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  1. I keep having an issue with all my aircraft. My aircraft keep either having delayed yaw (the track changes then it takes 5-10 seconds for the heading to catch up), or my AOA suddenly is basically 0. It’s extremely frustrating. Attached are a picture and video of the issue. I haven’t managed to capture the the delayed yaw issue yet.
  2. SoloPilot

    Airlines.cfg airlines list?

    oh okay, that makes more sense. thank you.
  3. SoloPilot

    Airlines.cfg airlines list?

    That’s interesting, because I never had EditVoicePack and I had tons of airlines names in the cry, and ATC never had any issues. Of course, ones like JetBlue or Speedbird had to be put in as “Jet Blue” and “Speed Bird” to be recognized but ATC still recognized them. I guess I could just manually input them. I have some already and it’s working fine without EVP.
  4. SoloPilot

    Airlines.cfg airlines list?

    No, I'm not. I had a long list on my other computer for when I was flying and it worked. ATC called out both my callsign as well as AI callsigns perfectly fine.
  5. Is there by chance a download for an airlines.cfg file that contains all (or most) airlines? I thought I saw one a while back but I can't seem to find it now.
  6. SoloPilot

    737 Extreme Sound: Is it worth it?

    Okay, thanks. I wish there was a way to try out the soundpacks without buying them, but I'll just resort to YouTube videos. Again, thank you!
  7. The TFDi 737 Extreme Sound seems really good, and certainly better than the default FSX 737 sound. However, is it worth getting if I have the PMDG 737? Is the sound pack more realistic than the PMDG sound pack? Or would I be better off getting something from TSS?
  8. SoloPilot

    Best MD-80/90?

    Awesome, that's the level that I'm looking for
  9. SoloPilot

    Best MD-80/90?

    Okay, sweet. I heard somewhere that the Flight1 MD-80 was good but I wasn't too sure.
  10. SoloPilot

    Best MD-80/90?

    What's the best and/or most realistic MD-80/MD-90 addon for FSX?
  11. SoloPilot

    Best flight planning service?

    oh ok
  12. SoloPilot

    Best flight planning service?

    Oh wow, okay. I'll probably stick with SimBrief, as it's what's easily available to me and I don't have to pay anything for it. Thanks guys!
  13. What's the best flight planning tool for FSX? I'm especially wondering which has the best fuel prediction, specifically between TOPCAT and SimBrief. Which one of the two is more accurate in determining fuel amounts and reserve fuel?
  14. Yeah I know that, but it also gets stuck and doesn't load. I recently checked the integrity of the game files, so I'll see if that worked.
  15. Every time I try to launch FSX, it gets stuck on the splash screen and says "Completing setup: generating scenery file indexes." Is there any way to solve this issue?