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  1. Jorog: Installing GPS is easy into any FS A/C. -Look in the aircraft.cfg file and then open the panel folder, there you will find another.cfg file. Once you open this, you'll find a list of window titles where you'll find windows in numbers there you can find the GPS window listed under a number, In the case of the Cessna 172 you will se Window02=GPS. Once you scroll down to Window02 you can find the entries which will add the GPS Window to the A/C you wish to add it to, all this entries indicate the position of the window in the original panel ( C172). [Window02] size_mm=456,378 window_size=0.5 position=8 BACKGROUND_COLOR=0,0,0 VISIBLE=0 ident=GPS_PANEL zorder=4 gauge00=fs9gps!gps_500, 0,0 Simply copy and paste these entries including the windows description I have not learned how to add an Icon.So you'll have to open [Views] In the Top Menu and from there scroll down to (intrument panel) And there you'll find your GPS entry. Mind you! This will only add the GPS Window; To make an A/C fly and fallow a GPS path you'll have to copy other lines that have this influence in the Autopilot. Hope this helps
  2. Ernest: First thanks for your suggestion of ray Smith's scenery. I had had a looked at it but after my payware Kastrup scenery by Scansim it doesn't live up to the realism Scansims' has. If I uninstall Scansims' and regret it I might not be able to reinstall because it needs activation via e-mail. If the site is down, eventualy shut down. I might not be able to activate,therefore I'll live with it and choose other departure runways. Todaay I did just that and it gave me rwy 10 and taxi arrows behaved all the way, meaning to me that Scansim's has an error when taxiing to rwy4L and just before the highway tunnel the arrrows dissapear, because of an elevation issue I have no idea how to resolve. The arrows do show from Tower view aand plane view. Sometime they also show using the Hat switch, when in outside 3D view. Thanks. Berlopez
  3. Ernest: This Kastrup scenery is payware by scansim, a Danish software company for FS, I have known them for sometime, but i think they might have closed down as all my requests for advice come back 404. Also the FSonline.dk which was the main Danish FS site is closed and here they really did a good ob of danish scenery with theire package Danish Scenery 1.4 available here on the site. Here is the file if interested: https://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=denmark+scenery&CatID=root&Sort=Name&ScanMode=0&Page=2 Berlopez
  4. Airerniee, thanks for your reply and suggestion. Copenhagen Kastrup airport is one of the very detailed airport in FSX ( See FSX Read-Me). Having mentioned that, I think I'm stuck with the problem. The developers of Denmark scenery 1.4,which is the one I'm using and the developers of the irport scenery (SCANSIM) Closed theire sites, they don't even reply to their personal e-mail they come back as 404's And a discovery I think I made is the more number of addons ( Planes) One has the crazier Progressive Taxi gets. a simple turn becomes a long stretched turn; Is my experience. I am onwindows 10 pro. Processor Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 v4 @ 2.10GHz 2.10 GHz Installeret RAM 8,00 GB Berlopez 8 Berlopez
  5. Thank a lot Charlieron, I managed to make the edits into noteblok and here is the result. though the position of the label is lower than what I described above the turn coordinator and the compass. Berlopez
  6. Hi Charliearon , It is the default Cessna 172 SP. The Ident plate should be between the art. horizon and the airspeed gauges, not atop on the Left upper corner of the panel, as i have seen images in the net. It was all fine until I admit messed things up by trying to install an airport taxi gauge and I messed up the panel.cfg file
  7. The Ident. plate should be on the panel,Not up Left corner; How can i fix it? I cannot drag/reduce or anything I see on other ites that the panel doesn't have the ident.card there, but on the panel. Berlopez
  8. My aircraft Ident. labels boxes began showing on top left side front window and not on the panel, where they used to be? This is happening in Normal panel.
  9. I'll be!? Upon changing my default flight to starting at a gate in my default airport which is an addon to FSX my Taxi Arrows dissapear after a while in the same spot in the taxi way on the way to the active. I've tried suggestions I've found in the net, switching off DX10, which never gave me any problems. ut because of this I decided to give it a go,Mmmm, No go so I ticked it back again, the problem persists. Any suggestions? Berlopez
  10. Brian Look in your Control Key assignments and see if there is an assignment for Reload Plane? If there isn't assign a command. I use CTRL+SHIFT+R and that has done the trick for me in the past. I did this a long time ago when I first purchased the cap727 many rigs ago. Good Luck. Berlopez
  11. Once you loaded the planes, reload them, this has been an issue in the past with these planes, I own the 727 and this happeneed and the solution posted in captainsim's was to reload, If you're unsure try contacting them directly. Have a look here: https://www.captainsim.org/forum/csf.pl?action=search2 Berlopez
  12. After nearly a month of not simming, because I am moving and changing address, we landed today on our permanent new address, since we arrived weve been having issues with the internet, lucky for me my girlfriend is a savy at this things and ,we recieved by our new provider a signal amplifier, go figure how to code and make the thing recieve the modems' signal and send it all over the house ! Now at 10 mins. to midnight she tells me to go to my new office and try. Well how and what can you say I am writting thi right now, Juppy! Just tested my FSXWX and it's working; ALAS! VPS4264 delete your wxmapping.bin create a new one using the same editor and place it in its' place. Berlopez
  13. I recommend FSXWX free. Easy install and use; I've been using it since the weather in FSX stopped working and have no complains https://www.fsxwx.com/home.htm Berlopez
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