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  1. Berlopez

    Best/most popular FSX add-ons?

    On one occasion I had a very good experience with a supporter from a Company that is well known to the community, I refrain from mentioning its' name because I don't want to seem as I am advertising. The supporter even helped me fix the addonn as they were some problems that had not been solved when marketed; It had some navigation issues which he help me correct. There are other excellent sites that provide very good support via theire forums or special support pages, as we all may know. Berlopez
  2. Berlopez

    Best/most popular FSX add-ons?

    I agree with rcbarend: "payware" doesn't necessarily mean it's "better" then available "freeware".On some occasion I have purchased payware addons, that haave proved to be a flop for my simming experience aand frustrating for my pocket, as most companies that market these have the last say in the small writting at the end of an agreement and there are No refunds. I have stuck by freeware and PAD is an excellent example of people that enjoy supplying us with good software and take responsability for any shortcomings, ( See theire fixes section) Berlopez
  3. Berlopez

    Best/most popular FSX add-ons?

    Premier Aircraft Design or PAD for short has a good library of all types of planes, they're free. read the first introductory page. Berlopez
  4. Berlopez


    How right you are Bjoern, after having this win7 32 machine for some years I bought a new Medion with Windows 8 ( I think here you'd appreciate how computer illiterate I am 9 Course i fell into the Windows 8 curse and everytime I installed my programs into that machine it failed and I had to send it for reformatting in Germany under warranty. Then I found Medion had an office and workshop here, nobody told me I just happened to have driven by ! So I took it there after a third fail in hope of being reembursed, Ha! Nothing doing because the pushasing Laws here state that if the machine has been aboard at some point the warranty is non valid any longer. As you say LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO WASTE TIME...And perhaps my Health that I decided to park it and it's been sitting in the basement now for two years. I returned to my Dell Vostro 220 with Windows 7 since and it's MUCH more reliable. all I do to it once in a while is open the cabinet and Blow dust off it with a aircan. Charliearon my thanks go to you too. Thanks. Berlopez
  5. Berlopez


    Bjoern: Thanks for your support and guidelines. Without meaning to insult anyone,I have given up on it; Maybe my sys isn't big enough to run it, I am below min. specs. but manage to run a descent FSX \Gold with all my addons, though is a bit tweaked. Thanks for the start-up video it's on the download site refferring to Youtubes' link.Although I have tooltips turned on they don't show anything..!...? And this made me give it up too. I want to say this is my experience with this addon and doesn't nessesarily mean it is bad and that I don't reccomend it, O contraire, for those that have machines that can run it. Berlopez
  6. Berlopez


    Wish there was manual somewhere in English...?
  7. Berlopez


    nolonger, Yes! I downloaded from the link you posted above, well didn't need a Russian course and after three attempts manged to intall it in my sim. Shame all is in Russian. I use Peazip to extract my downloads and with it it managed to find my FSX. My interior views are screw-up, specially the aisle one. I'll keep fiddling with it and report... Thanks, Berlopez
  8. Berlopez


    How unfortunate charliearon, I remember in the days of Fs9 theire tu Bear bomber. I guess one has to be careful which site one visits from there too. Tears of capitalism.
  9. Berlopez

    Help: Cannot Add Any Sceneries.

    I began to look in my FSX tree and at the bottom I found the list of .dlls then I checked with the one I had from the unzipped file on my desktop and checked its' properties, size, date, type, then there's a line that tells when it was installed. once identified I deleted it. Hope this helps, Berlopez
  10. Berlopez

    Help: Cannot Add Any Sceneries.

    I have 159 entries in my scenery.cfg. just realized that a .dll was making my FSX very long to start almost 20 minutes ! Once i found the culprit, deleted it and now It taked 5 minutes to load to my default flight (ready at runway).
  11. Berlopez

    Searching for a good A330

    Aerosoft's and Wilco's are good. Like Luis Hernandez says above the Thomas Ruth's model is also good.
  12. I happen to have found this wonderful tu134, is a very complete model with interiors and generally complete to be a freebe, so I proceeded to download it. Once in my computer I unzipped the file and it showed an Automatic installer folder and a .dll For safetys' sakeI always extract to a folder I create. Here the installer showed and the .dll I ran the installer which was already programmed to find my FSX installation, so I continued... Once installation finished I started my FSX\Gold and...( Here's where something is amiss ) It took almost 20 minutes to start from the Splash Screen...Then to the turning plane and then to the loading line. Before it started in 5 minutes to my default flight. Shame it's a nice plane, except for the Russian Language Course one needs to take to understand the cockpit Tool tips. I don't mean to Bad Mouth anyone, took me three days to find the .dll to fix my installation, maybe I am not experienced enough. Berlopez
  13. Berlopez

    Scenery problem

    Stans is right, check if this happens in other areas at different times of the day, if the texture were missing or corrupted it would happen everywhere. I had this happen to me and even got spikes growing upward in my scenery I reduced Scenery Complexity and have not had the problem Again. I know is a compromise.. Berlopez
  14. Berlopez

    Scenery problem

    I am afraid this is a tipical lack of memory; That it shows in the one nd not the other depends on what ressources they use at a given time. Berlopez
  15. Berlopez

    FSX Accel startup question

    Check this: [Area.005] THAT AREA CORRESPONDS TO LAYER. If not read below... Title=0002 Base Local=Scenery\0002 Layer=5 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Download FST Scenery, a Little program that reorganises your scenery.cfg and puts it back in order. It has helped me several times. It's an execute file. execute it to temp,then move the file to Programdata where your scenery.cfg resides. Berlopez