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  1. The only issue I have is EZCA that doesn't work anymore on Windows 11 (fresh install). EZCA doesn't see installed simconnect libraries and gives "List index out of bounds (0)" error during setup/configuration. Other addons work without any problems.
  2. Unfortunately 8GB VRAM is not enaugh for VR with 2048 textures and EA off (CTDs), it's high time to wait for normal graphic cards prices and buy something with more VRAM 😕
  3. And what about too dark virtual cockpits? Did they improve VC lighting?
  4. Hi, I'm going to buy Oculus Quest 2 for P3D v4.5HF3 VR flying (had an opportunity to test it for a while and I liked it) and have 1 quick question: - does Tomatoshade (or other tools, eg. PTA, however I use TS+R&D preset) change visuals in VR? I'm curious if there's any visual difference in VR mode between default shaders and those changed by Tomatoshade, so maybe it's useless using shader tools for VR flying. Cheers.
  5. I wish I could get one big ZIP file for all AI traffic from AIG (the same way FLAi did) :) I tried AIG AIM OCI 4 times but passed. It takes too long to download and install all selected "airlines" (and sometimes I have to download files manually and then select them to proceed - it often takes a lot of time due to source bandwidth speed limits or just hangs). I fly online only so don't use AI flightplans. I fly between 15 airports only, so I chose in AIG airlines that fly to/from these airports (Wikipedia) only. However people often don't pay attention to real-world destinations used by airlines and it would be nice to get all models and liveries from AIG much easier. Downloading and installing all >1000 airlines is very painful and time-consuming.
  6. Hi, I have a quick question - what does FO exactly do when we enable FO PRELIM PROC or FO PREFLIGHT PROC. According to RYR SOP during Preflight Procedure PM (= FO) checks Oxygen mask, set EFIS, Clock, Display select panel, makes GPWS, etc. (I suppose only Oxygen mask test and GPWS test can be simulated) Preliminary Flight Deck Procedure is to be done by PF (= CPT). I mean which one should be enabled so CPT follows his own RYR flows and FO his own ones to get the most realistic immersion 🙂
  7. One of the youtubers said (of course I don't know if it's true, so you must verify) that sliders set to normal in P3Dv5 are the same as sliders set to max in P3Dv4 (the same visual effect). Maybe try this and check your performance vs visual quality.
  8. Hi, I don't use EA (it's good during a day, in the night there are still many issues I don't like). I bought it mainly for volumetric lights that you can see with low visibility outside and outside effects (for screenshots, clips, etc.). I think Simbol could confirm if this product changes taxi and landing lights brightness with/without EA, with low/normal visibility, because I haven't done any comparison 'with Immersion vs. no Immersion' yet, so can't tell you to buy it or not 🙂 Honestly I wouldn't buy it with regular price, because this is not the addon I really needed (it doesn't mean it's overpriced). But I bought it and I'm really happy with it. If you want - I can send you the screenshots from Immersion control panel so you can see all the options you can configure. You can still change landing and taxi lights color and brightness in effect files at your own risk. It's very easy to do.
  9. I've just bought 737 Immersion V2, love Black Fridays 😉 BTW, good job 🙂
  10. GPU related question - has anyone already tested RX 6800 XT in P3D? I'm curious which one - 3800 or 6800XT - gives better experience / performance in P3D.
  11. http://www.fsdreamteam.com/ Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY2020 I've just bought if after reading this thread (didn't know about this sale) and FSElite review.
  12. This is for EA off + HDR on: Night + dome light bright + panel lights on: Night + dome lights bright + panel and flood lights on: Will post more screenshots for EA on later.
  13. I'm at work so have no access to my home PC 🙂 As I remember there's one slider at the bottom ("Aircraft"). You must set it max to the left. I didn't touch any other sliders (all set to "Normal").
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