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  1. Zaakit

    Android and/or iOS FSX aps.

    If you have the subscription you could use the navigraph charts app. Also, I think if you have FSUIPC4 there is an app where you can use your device as a radio panel, It is called Remote Flight Comm. This one is free but the rest of the developer's products are payware. Aviationpro did a video on this too.
  2. Hello, Do any of you know whether the 737 PIC by Wilco publishing will work on steam edition on Windows 10 64-bit? Also, I see on their website that they do different products for different operating systems, so which one will work for windows 10? Many Thanks.
  3. Hello, Does anyone have the DC-8 Jetliner Series 50 to 70 by Just Flight? If so, have any of you had a problem where you try to start the aircraft from a cold and dark state, but you can't see or use the Ground Power unit, even though the EXT PWR AVAIL light is illuminated. In the manual it says that you move one of the switches to the External Power mode and the GPU will connect, but when I do that nothing happens. With all 4 generators off you should see some of those yellow lights illuminated beneath the generator switches, but all of them were extinguished. It was supposed to have the Generator 2 and 4 bus power fail lights on when you turn on generators 1 and 3 but they were extinguished. Does anyone have a fix for this? I was really looking forward to this aircraft because the FMC is capable of VATSIM flights. Many thanks
  4. That looks really good, so if I were to put Simufly gauges into the Thomas Ruth A310 will it work?
  5. Zaakit

    CS 757-III no cockpit sounds

    I had this problem too in the PMDG 777. My solution was to remove an extension cord for my headphone socket and it worked. I didn't really mess around with files. It might be different for me though since they are two different add ones. My engine sounds outside were also very loud and unclear.
  6. I think there are a few websites that don't confirm whether it will work on steam edition. When buying an aircraft I always look at the developer's website. It is kind of annoying that the sim check a300 is not available for steam.
  7. Zaakit

    PMDG 777 APP mode

    Hello, I was on approach to EPKK ILS 25 when I was established on the localiser I pressed the approach mode button. But when I did that the thrust randomly increased and the plane didn't descend. I pressed it when the glideslope diamond was centred in the middle. When do I press the APP button. What position does the pink diamond on the PFD need to be at when I press the APP button. Thanks
  8. Zaakit

    Captainsim 757

    Hello, I just wanted to know what it the captain sim 757 like? I am looking for new add-ons for FSX:SE.
  9. Hello, thanks for replying, I have learnt to fly the PMDG 777 through computer based training, I was quite disappointed when I found the FCOM had been locked. Do both of these products have comprehensive FCOM's or does it rely on you to find an alternative way to fly? Zaakit.
  10. Hello, How does the majestic q400 compare to the Leonardo mad dog MD-82? I don't really care what kind of plane it is, as long as it is detailed and the same to the real life. I also would like to know if you can fly the Leonardo mad dog on VATSIM, with IFR capability with SIDS and STARS.
  11. Zaakit

    727 by captain sim or Q400?

    Ok thanks, I guess I will leave the captain sim then. Is the simcheck a300 any good? How does it compare to the Q400 and does it have all the controls the real a300 does like a pmdg aircraft?
  12. Zaakit

    727 by captain sim or Q400?

    Are captain sim as good as PMDG? I don't mind graphics or sound, as long the cockpit controls are close to real life. I am mainly looking for the products which have the best FCOM's and user manuals.
  13. Hello, I saw that captain sim aircraft for FSX:SE are on sale. The boeing 727 and 737-200 are only 35 USD. I am unsure about how good this is though. Another one I was interested in was the Q400 by majestic software. Should I wait for a sale on the q400 or buy the captain sim? I am into aircraft that are very close to real life like PMDG. Zaakit.
  14. I have been looking on the web for add-ons that are like PMDG but a lot of them are very expensive. What are the cheapest study-level aircraft that have all he systems the real version has? Zaakit.
  15. Thanks for replying. I am interested in the majestic q400. If I get the pilot version and not the pro, will I still get all the cockpit features? Zaakit