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  1. I might add I flew the mission with default a/c Cessna 172, as it loads with Glass cockpit. Berlopez
  2. Just flew that exact mission and landed succesfully;ATC worked and guided all through the mission. Despite finding it difficult to tune and activate the ILS landing because of the different instruments used in this mission from the default instruments; Managed though to find everything and tune,activate and land succesfully.I might add that I have added a few addons to my installation and I think this causes the Yellow Progressive Taxi Arrows to float and bow a lot during turns.Although this is aanother matter altogether. Berlopez
  3. It seems like a texture issue, I recommend you make a fresh download and try that instead. Berlopez
  4. rog943. Thanks for sharring and posting the solution, it hasn't happened to me, but a good heads'up in case. Berlopez
  5. Suggestion,If you find tthe sound wav.file Right click it and in properties reduce the value to "0" Or delete the file, note its' name and delete it too from the sound.cfg file. Hope this helps, Berlopez
  6. Make sure the Title= and the Ui_variation match, why they don't show anymore,as you say is a mystery to me? Berlopez
  7. Great and thanks for the tip.
  8. I too just downloaded and can't keep my hands off it, It does fly Nose Up attitude, even at over 290 Ktns., here n the image above the FS " OVERSPEED" Is not visible, when ever I pass 290Ktns. It shows aand the alarm sound tack,tack.tack...sounds too, eventhough like here the speedHold (A/T) is set to 300 Ktms. Berlopez
  9. Here's something I ound in their forums maybe helps? https://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php?topic=16642.0 Berlopez
  10. I believe GSX does add new vehicles to FSX frrom the images on their website: https://www.fsdreamteam.com/products_gsx.html I suggest one contact them and inquire, what could have gone wrong? and how to fix it, avoiding a complete reinstall of FSX. Berlopez
  11. Didn't know. I have heard Black textures or textures NOT showing (Showing Black) can be caused by lack of memory.Does this happen when you Pan Around 360° I notice the plane in your image is missing textures too. Berlopez
  12. I'm afraid to say your uninstalation of GSX, may have messed with your default textures, Desepite you using your back-up( Good Idea) Didn't help 😕 You might have to reinstall your FSX to restore your textures, i'm afraid. Hope someone else comes with a better idea. I HAVE A GOOD COPY OF MY FSX IN AN EXTERNAL HD; WHENEVER I RUN INTO ISSUES I CAN'T FIX EASELY I COPY THE FILES I NEED FROM THAT INSTALLATION, IF I DO A LOT A LOT OF CHANGES WITH TIME I MAKE A NEW COPY. Berlopez
  13. I just did a Google search on your issue and found this: https://www.simforums.com/forums/eaglesoft-citation-x-v2-0_topic34625.html I add I have had excellent support from the administrators of the forum at Eaglesoft since i bought my copy of the Citation ll SP and is one of my favorite addons. Berlopez
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