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  1. Dave CT2003 and Reader. I downloaded and replaced the UIAutomationCore.dll and inmediately went to try it. all went well until my approach from a saved flight. upon approach intructions the sim froze again and I got dumpped. Wonder if it's because I change views often Left/Right in cabin; Go outside to try to localize the airport visually??? Got again the Exception from HRESULTS 0x000014B Error box. I took the .dll I previously had put in, removed it and then I put in the Vista one. It's like this happens when I change views in the sim.
  2. As my title says and i think it says it all my sim (FSX\Accl.) is dumping me again when I use a saved flight and use views. doesn't give me an specific error, just freezes. when i look at The Event Viewer sometimes it says NVIdia video or Nvidia audio ?? I checked the UIAutomationCore.dll as this was an offending reason as to why this occurred both in windows System32 and compared it against the one in the FSX tree, together with the UI.dll and they are all different. Maybe someone can help me review which version is the correct one for the .dll's and dates and of course where they go? FSX no joy right now in Saved Flights Berlopez
  3. HI Bill, thanks for your replies and feedback. After checking other airports in DK Scenery 1.4 tonight the vehicles are all at ground level, making me conclude the levitating only happens in Åalborg !? Bernardo
  4. I agree, they are a nuisance, I too began to suffer them when I changed to Windows10 from windows7 (32): I then noticed my scenery settings were HIGH too; I reduced them a bit, moved sliders to the Left, and voila that fixed the OOM's Have never seen them again. Berlopez
  5. On top of everything Bill. Now I check again at Åalborg are there are o vehicles to be seen, onle the 737 is present, making me believe that the prescence of the Airport vehicle is controlled by an internal FSX clock. Bernardo
  6. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cwdkam16vktmeq4/Floating airport vehicles.jpg?dl=0 Now today the vehicles are floating again ???
  7. I should have mentioned. My airport vehicles are not above ground. At least tonight. Bernardo
  8. Just suffered CTD's again, checked the numbers of the UIAutomationCore.dll and were the same a from the download you generoulsly guided me to. then I downloaded a new and replaced, had to edit the name as the spaces didn't match; Then went to start FSX again and go error message, saying I had to reinstall. Drag! I then checked with my win7 installation and found I didn't Have ui.dll in this installation but it was present on my win7. So I copied that from my installation in an ext. HD went and started FSX make a flight no issues at all Berlopez
  9. Charliearon. Ever since i installed the .dll's you guided me to I havent suffered any CTD's; Thanks a million except for eight days ago. Berlopez
  10. Even if your issue has been resolved I had a similar problem with my FSX\Accl when I changed views or used the menus often. Charlie helped me find the culprit and since I fallowed his advice I haven't suffered any CTD Here's alnk to my topic:
  11. HUMPH! Today I suffered a freeze...Again...? I went to check everything I have been adviced, .dlls checked a downloaded a new UIAutomationCore.dll i.e.from the link. checked and compared and it's the same I have in my FSX folder.Installed it and let it replace. Then I began to speculate that when I loaded the flight that froze I chose I chose from the LOAD list of flights I already had flown and like before when i started this topic the same happened. So I deleted my saved flights and created a new one using the same departure and arrival, just with new FSXWX and flew the complete flight, Could it be that this doesn't work when one loads a saved flight ? Or is it just me? Berlopez
  12. Just opened FSX loaded FSXWX and no problems. BF you might wonder if the website is the culprit with the Trojan,after all it has/offers a little of everything in there who knows, I scanned last night every aspect of FSX\Acc. Installation with my Avast and nothing was found. Lucky me. I should mention I don't know if another server is available for downloading FSXWX, when it establishes the simconnect ? Berlopez
  13. I use Malwarebytes and it's never flagged FSXWX ??? Maybe I get it from another server ???
  14. It's superb Charlie, just tested again and no CTD's even with "Saved Flights",as it was the case with Windows 10 with Mario's Piaggio 180. And new weather entered by FSWX Berlopez
  15. So I've installed it and so far no freezes...Hope it continues to behave. Thank you Charlie. Berlopez
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