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  1. SoloPilot

    A common topic: QW 757-2

    That worked, oddly enough.
  2. I know this is a common topic and a common issue. However, I can’t seem to find a solution anywhere. I, like many other people, am having issues with the QW 757 (Startup error: Unable to start QW757-2). Do any of y’all know a solution to this?
  3. SoloPilot

    I can't access my NGX manuals

    Yeah, I found manuals online and added them to iBooks
  4. SoloPilot

    I can't access my NGX manuals

    I sent a ticket and this is the response: ”With each PMDG product, we include a comprehensive tutorial that will teach you how to operate the airplane as is typically done by a modern flight crew. In the past we have had the opportunity to provide actual technical manuals in addition to the operational tutorial. We are currently negotiating to renew our license for this additional information and hope to be able to do so again in the near future. Many users may find various manuals freely available through many sites on the internet.”
  5. SoloPilot

    I can't access my NGX manuals

    I tried the repair function as well as a clean reinstall and got nothing
  6. SoloPilot

    I can't access my NGX manuals

    Okay, update. I appear to somehow be missing those four manuals. I just looked in my FSX\PMDG\PMDG 737NGX\Flight manuals and I only have the NGX introduction and the two tutorials. I have no clue why the others are missing or weren't installed.
  7. SoloPilot

    I can't access my NGX manuals

    It’s not an issue with all PDF files, just those 4 for me.
  8. SoloPilot

    I can't access my NGX manuals

    Thank you very much!
  9. SoloPilot

    I can't access my NGX manuals

    I didn’t see the other one. Sorry.
  10. SoloPilot

    I can't access my NGX manuals

    I can't access the FCOM (both volumes), FCTM, or QRH from the Operations Center for my NGX. I can click on them, but the supposed links do not open any documents and nothing happens.
  11. SoloPilot

    Camera shift as heading changes?

    Awesome, thank you so much
  12. Is there any way that I can prevent the view point from shifting as my heading changes? It’s starting to get a bit annoying and don’t want to constantly be shifting my camera. According to one of my friends, ChasePlane doesn’t eliminate this.
  13. I keep having an issue with all my aircraft. My aircraft keep either having delayed yaw (the track changes then it takes 5-10 seconds for the heading to catch up), or my AOA suddenly is basically 0. It’s extremely frustrating. Attached are a picture and video of the issue. I haven’t managed to capture the the delayed yaw issue yet.
  14. SoloPilot

    Airlines.cfg airlines list?

    oh okay, that makes more sense. thank you.
  15. SoloPilot

    Airlines.cfg airlines list?

    That’s interesting, because I never had EditVoicePack and I had tons of airlines names in the cry, and ATC never had any issues. Of course, ones like JetBlue or Speedbird had to be put in as “Jet Blue” and “Speed Bird” to be recognized but ATC still recognized them. I guess I could just manually input them. I have some already and it’s working fine without EVP.