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  1. Berlopez

    Not really sim related, Is this site closed ?

    Can anyone check if this site is still active? I don't want fs4fun to think I don't appreciate his reply, it's just for me I don't get the menu's i.e. Download lists etc...I get that recaptcha scritp at the top of every page !!!! And the there are not enough characters in Red when I try to post an answer ??? The moderators can be contacted via the forum, when i try this and fill in the message box as soon as I press send I get the same message hat there are not enough chaaracters Litterarly i am beating myself senseless attempting to get contact Again to this forum, it's my local forum here in DK and provider of some very good local sceneries, I have a few questions to ask in these regards, to continue to enjoy my FS experience. can anyone guide or give some advice?? Berlopez
  2. Berlopez

    Scenery.CFG File Error

    Glad I could help.
  3. Berlopez

    Scenery.CFG File Error

    Also a good Tool Ernie, though I preffer FSTscenery.exe you just click the .exe and in seconds it rebuilds the file. Another idea make and keep a safe/Backup copy of the file, just in case! In the event you have to use it and update it just see how the [Areas] and Layers= are/Matched within the file: [Area.010] Title=0007 Base Local=Scenery\0007 Layer=10 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE [Area.011] Title=0100 Base Local=Scenery\0100 Layer=11 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE [Area.012] Title=0101 Base Local=Scenery\0101 Layer=12 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Here is a link that Works for FSTScenery, Look at the post by NIckN:
  4. Berlopez

    Scenery.CFG File Error

    There is a file that repairs the Scenery.cfg file for this error and puts it in order, you can download it from here: You can get it here: Click on the Resources tab at the top right of the screen which will display to get a short list of his available downloads. The "problem" is in all versions of FS - his utility makes it simple to keep the scenery.cfg in good order. Be sure to read the documentation carefully. Hope that helps. I c/p David Opa marshal's reply it's helped me many times. Berlopez
  5. Berlopez

    Not really sim related, Is this site closed ?

    I still get: in /customers/7/2/5/ on line 54 Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Argument ... And eventhough it seems like I can post in the forum my answers/posts do not appear; What is this ReCaptcha thingy? I've tried to reregister but it won't let me says the e-mail I use is already in use/Even changed password ?I've tried to contact the moderator who were aquientiances of mine to no avail...? Berlopez
  6. Berlopez

    Wilco Tilt Rotor help!

    Took me a few tries to manage this: Land a-top the Royal Hospital in Copenhagen.
  7. Berlopez

    Cabin sounds for aircraft

    I found a way to add Safety sound to my cabins, First I copy the .wav sound [Cabin Alert] Sound from the/a sound folder. (It is not always easy to identify)! from an aircraft that has it in the Sound Folder. fx. 737-800.It's right at the top. Then in the Sound.cfg [NO_SMOKING_ALERT] filename=CabinAlert [SEATBELTS_ALERT] filename=CabinAlert These could be sharred. i.e. same Ding. you will find the entry at the bottom for these sounds, either as safety or Seat Belts/ No Smoking. Then you copy these to the Sound .cfg of the aircraft you want to add them too.Voila! Mind you for some reason unknown to me it won't Work on all aircraft ? Berlopez
  8. Berlopez

    Wilco Tilt Rotor help!

    Over & Out Hope the new year welcomes you well. Berlopez
  9. Berlopez

    Wilco Tilt Rotor help!

    Renmman I just found this on the forum of the site I suggest above: "feelThere had nothing to do with theTilt Rotor . you need to contact Wilco Publishing for support and suggestions." I don't know what to think anymore ?
  10. Berlopez

    Wilco Tilt Rotor help!

    On the wilco pub firstpage there's a support form at the bottom of the page. this is not very helpful either I am afraid to say. Try that and read the manual,which you can find under Start\Wilco... I found this forum where they also discuss the Tilt: rotor
  11. Berlopez

    Seasons Greetings From Avsim

    Wishing all staff and members a very merry Christmas and a happy new year, thanks for the passing year.
  12. Berlopez

    Wilco Tilt Rotor help!

    Unfortunately nothing new, I've been yelled at quite a few times,it's very upsetting as Feelthere/Wilco seem to me as the only forums that behave like this. it's the moderator,I think who is probably underpayed, never mind . stick to this forum and we will try to help yo in best way we can. Hope the New Year recieves you well. PS:I warned you in my post above.December 20th. Berlopez
  13. Berlopez

    Airport vehicles flying above the ground

    Hello Bill: Thanks Again for fallowing. I agree with you about the "Repair Options" They Do Not actually do what one might expect and many a time they default what ever program they belong to, making us think that's a solution ??? In this case it's odd that the issue seems predominant in Åalborg and I haven't noticed it anywhere else in the DK Scenery 1.4 pack. Out side this scenery there are no issues with the Airport Vehicles, so I am concludding the issue is in the scenery, must try one of the earlier packages... I resat the static_cg_height to 1.995 and the results are disconsertting, the pushback trucks, although theire height seems to be ok,are all at different parked Places in theire gates: Vehicles Åalborg.jpg?dl=1 Will report, until then best wishes for a Merry Christmas. Bernardo
  14. Berlopez

    Airport vehicles flying above the ground

    I've seen it here and at with only prt 2 avalable, wich is all one needs.Just downloaded a new file which I found here n the library, ran the .msi and then opened the sim; Then went to EKYT and the Pushback truck was foating over the ground at gate 2,Didn't correct anything, I guess the ACAD is s.u. Here an image of the msi showing the Options after doublecliking:ærmbillede 2018-12-23 15.48.58.png?dl=1 A very Merry Christmas to you Bill and yours. Berlopez
  15. Berlopez

    Airport vehicles flying above the ground

    A Repair option is available when you click the file in Programs and features, above the programs window. I clicked it andrun it, Didn't help. Berlopez