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  1. Thanks for the quick answer!
  2. Hi, I'm using P2ATC every flight, but I'm not using the microphone for commands. I just choose it from the droplist and then click "Say It" with the mouse. But with the latest version, there is a new feature "Load". It makes me have to do one more click on Load for my command to work. So is it possible to bypass or remove the "Load" feature?
  3. Right-click on the XP11 icon in Steam Library and go to properties. There you will find Betas. Just click on public betas in the drop down menu. If you want to go back to 11.26, just click on NONE and the beta is gone.
  4. I had the exact same problem. A blank GTN 750 but right-clicking on it the pop-up worked. I just reinstalled the Turbo Commander and then it worked. Have you tried that?
  5. Very well written, Chock. I've been a Steam customer almost since the start and now have more than 50 games and sims in the Library. And it works flawlessly. I had some hardware problems recently and had to make a Win10 repair. Since I have all the games on separate hard disks (SSDs) I just had to start up Steam and could use XP11 in minutes after repair. If you run into some kind of trouble, then the verification tool in Steam is useful. It will fix corrupt files and download only the faulty ones. Same for upgrades which are made automatically. You can also, if you want, run betas. There's a lot of BS around Steam, mostly from people that don't use Steam because of lack of knowledge. For me, it's extremely convenient. I always buy games and sims online nowadays. Then you can upgrade or buy a new computer and continue where you stopped before the switch just by moving the SSDs to the new computer. I have done it several times. My 2 cents
  6. I suddenly got a blank screen in GTN750 in Carenado Turbo Commander when I used WT3. But only the screen in the dashboard. When I right-clicked the popup was working. Problem solved after a reinstall of the aircraft. So probably a plugin or another addon is the reason. In my case Aerosoft payware EVRA. I cant setup WT3 on the ground at Riga Airport in the Turbo Commander 690B.
  7. I'm not sure you understood my question. I just wonder if there's a visual arc in GTN750 showing where the i.e. descend ends. Like in Aerobasks Skyview. Or the navigation display in a 737. That way you can set v/s exactly to where you want to level out in a descent. I will not use GTN750 for setting the descent or climb since it's not possible :). After 20 yrs of flight simming, I know very well how to manage a flight properly in most aircraft. From Cessna 172 to FFA320 or Zibo 738X. In this case, I'm using the GTN750 in the Turbo Commander 690B and it should be nice to set the specific level in v/s at arrival to a waypoint in the star. The inbuilt v/s calculator in GTN750 is not precise enough and you often end up several nm ahead or behind.
  8. Hi, is it possible somewhere in the settings to get arcs when climbing or especially when descending? I have the latest version of GTN750 in my X-plane Turbo Commander 690B and it works great.
  9. Boeing 737 pilots call speedbrakes/spoilers for noisemakers because of the low efficiency :).
  10. It's interesting to see people comparing old FSX or P3D with addons for hundreds or more dollars with vanilla X-Plane. FSX weather in vanilla mode is horrible and for a while a couple of years ago, you could not even get online weather since the servers was broken for a long period of time. I have done the step over to X-plane about a year ago, and I'm not looking back. I had well over 1000 dollars of addons worth, but was fed up with microstutters and cartoon ground colors. And the absolutely flat runways... There are tons of freeware from gifted users in X-Plane and the only thing I've invested in is xEnviro and Aerobasks fleet of GA plus FF A320 U. Zibo B737 is for free. And not far from PMDG's B737.
  11. Why don't use Little Navigator Map? Here you have a fantastic tool, including moving maps, easy to make flightplans including sid/start, weather from NOAA, all kinds of info regarding com, airways, airport facts and so fort. Flightplans can be exported to more or less all kind of aircraft in X-plane and is represented in Navigraph for updating AIRACS. And it will show you top of descent if you are flying GA. You can check the weather at destination even before take off. The best thing?: IT IS FREE!
  12. I just made a flight with 2/3 passengers, 2300 kg load of cargo and 8300 kg fuel. I got Vr134 with 55 for flex.
  13. Hi, Above posts make me wonder if you really fly the FFA320 correctly or maybe not setting up the flights correctly. Real pilots are used as beta-testers. Holds are present etc.etc. I recommend watching the signature "Reflected Reality Simulations" flights in FFA320 on YouTube. He is a real pilot in a A320. And an excellent instructor. He shows every step he takes in an easy to follow way. FWIW, FF A320 is still in beta.
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