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  1. AdiR

    Environment Force Discussion Thread

    REX has a great support (Federico!), but I regret I bought it. I use PTA R&D Preset and the new EF version overrides PTA settings (too bright cockpit, grayish sky). I tried to play with Rayleigh values, ExposureKey and many more trying to set EF to get visuals similar to R&D Preset. Okay - terrain looks better (set Rayleigh values to the same as in PTA preset), sky is more saturated (Sky Index) but cockpit is still too bright for me and I don't feel it - everything looks "wanished". Just gave up after tweaking all day. I regret I deleted previous hotfix that didn't override HDR settings applied by PTA. I think EF is a really great tool (and will getting better and better), I loved previous build but I had to uninstall it.
  2. AdiR

    Rex EnvironmentForce out.

    I really love and use R&D preset for PTA. Does REX5 EF change environment colors, brightness, saturation etc. used by PTA preset? Or just morphing clouds/weather and not changing any environment visuals applied by PTA?
  3. Will check this again during the next flight :)
  4. Hi, I don't know if it's a bug, but: when PM asks for passengers release (after passing 10000') I say "OKAY". And I've noticed PM switches fasten seat belts sign to OFF-AUTO and then back to ON instead of switching it to OFF. I have this every flight. Thank you!
  5. AdiR

    SOP1 VOICE - lights

    Thank you! Cheers!
  6. Hi, Is it possible to change or omit this (just by skipping "LANDING" command)? With dynamic lights ON in P3D and all these lights turned on I have a huge framerate drop. I have no framerate drop using fixed landing lights only. I'm curios if "LANDING" command is a trigger for another FO procedures items. BTW - excellent product! I'm waiting for your UGCX 🙂
  7. AdiR

    P3D 4.2 - Anything Incompatible?

    I'm going to make a fresh P3Dv4.2 installation after FSUIPC update release. Is GSX and Active Sky working with v4.2? I read somewhere these addons have some problems with simconnect (no weather injection in ASN and problems with windows in GSX)... Cheers.
  8. AdiR

    Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    What about GSX, REX SkyForce 3D, EZDOK Camera and SODE? I suppose NGX works fine as usually with new P3D releases.
  9. AdiR

    Prepar3D v4.1 add-on compatibility

    I'm going to do a clean install of P3D v4.1 (not just update). Simbol, maybe you have CTD due to an update (?), I always do the clean install when a new version is released. It takes some time, but it gives me less (or no) issues.
  10. AdiR

    Prepar3D v4.1 add-on compatibility

    You can download it from his forum:
  11. AdiR

    Prepar3D v4.1 add-on compatibility

    NGX, EZDOK Camera, GSX, FTX Global?
  12. I had a slideshow with Sparse Grid Super Sampling (SGSS) and dynamic lights enabled, but this gave me absolutely no shimmering and the best visuals (I used P3D 8xMSAA with NI 4xSGSS). Changing this to P3D 8xMSAA with NI 8xSS solved performance problems having only little shimmering (which is acceptable for me especially when I had to choose - using my plane without taxi and landing lights reflecting a ground with very good performance and absolutely no shimmering - or using an aircraft with lights reflecting the ground during taxi and landing with a very good performance but little shimmering). I've found a perfect balance for me (taxi without external lights was really annoying). Solutions is quite easy - avoiding SGSS AA with dynamic lights enabled.
  13. I'll check this one later and give you an answer :)
  14. Hi guys, I don't know how it's possible but I can use dynamic lights having very good performance with NGX (but had problems with it - Almost no FPS drops with stable 35 fps and very good graphics quality at FlyTampa Amsterdam on Vatsim! I would like to share my settings, so here you are... I'm just curious if my configuration helps you giving you better performance with Dynamic Lights enabled. Now I can use my landing and taxi lights at night without any stuttering. Prepar3D v4.0.28.21686 + UTX Europe + FTX Global Base + Active Sky 2016 + ASCA PMDG 737-800NGX v1.20.8414 Intel Core i7 4790K OC 4,7 GHz NVIDIA GF 980 GTX SSD
  15. Hi, how to get UTX Lights working (at night) when FTX ORBX Global (P3Dv4) is installed? These from UTX Europe are much better for me (and I see much more lights). Kind regards, Solution found. Please delete this topic.