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  1. Ever since Microsoft stopped sending weather data via Jeppesen, I have been using FSXWX which is a free program to download weather, takes a bit getting used to but it works by the book: READ INTRUCTIONS: https://www.fsxwx.com/note.htm
  2. I upgraded to 20H2 weeks ago and have not had any issues. Best Regards: Berlopez
  3. Thanks HighBypass, I give it a try. Berlopez
  4. Crossed Milleau by road in 2004... On our way to Spain, most exilarating, a treat to the eayes. Berlopez
  5. Unfortunately I stil get the WaterMarkl
  6. Thanks Indeed Chris, One thing I haven't been able to manage is to post images in my posts, using phobucket even if the images get a watermark; That's why I instead copy the link. Bernardo
  7. Just managed a complete flight without CTD's and landed ILS at Åarhus airport. https://app.photobucket.com/u/berlopez/p/4105fa37-0141-4024-ba26-335fb7970dfc Berlopez
  8. Just now experiencing CTD with FSXWX 1.6.2 just when I loaded it I got this window, which is when the weather loads, just before I minimize and maximize FSX. https://app.photobucket.com/u/berlopez/p/9db35de5-8238-4bac-be9d-e42e8b0a4ba4
  9. 'Morning Chris, as you can see I am at it right now, Just checked and right after I load my default flight here in Copenhagen Kastrup I then minimize window, thenII double click FSXWX icon on desktop ( Run as administarator). As per instructions, then click connect then it tells me simconnect established, FSUIPC established I then wait a bit and it then loads the weather and all it's parameters, wind direction, QNH, etc,etc...Then Iminimize that window and the weather is already loaded innto FSX, I then tell it to put my default plane to Active Runway, and that is it. As you say the process takes about 20 seconds; It loads about 61 weather stations. Yes I have managed fixes for my other issues; Thanks for your imputs and patients: Bernardo
  10. https://app.photobucket.com/u/berlopez/p/1b1fd053-0071-424
  11. Hi again Chris and B.T.W: The download weather times of this program FSRealWX.3.0 is 15 mins. as this is the time described in the users guide. I'd like to add I don't want to be missunderstood that I am badmouthing thiss program as it work like a charm. the only downside is the long loading time; Though I figured that once the Green bar runs for the first time and loads the airports the weather will load, and one can check this by going to the airport of your choice loading and then choosing "Active Runway" Berlopz
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