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  1. I've had CTDs with my RTX3080 + VR for a couple of months almost every 2nd flight, no matter if I used Quest 2 or Quest 3 headset. Neither reinstalling MSFS nor Windows solved issue. Newest version of NVIDIA driver and also versions marked by community as stable ones didn't solve the problem. I don't have OC set for my RAM, CPU, etc. But... after PMDG released UFT I completely unistalled VSR Radio and All In One Tablet (from FlightSimulator.Me), removed REX AccuSeasons textures and now I don't have any CTDs... So maybe some addons cause your problems with CTD (especially after SU13 update). It's worth to check it. The only addons/app I use with MSFS now are: PMDG 737-800, VPilot, Oculus App + Oculus Debug Tool + OpenXR Toolkit, FS2Crew RAAS, AI models (no injector) from FS Traffic and of course sceneries (activated for specific flight with MSFS Addon Linker). 0xc0000005 error is the worst error because you don't know what exactly triggered it and it may be anything (in my case one of the addons I removed, however I blamed MS/Asobo for this).
  2. Unfortunately it's not possible: https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/general-discussion-news-and-announcements/268165-21oct23-introducing-the-universal-flight-tablet-for-pmdg-s-microsoft-flight-simulator-airliner-fleet?p=268326#post268326 For me it's a no-go. I fly 100% in VR, so I need to view PDF checklists, QRH and other docs. Opening additional windows kills immersion for me. I hoped to switch from All In One Tablet to PMDG one, but the first one gives me basic functionality to open PDF files and check Vatsim ATC.
  3. Did some flights - neither issues nor improvements with 537.13 driver. I had CTDs almost every second flight, but since I stopped touching Nvidia Control Panel and changing MSFS NVIDIA profile settings I have no more CTDs.
  4. I'm really curious if VR users will be able to use it as a 3D tablet inside cockpit (not as a floating window/panel that kills VR immersion), just like All In One Tablet from FlightSimulator.me. Implementing Vatsim traffic/ATC map would be great as well (VSR Radio integrated in All In One Tablet is simply amazing for me when flying in VR).
  5. Robert S. Randazzo: "Poor results mean that a drag-and-drop conversion won't work. We don't have the free development resources to investigate beyond this point as all free resources are otherwise dedicated. While I recognize the lack of attention from us at this juncture is disappointing, it is worth understanding that we are completely task saturated and thus I am unable to cleave off any resources to support a market that currently represents <1% of our daily installation volume. It simply wouldn't be a good idea for us at this moment."
  6. I had to roll back to 528.49 after some FlightSimulator.exe CTDs with error 0xc0000005 (flying in VR, DX11). Everything seems to run stable now, but I will try the newest 535.98 driver. With DDU it's very easy to reinstall GPU drivers without any conflicts.
  7. I have this issue too. Sometimes I have to kill MSFS task and try run it again but usually after 1-2 tries (and sometimes after restarting my PC) I'm able to run MSFS. I have this even with fresh MSFS install but ONLY when I change settings from default to my own ones. So I suppose some specific settings cause this problem. Deleting saved cloud data doesn't work here. During MSFS loading the background music spikes for a while and when it stops I know MSFS will freeze with Flightsimulator.exe task using 0% CPU. I think only Asobo can fix this issue. I tried many tips and proposed solutions but nothing works here. It's not a big problem as soon as I'm able to run and use MSFS, however it's very VERY annoying.
  8. Thanks for recommendations. I tried both apps (All In One panels and Sky4Sim) and finally bought All In One (2.0.1). In Sky4Sim PDF files are completely unreadable even with quaility set to high (found out both apps convert PDF files to images due to MSFS limitations) and I can't change display to landscape. In All In One PDF files (practically speaking images) are readable for me in VR, however it's not that easy to navigate between pages to find specific chart. I really like internal web browser, however some pages display incorrectly and are unusable, eg. virtualperformancetool dot com, which I wanted to use inside the tablet. Hope MS/Asobo will add possibility to display PDF files inside the sim without converting them to images.
  9. I had the same issue and couldn't find any solution. Solved it removing rudder and brakes axes from FSUIPC and assigning these axes in MSFS. So FSUIPC was the problem here. If you use FSUIPC you can check it.
  10. Hi Guys, I'm still waiting for EFB to be released by PMDG but after their last posts I decided to ask here: what EFB do you recommend for VR? Freeware or payware, visually good looking, with functionality to open own PDF files (charts and other papers) with quite good navigation between files/pages and zoom in/out options. Cheers!
  11. I still use PFPX for flight planning (MSFS). If you need weather data you can use WX2PFPX tool (available on GitHub). It generates real-world weather data (the same format as for ActiveSky) so you can load it to PFPX and do the planning stuff.
  12. I hope they'll fix sim freeze during blue bar loading (even in vanilla state) + annoying pop-up messages in VR about being offline you have to close manually (not nice to crash an airplane during approach or landing because of this).
  13. Thank you Manuel, it works fine now 🙂
  14. Hi, I accidentally clicked IGNORE BTN after assigning yoke button and now can't get it working again (even after reinstall). How to unblock it? Cheers
  15. Great! Will try it out. Also having CTD with EIDW v1.1.1.
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