D altogether. I installed the 2 packages, v1 and v2. Both went into the p3d folder coping into the relevant effects, simobjects, scenery, sound etc. Ship traffic at 10/12%. Load San Francisco and Gibraltar and see nothing. Any tips please?
  10. FPS effect is negligible if at all from my experience. I have the whole lot installed and working.
  11. All sorted. I have AI ships and AI aircraft now! Those couple of rogue flightplans mentioned above were converted and moved all the other AI flightplans back over. So it really was just a FS9 to FSX flightplan conversion issue my end.
  12. Update to my issue above; I have ships working again :smile: after i nailed a few rogue FS9 AI flightplans from the world/scenery folder! So question is really, how do i get AI aircraft into the sim without conflicting. Baring in mind i had already tried added AI, converted the AI FPs to FSX using AIFP but that did not work. Is there a walk through as to how to properly convert AI FPs incase i am doing it wrong?
  13. I seem to have the same AI issue a few people have reported. Fairly new FSX SE install, and i installed the AI ships before AI aircraft. I had the ships working which was great then I installed AI aircraft and they disappeared. I have converted all FS9 traffic files and replaced with FSX versions with AIFP in the World/Scenery folder. I set the ship traffic slider at 15%, no boats visible anywhere. AIFP finds no more FS9 traffic files. Any ideas at all please? EDIT:- My AI traffic has also disappeared after changing the traffic bgls from FS9 to FSX. I backed up everything before editing. I have also tried removing all AI aircraft traffic BGLs altogether leaving just the boats, taking the sim back to pre AI aircraft install, and i don't have any boats in the sim either now.
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