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  1. Vpilot now works for mfs2020. However, FLai model matching doesn't work for mfs2020. Does anybody know any other model matching software that'll work with mfs2020?
  2. Vpilot now works for mfs2020. However, FLai model matching doesn't work for mfs2020. Does anybody know any other model matching software that'll work with mfs2020?
  3. Carenado released a C182 that can be bought from the store in-game.
  4. I think that even though it has a lot of potential it still needs a lot of improvements and bug fixes, but I guess that's respectable since the game just came out today. The default aircraft are much better than fsx and the graphics are good even in the lowest setting. It's exciting to see what else Asobo and Microsoft have to offer to this sim in the future.
  5. My installation was similar to that yes. I dont know about 3 and 5 though sorry.
  6. When I tried them, the default a320neo and 747 had quite a few inop switches, and the fps was like 48 on my gtx 980. I found that my fps is better in the air than on ground
  7. Does anybody know when PMDG are coming to MSFS2020? Also, do you think they will sell the 737, 777, and 747?
  8. https://www.feelthere.com/shop/fsx/embraer-phenom-100-by-feelthere-le/
  9. Hello, I was thinking of buying the TFDi 717 for FSX:SE since it goes on sale on Cyber Monday. However, I have read many reviews that say whenever they change views the sim crashes. Is this just a P3D thing or is it for all sims? Many Thanks.
  10. On Cyber Monday I think you can use the code CYBERMONDAY and get 30% off
  11. There are a total of 14 products for sale. However, all of them are just flight products. https://www.justflight.com/category/black-friday-sale-2019
  12. Do you think we will see any aircraft or other scenery add-ons go on sale on November 29th?
  13. If you have the subscription you could use the navigraph charts app. Also, I think if you have FSUIPC4 there is an app where you can use your device as a radio panel, It is called Remote Flight Comm. This one is free but the rest of the developer's products are payware. Aviationpro did a video on this too.
  14. Hello, Do any of you know whether the 737 PIC by Wilco publishing will work on steam edition on Windows 10 64-bit? Also, I see on their website that they do different products for different operating systems, so which one will work for windows 10? Many Thanks.
  15. Hello, Does anyone have the DC-8 Jetliner Series 50 to 70 by Just Flight? If so, have any of you had a problem where you try to start the aircraft from a cold and dark state, but you can't see or use the Ground Power unit, even though the EXT PWR AVAIL light is illuminated. In the manual it says that you move one of the switches to the External Power mode and the GPU will connect, but when I do that nothing happens. With all 4 generators off you should see some of those yellow lights illuminated beneath the generator switches, but all of them were extinguished. It was supposed to have the Generator 2 and 4 bus power fail lights on when you turn on generators 1 and 3 but they were extinguished. Does anyone have a fix for this? I was really looking forward to this aircraft because the FMC is capable of VATSIM flights. Many thanks
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